Stem cell injections for knee joint

Stem cell injections for knee joint

Stem cell injections for knee joints have become one of the promising methods for treating many knee problems. Knee stiffness can be treated, and arthritis pain can be relieved. Learn more about this treatment method.

Recently, a new treatment method has been widely used in Turkey, which gave hope that knee diseases and problems can be cured without surgery. By simply extracting stem cells from your body and re-injecting them into the knee joint, it is possible to treat damaged cartilage problems and regenerate the worn parts of the knee cartilage.

About 10% of the world population suffers from degenerative knee joint inflammation (osteoarthritis), Knee treatment with stem cells in Turkey provide the possibility of relieving these symptoms by regenerating cartilage tissue and accelerating its recovery, and may be an alternative to knee replacement surgery with an artificial joint. Follow us to learn more about the benefits of knee stem cell injections, their disadvantages, and the cost of treatment in Turkey.

What do we mean by Stem cell injections for knee joint?

Stem cell therapy has attracted the attention of doctors worldwide; this modern treatment method has allowed a chance of healing and recovery from some diseases that some have always thought were chronic diseases that cannot be cured.

There are a lot of benefits of knee stem cell injections, and the benefits of stem cells are not limited to treating knee problems, as they are used in Turkey to treat a wide range of body problems such as hair loss, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to many other conditions.

Stem cells can treat many problems in the human body because they can transform into different types of cells to replace the dead or damaged cells of the body.

Knee stem cell injection is a procedure to repair knee cartilage problems in patients with symptoms indicating cartilage damage, such as pain and swelling, and knee stiffness.

How to inject stem cells for knee joints in Turkey?

Knee injection with stem cells is an easy and low-risk procedure, as it may be performed in the doctor’s outpatient clinic. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital and can return home immediately after the injection.

Fortunately, our bodies manufacture stem cells continuously. Therefore the stem cells that will be injected into the knee joint are taken from the blood of the same patient who will undergo treatment, and this is one of the advantages of knee stem cell injection, as this protects the patient from the risk of his body rejecting the sample and forming an Immunological reaction, your body can't deny what it's making.

First, a blood sample is withdrawn from the patient’s elbow. Then this sample is sent to the laboratory so that the blood components are separated from each other, and the number of stem cells is increased using laboratory methods. After this is completed, the stem cells are collected in a needle.

The doctor injects a stem cell needle into the patient's knee; the patient must follow his doctor's instructions in the period following the injection of stem cells.

A picture showing how to inject stem cells into the knee
Steps to inject the knee with stem cells

What happens after Stem cell injection for knee joint

You may feel a little pain with discomfort within a period ranging from 24 to 72 hours after the injection. Do not worry; this is normal and usually disappears with time, and the patient notices a gradual improvement in his symptoms after the knee injection.

One of the most critical steps that guarantee positive results for knee treatment with stem cells is to follow the instructions of the medical team during the recovery period, including the following:

  • Rest and avoid physical activity as much as possible during the first two days after the injection
  • Do not take pain relievers (NSAIDs) during the first two weeks after the knee injection
  • You can start walking with light jogging in the 3rd week after the injection
  • One month after the stem cell injection, the patient can return to his normal activities

The doctors help to assess the knee's response to treatment. The first doctor's check takes place after a week, followed by another visit a month after the procedure. The doctor may request an X-ray of the knees to assess the condition of the injected joint.

Comparison between the condition of the joint before and after the injection of knee stem cells
Before and after knee stem cell injection

Benefits of stem cell injection for knee joint

Injecting stem cells into the knee has made it possible to speed up the healing of Osteoarthritis, joint siffness, and knee pain during movement.

Several studies were conducted regarding the technique of injecting stem cells into the knee on several patients with different complaints, and these studies concluded that the treatment of the knee using stem cells had the following benefits:

Treatment of arthritis with stem cells

It has always been believed that once the knee cartilage is damaged, it cannot be regenerated again, as arthritis is one of the most common causes of cartilage damage which causes knee pain, so what is the best solution to this problem?

