Gastric Botox in Turkey

Gastric Botox in Turkey

With the increasing incidence of obesity, There was an urgent need to take serious measures to treat obesity, Gastric Botox in Turkey was the perfect solution.

Despite the many methods that are being used to treat obesity in Turkey, Botox injections in the stomach remains a preferred option over other methods due to its low risk. It is not considered a surgical procedure but rather a needle injected with the help of endoscopy without surgery.

Stomach Botox in Turkey is an effective treatment for many people who suffer from obesity, and they have tried several types of diets, but to no avail. Moreover, Stomach Botox helps patients who have a great craving for food, so how does stomach Botox injection contribute to losing weight? What are the advantages and cost of this operation in Istanbul, and does it have any side effects on the stomach? Follow us to shed more light on the details of Botox for the stomach in Türkiye.

What is Gastric Botox?

You may wonder about the meaning of botox and where this strange name came from. The term “Botox” refers to a substance extracted from a bacterium known as Clostridium difficile, This substance has a toxic effect that relaxes the muscles, as scientists have benefited from these effects in developing many different plastic surgeries in the body.

When the Botox needle is injected into the stomach, this needle will relax the gastric muscles, which leads to a decrease and weakness of the contractions that aim to move food away from the stomach, so your stomach will remain full of food for more extended periods, which will help you lose weight over time.

How is Gastric Botox injection done in Turkey?

Many patients ask whether stomach botox requires surgical intervention on the abdomen. The answer is that this procedure is not classified as a surgical procedure but rather performed using an endoscope delivered to the stomach by inserting it through the mouth so that your doctor can get a clear vision of your stomach and inject Botox in the right place.

Stomach Botox in Turkey does not require complete anesthesia. Still, local anesthesia is sufficient because it is a comfortable and painless procedure. The entire Botox procedure usually does not take more than half an hour. The patient can leave the hospital and return to his everyday life on the same day without problems or side effects.

Turkey is a famous destination that attracts many tourists wishing to treat obesity. According to statistics documented by international organizations, more than 700,000 tourists visit Turkey every year to seek treatment there. Turkey is the sixth destination in the world for medical tourism due to its good health services and low cost compared to its neighboring European countries.

How to inject stomach Botox in Turkey
This is how stomach botox is performed in Turkey

Is Gastric Botox suitable for everyone?

What is the target group? One of the critical questions that doctors must answer about any modern medical procedure, For stomach botox; some criteria must be met by a person to be allowed to inject botox, including:

  • Body mass index (BMI) ranges from 30 to 40
  • Inability to lose weight in natural ways, such as exercise or diet
  • The patient is ready to live a healthy life and has the ability to make dietary adjustments after stomach botox
  • Fear of developing complications of obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Moderate weight gain that does not qualify for other obesity surgeries such as gastric bypass or The conversionsurgery.

The specialist will make a comprehensive assessment of your health and determine whether the stomach botox technique is suitable for you or not. Some people have digestive problems that impede emptying the stomach of its contents, such as “gastroparesis” or other digestive diseases that make patients unsuitable for Botox injections, and then another alternative treatment may be found. Obesity as a use gastric balloon capsule.

Some tips before injecting the stomach with Botox

The person must follow his doctor's advice before the operation. We will leave you with some tips before going through the procedure:

  • Perform routine tests to ensure that you are ready
  • Discuss your medical history with your doctor
  • Tell your doctor about all the medications you take as he may ask you to stop and adjust some medicines before or after stomach Botox injections
  • Stop eating and drinking before the procedure for a period determined by your medical team
  • Set reasonable goals and know the steps and recovery process that follow Botox injection

What after stomach Botox operation in Türkiye?

Once the Botox is injected and the effects of the anesthesia are gone, you can return directly to your residence. On this day, it is preferable to avoid driving a car for fear of the temporary effects of anesthesia.

