what are the Benefits of stem cells therapy for hair loss?

what are the Benefits of stem cells therapy for hair loss?

The benefits of stem cells therapy for the treatment of hair loss can be seen in adults clearly, as it has become possible to avoid hair transplantation by injecting the scalp with stem cells in Turkey.

This treatment has revolutionized the field of hair loss, as the benefits of hair stem cells have been seen in regenerating damaged skin cells to treat hair loss within a short period of time.

what are the Benefits of stem cells therapy for hair loss?

Stem cells therapy for hair loss is one of the most promising treatment methods. These cells work by stimulating hair follicles and their growth process.

Stem cells are extracted from the person's own body to be re-implanted in the scalp, where stem cells are characterized by their unlimited ability to divide and differentiate into new cells that replace the damaged cells.

Stem cells are extracted inside the laboratory through a sample of fat from the same person, using special techniques for liposuction, extracting cells and collecting them in ampoules.

It may be extracted from the plasma sample in the blood of the same person who will undergo hair transplantation with stem cells, as this is useful in avoiding the body's sensitivity to cells that come from another person.

One of the benefits of stem cells therapy is to enhances the process of regeneration of dead tissues and stimulates the growth of hair follicles in the injected area, which reduces hair loss in that area.

This method is used to get rid of hair loss permanently, as results appear quickly and within a few weeks of the therapy.

Hair stem cells not only treat hair loss but also improve the look of your hair as well as increase hair softness and strength.

This image shows the experience of a person who underwent hair transplantation with stem cells, which is carried out within specialized centers in Turkey, and we note in the picture the emergence of the benefits of hair stem cells within a relatively short period of time
The experience of a person who underwent a hair transplant with stem cells and how the benefits of stem cells for hair appear within a short period

Advantages of stem cells therapy over other hair transplant methods

The benefits of stem cells therapy for hair are distinct from the rest of the hair transplant methods by their results which are quick to appear in addition to their relatively low cost compared to other methods.

Recently, many different methods of hair transplantation have been provided Like hair transplantation by robot or through Direct hair transplant And other ways to treat hair problems.

Hair stem cells therapy is distinguished from other methods by the following:

  • It has no obvious side effects and is considered extremely safe
  • Gives hair shiness and strength
  • It treats hair loss very effectively and is often considered a definitive treatment for hair loss
  • Its results appear within a short period, unlike other hair transplant therapy, whose results take a longer period
  • You do not need anesthesia
  • Its cost is relatively low

The ideal candidate to benefit from stem cells therapy

The best candidate for this procedure is a person who has good health and does not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease anddiabetes or high blood pressure.

It is preferable to perform several analyzes before the operation to ensure that there is no other cause that leads to the patient’s hair loss, such as anemia or Thyroid diseases.

How stem cells therapy for hair is done in Turkey?

Stem cells hair therapy is carried out over several sessions. In each session, a portion of stem cells are implanted to the hair loss area.

The stem cells extracted from the samples are precisely injected into the scalp where the hair is falling out. It is required to sterilize the injection site before implanting stem cells.

It takes several sessions during a period of about one month for the benefits of hair stem cells to be seen.

A picture showing the process of injecting the hair stem cell ampoule
hair stem cell injections

Plasma injection after stem cells therapy in Turkey

Plasma is useful in accelerating the process of hair growth after the stem cells transplant session, since human plasma is rich in water, proteins and blood platelets that accelerate the process of cell renewal and stimulate collagen production, which is an essential component of the skin.

So, in most cases, After stem cell transplantation Plasma scalp injection is done To speed up hair growth in the injected area.

Plasma injection during hair transplant
Plasma injection during hair transplant

how long does it take for the results of stem cell therapy for hair to appear?

Usually, 6 to 10 sessions are done within 4 weeks, and the number of sessions depends on the degree of hair loss that the person suffers from.

The result of the treatment does not appear immediately and often takes about two weeks to four months, where the person begins to notice the results within two weeks after the end of the sessions, but they are still not very clear.

The final result often appears within a period of six months to a year, and this depends on many factors, including the number of stem cell treatment sessions, in addition to the patient's health condition.

some studies indicate the benefits of stem cells in the treatment of genetic alopecia by repairing hair follicles in order to stimulate the production and growth of hair.

My story with hair stem cells therapy

One of the people who underwent this therapy tells of his story and how he noticed the benefits of stem cells in a short period, and says:

When I first got alopecia, my hair began to fall out, and this problem left me with depression and anxiety, in addition to the comments and questions people made, so I began to try some drugs treatment and apply some medical shampoos to my hair.

I was not satisfied with the results of the drug treatment, so I started looking for another way to treat hair loss until I found on the Internet a modern method to treat hair loss using stem cells taken from my body.

After deep research and investigation of this method, I decided to consult a doctor to try the stem cell therapy for hair transplantation, and I already planned sessions to do this procedure.

During the first session, the doctor injected the previously extracted stem cells into my scalp through ampoules until the session was over. after a few days I attended another session, and so we did several sessions over the course of a month and a half.

About a month and a half after my first treatment, I started to notice the benefits of hair stem cells starting to appear as my hair started growing again and the new hair looked very natural.

the risks of stem cell theapy for hair

Hair stem cell therapy is considered a very safe technique as it is minimally invasive, but it may result in mild side effects, such as slight redness in the skin at the site of the injection, a feeling of numbness or tingling in the scalp, in addition to a little itching.

One of the rare side effects is an infection at the injection site, and this complication is not common. It may also result in losing control of hair growth in the injected area.

The benefits of hair stem cells therapy in the treatment of hair loss make it worth trying because their benefits outweigh their very rare risks.

The price of hair stem cell ampoules in Türkiye

The price of the therapy depends on its type, as there are several types of stem cell ampoules, and the average cost of one ampoule ranges from 15 to 180 dollars, while the total cost of stem cell treatment is estimated at an average of 1700 dollars and depends on the number of hair stem cell sessions that a person needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stem cells stimulate hair growth by replacing damaged skin cells with new cells that help the new hair to grow in the injected area and to treat hair loss.

The benefits of stem cell hair loss treatment are many and are not limited to treating hair loss only, as one of the benefits of hair stem cells is to increase the softness of hair and give freshness to the skin.

The cost of the therapy ranges from about 1000 to 2000 US dollars and it is a low cost compared to other hair transplant methods.
Yes, there are actually benefits of stem cells as one of the best ways scientists are looking for to treat male pattern baldness.
Stem cells have the ability to re-grow hairs again and again if they are transplanted correctly.

Stem cell ampoules are used in the treatment of hair loss. They are stem cells extracted from the person's body through special mechanisms, after which the stem cells are stored inside ampoules until they are used to treat hair loss.

Stem cell ampoules have great benefits in treating hair loss as they work to regenerate damaged skin cells, which contributes to stimulating hair re-growth and solving hair weakness problems.

Stem cell hair therapy is not associated with any obvious damage to the person, as the risks are limited to mild side effects such as redness in the area of stem cell injection, in addition to a little itching in the treatment area.

Stem cell hair therapy is considered to be very safe and does not cause any danger to the patient.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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