Knee stem cell injection helps regenerate damaged cartilage before the disease progresses to advanced stages, causing severe pain, as the advanced stages of inflammation usually require knee joint replacement until the pain relieved.

Injecting the knee with stem cells reduces the severity of arthritis, which reduces the degree of damage to the knee cartilage. The injection also reduces the need to take pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs. It also delays joint replacement surgery and may sometimes be an alternative to the surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are also helpful in reducing the severity of inflammation, but their effect lasts longer than stem cell therapy. You can read more about Platelet-Rich Plasma for the Knee.

Knee Stiffness treatment with stem cells

Knee stiffness is defined by Difficulty moving the knee joint with a feeling of pain and discomfort when moving the joint. Knee stiffness is a common symptom that many people complain about, especially older people with osteoarthritis. Stiffness usually occurs due to an injury to one of the cartilages of the knee joint.

It has become possible in Turkey to inject stem cells to treat knee stiffness, as stem cells work to regenerate the damaged knee joint cartilage, which contributes to the treatment and relief of the disturbing symptoms of knee stiffness that affect the quality of life of the patient.

Although many treatment options are available to treat knee stiffness, such as hyaluronic acid injections, plasma injections, and other ways of treatment, stem cell injections remain the best option because their effect lasts longer than other methods.

In the severe and advanced stages of stiffness, stem cell therapy becomes useless because the cartilage has been severely damaged, making it challenging to repair its cells. Here, the best treatment is a Knee cartilage replacement surgery Or by total joint replacement.

Side effects of stem cell injections for knee joint

Stem cell knee treatment is rarely associated with side effects. Stem cell injection is a safe, minimally invasive procedure with a small risk of significant complications.

Sometimes the desired results are not obtained from stem cell therapy. There are also some disadvantages to this type of treatment, as it is still a new method, and not enough studies have been conducted on its long-term effects on the patients who underwent treatment.

Stem cell injections in the knee are unsuitable for treating all patients, depending on their conditions. The severe stages of knee cartilage injuries are unsuitable for treatment using stem cells but often require surgery to change the cartilage of the knee or replace the complete joint.

The price of Stem cell injections for knee joint in turkey

The cost of knee stem cell injections in Turkey starts from 2,000 US dollars for one knee, but it is less than 4,000 dollars when injecting both knees of the patient. The cost may vary according to some factors, such as the patient's condition, the type of stem cells injected, and the number of sessions a person needs.

Turkey has become one of the leading countries in stem cell treatment. Many advanced medical centers have been established in Turkey. These centers are equipped with the latest technologies with expert and specialized medical staff.

Turkey, particularly Istanbul, attracts tourists yearly to do specific treatments, as Istanbul is famous for low treatment prices while providing the best possible medical service. The Bimaristan team, a group of Arab and Turkish doctors, helps patients choose the best center or hospital to receive the desired treatment with the lowest possible costs.

In conclusion, the injection of stem cells into the knee is a modern technology that contributes to treating knee stiffness and relieves arthritis pain. This current treatment aims to stimulate the regeneration of eroded knee tissues due to osteoarthritis. The treatment of the knee with stem cells is characterized by its ease of application and low risk, making it a preferred choice for many patients with knee problems and diseases.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Knee treatment with stem cells is not considered a dangerous procedure, as it rarely causes significant complications that cause concern.

The price of knee stem cell injections in Turkey starts from two thousand US dollars per knee, but when injecting both knees of the patient, the price is less than 4 thousand US dollars, and the cost may vary from one case to another.

Usually, the patient begins to feel an improvement in his symptoms after 4 to 6 weeks after the stem cell injection. Still, this period may be longer for some, especially when their symptoms are more severe before treatment.

There is no cure for knee stiffness as treatment focuses mainly on reducing symptoms while improving the quality of life, as in treating the knee joint with stem cells.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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