Addiction treatment center in Turkey

Addiction treatment center in Turkey

The Addiction Treatment Center in Turkey provides the appropriate environment for the treatment of addiction of all kinds, such as drug addiction and other bad habits, so that the doctors of the center work to provide the best treatment.

progress Addiction treatment centers In Istanbul, the best available treatment methods are available to secure the addict's recovery step by step until he completely quits his addiction, as it is a hospital NPISTANBUL One of the specialized centers in the field of psychiatry and treatment of addiction problems and mental illnesses, as this center is characterized by the presence of a medical staff expert in dealing with addicts and rehabilitating them within the community, in addition to providing modern techniques in psychological treatment such as deep brain stimulation.

If you suffer from addiction to a certain substance or behavior, you are not alone, as more than 240 million people around the world suffer from the problem of alcohol addiction, according to World Health Organization statistics, and more than a billion people from smoking and about 15 million from drug addiction, so there is no need for embarrassment or Fear of asking for help, you can consult our medical team to guide you to the best addiction treatment centers in Turkey and even in the world. Follow this article with us to learn about all the features of an addiction treatment center in Turkey.

What does the addiction treatment center offer in Turkey?

The most important feature that distinguishes addiction treatment centers in Turkey is the interest that it received from the Turkish state, based on the severity of the impact of this problem on the healthy and psychological lives of individuals, especially the youth group, because they are the most affected by this disease. One of the Turkish centers won the status of the second largest psychiatric hospital in the European continent.

Turkey is often visited by addicted patients from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, as addiction treatment centers in Turkey provide the following treatment programs and services:

Addiction treatment group sessions

This method of treatment is based on conducting group therapy sessions for addicts under the supervision of a psychiatrist in a comfortable and safe environment. The benefit of this method lies in the fact that it allows patients to communicate with each other to stimulate the course of their treatment and so that the addict knows that he is not alone in his battle against his addiction. Studies show the great benefit of this method and its positive psychological effect on addicts.

It is not necessary for the patient to participate in these sessions, as some may wish not to disclose their addiction with other patients. You can be sure that the Addiction Treatment Center will fully maintain your privacy.

Individual therapy sessions

Some prefer to talk face to face with a psychiatrist rather than participate in group addiction treatment sessions, as the addict can choose the method he deems appropriate for treatment after consulting the doctors of the Addiction Treatment Center.

Both the patient and the doctor sit in one room in a suitable atmosphere. The patient's problems and the effects of addiction on his life and the lives of the people around him are discussed, with a study of the steps and reasons that drive the addict to use and plans to fully recover from addiction without returning.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

There are always people specialized in this field in the Addiction Treatment Center, due to its utmost importance in rehabilitating addicted patients within social life again and getting rid of unhealthy negative thoughts that may come to the mind of the addict. Some patients may find it difficult to adapt and engage in society after recovering from addiction.

The patient is taught the necessary skills for self-control and finding healthy alternatives useful in treating addiction. Behavioral therapy is applied to multiple forms of addiction, whether it is drug addiction or other behaviors such as gambling or sex. It is also applied to non-addictive psychological problems such as fear, social shyness and other diseases. .

motivational interviewing (MI)

Each addict needs a dose of stimulation from time to time during his journey in addiction treatment, with the aim of enhancing motivation and renewing hope and will in order to continue treatment until reaching the stage of complete and irreversible recovery. The interview may take place collectively with other patients or individually between you and a specialized psychiatrist.

Deep brain stimulation in an addiction treatment center

Considered magnetic stimulation of the brain Deep brain stimulation One of the modern medical methods that have been introduced to the Addiction Treatment Center in Turkey. The use of this technology is not limited to the treatment of addiction only, as it has also been used to treat diseases and psychological disorders such as depression, in addition to neurological diseases in the elderly. Read more about Brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

This technology works by shining beams of precise electromagnetic waves towards the areas of happiness in the brain. The high that a person gets when practicing his addiction is due to stimulating brain areas and releasing neurotransmitters. Scientists have discovered that by stimulating these brain areas with the device, it may be possible to treat the problem of addiction. Research and studies are still ongoing on this type of treatment.

A patient undergoing brain stimulation in an addiction treatment center
Deep brain stimulation in an addiction treatment hospital

Long-term rehabilitation programme

The role of the addiction treatment center is not only limited to treating addiction, but also includes integrating the recovering patient into society in a healthy way, while making sure that relapse does not occur and that the patient returns to his addiction after a short period of treatment, and this is done through conducting rehabilitation sessions under the supervision of experts in psychology, read more about psychiatric hospital and rehabilitation in Turkey.

The treatment methods used in the addiction treatment center in Turkey, which include behavioral therapy, support sessions, and other treatments
Therapeutic methods used in the addiction treatment center

What cases are treated in Turkish addiction treatment centers?