The results can be slightly different from one person to another according to the patient’s diet and health condition. Still, on average, most patients notice symptoms of lack of appetite after about ten days of the procedure. After two weeks of Botox, the patient feels that his weight has already started to decrease gradually, mainly when he follows the doctor’s instructions regarding the diet. After several months, the patient loses approximately 20% of his previous weight.

To ensure better results, Follow a suitable diet after your injection of Botox, in addition to exercises that help you lose weight quickly and in more significant numbers.

It is normal for some to feel temporary symptoms such as nausea and abdominal cramps after the stomach botox procedure, but they soon disappear after the procedure.

Stomach Botox injections in Turkey need some time for the results to appear clearly
The Botox needle is injected into the stomach with the help of endoscopy

Risks of Gastric Botox

Gastric botox injections are a safe treatment method for those who are not allergic to Botulinum toxin or they have disorders in the contraction of stomach muscles, and the possibility of side complications is extremely rare because this is usually a simple procedure that does not require surgery.

Let's mention together some of the possible side effects of stomach botox injections, including:

  • Temporary nausea and vomiting
  • Allergic symptoms of Botox, such as rash and itching
  • Constipation and abdominal pain
  • Stomach bleeding or perforation
  • The need to inject the Botox again

Stomach Botox injection cost in Türkiye

Dear reader, know that in addition to the distinguished medical services that you receive in Turkey, you also get a distinguished and reasonable price. The estimated cost of a stomach botox procedure in Turkey ranges from 500 to 1200 US dollars only, although the price of such a procedure in other countries is very exorbitant. For example, the price may reach 15,000 dollars in the United States and 6,000 euros in Germany.

The Bimaristan Center provides medical consultations for patients wishing to travel to Turkey for treatment. Our team consists of Arab and Turkish doctors with knowledge of all Turkish hospitals and centers that perform the stomach botox procedure at different prices. We can guide you to the center that provides the best Botox services at a reasonable price. We can also help you with the insurance of travel procedures and your residence in Turkey until the end of your treatment and your return to your country.

Injecting stomach Botox in Turkey is a safe and effective treatment to treat obesity without any surgical interventions. The benefits of Botox injections are represented early while reducing the amount of food eaten within one meal, which leads to weight loss over time. Turkey has worked recently To provide private clinics for stomach botox injections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead, it is a safe procedure in most cases. The complications are limited to feeling nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth, or the person may be allergic to Botox and develop a mild skin rash. Still, all these symptoms are temporary and disappear quickly, except for rare cases that may lead to severe complications when the procedure is not performed as required.

The percentage varies according to people, but in general, the success rate is very high, especially when followed by a healthy lifestyle, and the person may need to undergo this procedure again to obtain the maximum benefit from the stomach botox injection.

The average weight loss rate is estimated from 10 to 20% of the patient's previous weight. The best weight loss results can be achieved by following a healthy diet and exercise.

It is preferable to consume liquid drinks in the first days after stomach Botox and then move gradually between light foods; The person should eat a balanced diet and not increase calorie intake.

Transmission of Botox to places other than the stomach is a complication, but this usually does not happen unless the specialist who performed the Botox injection is inexperienced.

Limiting your diet to liquids in the first days after the Botox injection is preferable because the larynx may be numb, and it takes some time to return to normal. You should avoid touching the injection site or massaging it violently, and avoid foods rich in calories.

Stomach Botox injection prices in Istanbul start at $500.

It lasts several months to a year, and another Botox injection may be required to get the optimal response.

The person can return to his routine life on the same day he underwent stomach Botox injections in a Turkish center, but it is better to rest the body for at least one day and avoid strenuous activities.

This matter differs from one person to another. However, sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery based on removing parts of the stomach with surgical intervention, which means that some undesirable effects may occur. Still, it may be a solution for people who complain of severe obesity; however, people who have moderate obesity and want to get rid of it with the inability to follow a good diet and exercise can get stomach Botox injections, which are safer and less invasive.

Not at all, as stomach botox is done under local anesthesia.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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