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A private medical tourism company consisting of a group of doctors that aims to provide the highest possible medical service to the patient. The Bimaristan project started from the heart of Istanbul as a comprehensive and specialized medical center in the field of medical tourism, officially approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The timing of establishing the center was perfect due to the significant leap that Turkey has recently witnessed, establishing its position as a tourist window to the world and a gateway for receiving tourists seeking treatment from different parts of the world.
The hospital includes a highly qualified and specialized medical team consisting of elite doctors, pharmacists, and Arab and Turkish nutrition specialists who possess diverse medical qualifications and have comprehensive knowledge of the medical market requirements in Turkey. Additionally, there are experienced administrative staff members familiar with the healthcare system in Turkey.
The hospital teams work as a unified workforce, united by passion and a common goal of providing exceptional medical tourism services in Turkey. Our role as a medical system is manifested in studying and evaluating the patient’s medical file, accurately diagnosing their condition, and relying on the best doctors. We also work on selecting the best and most appropriate treatment methods for their health condition and budget, with minimal side effects or complications.

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Frequently asked questions about treatment in Türkiye

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Commercial number : 4167905

What is Bimaristan Center?

A private tourist medical center consisting of a group of doctors. It aims to provide the highest possible service to the patient by connecting him to the best hospitals or doctors throughout Turkey in the required specialty instead of cooperating with a single hospital. It aims to transform university hospitals and state hospitals with technological development and scientific development in operations and research into private hospitals that serve patients, bypassing bureaucracy. This way, the best treatment and medical attention is obtained.

There is also close cooperation with many private hospitals.

What is the difference between treatment in Türkiye and other countries?

First, the medical development in America and Canada makes them the leading countries in the world from a medical standpoint.

As for the countries of Europe and Turkey, we can almost be certain that Turkish medical development now keeps pace with medical progress there, especially with the presence of permanent missions and the money the state spends to support hospitals and to make sure that the most advanced medical devices and equipment are available, in the government’s endeavor to transform the country into a leading country in the medical field globally.

Is treatment better in Türkiye or in India?

In terms of price, due to the cheap labor available in India, the prices for operations are sometimes cheaper there.

But Turkey is a pioneer in medical and technological development.

Regardless of the spread of viruses such as CMV, HERPES, and some types of bacteria that may go unnoticed by the patient but may cause him major problems in the future that cannot be treated later.

What is the difference between treatment in Türkiye and other countries in terms of price?

Prices in Turkey are generally less than half when compared to Europe, and they are definitely more expensive than in India. Still, due to recent growing inflation, prices have become almost similar to prices in the Arab world.

What is the difference between Bimaristan Center and other centers?

Other tourism companies have many assistant translators in hospitals, dental treatment centers, and hair transplantation centers.

We are different with the presence of many specialists from many medical fields, such as neurological, thoracic, and general surgery… in addition to many other specialties.

Most of these doctors studied in Turkey, so their knowledge of the health system and medical and technical development in Turkey is of the highest standard.

What is the difference between doctors and translators in the case of medical guidance?

There is a rule in surgery that says a good surgeon is not the doctor who can perform the operation, but a good surgeon is the one who can manage the complications and errors when operating.

Even the least invasive operations, such as dental implants, hair transplants, and obesity operations, may result in major complications. For example, in gastric sleeve surgery, the rate of complications occurring after the operation is about four per thousand. Despite their rarity, the translator’s lack of knowledge of these little, unassuming matters may lead to disastrous results.

Our medical team has graduated from various Turkish universities and has great knowledge of doctors who have top-notch experience in treatment methods and complications management.

Our primary mission is to guide the patient to the best medical care units in Turkey.

In addition to that, the doctor empathizes with the patient and understands the suffering and pain caused by their illness. This may be something that is overlooked by the translator due to their lack of knowledge about the symptoms of the disease and its impact on the patient. Therefore, the guidance is based on the patient’s best interest, aiming to alleviate their pain and suffering rather than being driven by financial considerations.

Is there an example of this?

Of course, The easiest example is the issue of obesity in patients.

It is first accompanied by sleep apnea, and the patient suffers from sleep problems.

High blood sugar results in chronic infections and a weakened immune system.The patient has an increase in the frequency of urination, which poses a significant problem for the patient. The patient wakes up at night to urinate about two to three times, which affects their sleep and health.In addition, the patient may experience eye problems that affect their vision and sight.

In addition to other problems, such as increased sweating and hirsutism, and menstrual irregularities in females, and erectile dysfunction in males.

It is also accompanied by high blood pressure and usually light headaches (regardless of their complications).

Therefore, the doctor has a complete sense of the suffering the patient is going through. Therefore, as we mentioned, patient guidance should be based on the patient’s best interest to alleviate their pain.

Is there any difference in patient orientation?

There are many medical treatments and developments that patients may not be aware of. Therefore, their approach may differ when speaking with a specialist doctor than when speaking with a translator, as the translator may not know about all the available treatments in the medical field. Examples of these include the Bionic eye (visual prosthesis) for patients with partial or complete blindness, or treatment for prostate enlargement through coagulation.

Therefore, when a patient comes to us and requests a specific treatment, it is our duty to show them the best available options for their condition, at a reasonable price and With the least possible complications.

There are several articles on our website that explain some of these procedures, and we work hard to provide a detailed explanation for each medical procedure on the site.

Can the translator guide the patient?

If the matter is buying two pairs of shoes or a pair of jeans, it is, of course, possible for the costumer to be directed by the translator. But, if the matter is related to the patient’s health and well-being, then, it is advised to consult a specialist since the translator isn’t familiar with a lot of medical treatments.

What cities do you operate in?

The name Bimaristan stems from our principle, which is to transform all of Türkiye into one hospital. Therefore, when talking about treatment in Türkiye. We really mean it. We have contact with most state hospitals located throughout Turkey.

What is the directory of Arab doctors?

A free directory that facilitates access to Arab doctors located throughout Turkey and attempts to limit them to one directory.


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