The term addiction refers to a large group of bad habits that the patient cannot give up despite being aware of the negative effects of this act on his health, psychological as well as social life.

In the addiction treatment center, patients who suffer from addiction to one of the following are taken care of:

Drug Addiction

Addiction to narcotics is one of the problems that has increased in popularity recently, especially among adolescents and young adults. This type of addiction causes severe effects on the patient and his surroundings, and its impact is not limited to individuals, but also affects the economies of entire countries. According to statistics published in 2017, the expenses of drug addiction Drugs exceed $740 billion annually, and these expenses are divided between care and treatment costs, in addition to addiction-related crimes.

Based on the foregoing, the Turkish addiction treatment centers have given this problem special importance and have worked to secure the best methods of treatment and rehabilitation of hashish or drug addicts. When an addict suddenly stops using on his own without consulting a doctor, he will go through a stage known as detoxification, which may be dangerous. It affects the patient because of its side effects such as agitation and excessive sweating, in addition to mood changes and loss of appetite, and in severe stages it may reach hallucinations and epileptic seizures. Therefore, the drug withdrawal process must take place in the center under the supervision of specialists for fear of the risk of symptoms of the withdrawal stage appearing on the addicted person.

You can see more steps drug addiction treatment.


As we mentioned earlier, more than 200 million people face alcohol addiction problems, and this problem has many dimensions in the long run. Alcohol is largely responsible for the occurrence of liver and pancreas diseases, and many neuropsychological problems such as depression and poor cognitive brain functions.

In an addiction treatment center Addiction center Doctors work to provide the best possible service to these patients by investigating the reasons that would drive the addict to drink alcohol and enable him to completely get rid of addiction and to find healthy natural alternatives to alcohol, which guarantees to some extent the prevention of not returning to alcohol addiction again.

Smoking addiction

Smoking, or as it is known as the silent killer, is the primary cause of infection lung cancer And other serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and other health problems that develop gradually without the smoker feeling them, and that is why it is called the slow killer.

The most important step for treating addiction is recognizing its existence and wanting to get rid of it. Specialists in the Psychiatric and Addiction Hospital will design treatment programs. help programs And finding alternatives that prevent the smoker from returning and help him quit this bad habit.

behavioral addiction

Some people may be addicted to actions and behaviors that do not include the use of tangible substances, but rather behavior that has a negative impact on health, psychological or social life, such as addiction to gambling, sex, or watching pornography, which has a significant impact on the individual's mental health as well as sexuality.

In the addiction treatment center, addiction is combated and eradicated, which controls the lives of patients and makes them more like prisoners

Who works in an addiction treatment center in Turkey?

Addiction treatment centers in Turkey work with a group of doctors and specialists from various fields in cooperation with each other, so that the center staff is keen to understand the extent of the impact of addiction on the life of the patient and the lives of those close to him. .

All staff at the Addiction Treatment Center have experience in dealing with addicts while fully respecting patients' privacy. Among the specialties of the staff at the Drug Addiction Treatment Hospital are the following:

  • psychologist
  • Cognitive behavioral therapist
  • General Doctor
  • Neurologist

What is the cost of addiction treatment in Turkey?

It is difficult to determine a price allocated to all patients because the cost differs from one case to another according to the nature of addiction, the treatment needed by the addict and the duration of his stay in the center. However, whatever the cost, the cost of treating addiction and finally getting rid of it is invaluable. After treatment, the patient can regain control of his life. new.

The price of addiction treatment sessions usually starts from $7,000 per month and may reach $12,000, depending on the case and its nature. You can contact our medical staff to request more details about prices and to guide you to the best addiction treatment centers in Turkey. You do not need to worry, as we fully respect the confidentiality and privacy of our patients.

In the end, the Addiction Treatment Center in Turkey will provide you with everything you want from the best treatment services available globally with a specialized and experienced medical team, but the question remains when you will start treating addiction that controls your life and prevents you from achieving what you aspire to, always remember that The best time to start addiction treatment is now, so what are you waiting for?


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Frequently Asked Questions

In a psychiatric clinic in Turkey, there is a section dedicated to addiction patients, which specializes in combating and treating addiction problems of all kinds, whether addiction to drugs or alcoholic beverages, and other things.

It is not possible to determine a fixed treatment period for all patients, as the length of time required to stay in the hospital depends on the condition of each person, the severity of his addiction, the degree of his response to treatment, and other things that are taken into account.

Of course, the confidentiality and privacy of patients is a red line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances, so there is no need for fear or anxiety in this regard.

Turkey contains several clinics and hospitals for the treatment of addiction, the most important of which is a hospital NPISTANBUL Which is considered one of the best and largest centers on the global level in terms of efficiency and the techniques used in it, as it was ranked the second largest center for psychiatry and addiction treatment in Europe.

In fact, the most famous hospitals and centers affiliated with the Turkish state are paid centers, not free, but the state may fund some cases under exceptional circumstances.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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