What's new in the treatment of female infertility in Turkey

New in female infertility treatment

Treatment of infertility in women depends on knowing the causes of infertility that cause the lack of pregnancy or childbearing. Determining the cause helps in developing an appropriate treatment plan to treat women’s infertility.

There are many methods used to improve the chances of conception and pregnancy in women, such as the process of artificial insemination within the uterus, in addition to the process of IVF, which is also used to treat female infertility.

How to treat female infertility 

To treat female infertility, the causes that led to infertility must be identified. Women who suffer from ovulation problems can be treated with ovulation-stimulating drugs known as fertility drugs.

If the cause of infertility is due to an anatomical problem in the woman’s reproductive system, such as the presence of an obstructive obstacle that prevents the man’s sperm from reaching the egg, in this case, infertility in women can be treated by performing a surgical operation to remove the blockage.

Another useful method in treating infertility in women is assisted reproductive technologies known as assisted reproductive technologies such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro insemination (IVF).

The process of in vitro insemination (microscopic insemination) is used to treat infertility in women or men, as the use of this method is useful in treating infertility in both spouses.

Treatment of infertility in women may require the participation of more than one method to improve the chances of reproduction, meaning that it is possible to give drugs that stimulate the ovulation process, in addition to performing artificial insemination after a period of taking these drugs.

In the event of early ovarian failure or the cessation of a woman’s reproductive function at an early age, ovarian function can be restored by injecting stem cells, which is one of the most promising treatment methods used in the treatment of female infertility.

Infertility is one of the common problems between spouses, where the rate of infertility is estimated at 15% among couples, and this percentage includes the causes of infertility in both women and men.

Treatment of female infertility through assisted reproductive techniques

Many women who suffer from the inability to get pregnant resort to trying assisted reproductive methods, which have proven effective in increasing the chances of conception by a good percentage.

There are different methods for improving fertility, the most important of which are:

Intrauterine injection (IUI)

It is done in this way from Artificial insemination Taking a sample of the man’s sperm, then injecting the husband’s semen directly into the wife’s uterus through a special syringe.

This method helps in treating infertility in women caused by causes that lead to obstruction of the reproductive path, so that this process ensures that the man’s sperm reaches the uterus directly without the need to pass through the natural reproductive path.

It is also used in women who have problems with ovulation, such as a decrease in the number of eggs remaining in the ovaries as a result of the woman’s old age. In addition to the above, this method can be used in Male infertility treatment.

Intrauterine injection, which is one of the first options that infertile couples resort to
An image showing the intrauterine injection (IUI) procedure.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

This technique is one of the best and most effective methods of treating infertility in women and helping them to get pregnant and is used as a last treatment option when other treatments fail to cause pregnancy.

This type of treatment is known as IVF process Or laboratory insemination, which is done by stimulating the ovary medicinally to produce eggs, after which the eggs are surgically extracted in the doctor’s office.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Stem cell treatment for female infertility

Medicine has developed in the field of female infertility treatment, as modern methods of treatment and improvement of fertility in women have been introduced.

The use of stem cells has revolutionized the field of female infertility treatment study To the positive results of stem cell transplantation in the treatment of female infertility caused by premature ovarian arrest and Asherman's syndrome.

Stem cells are extracted from the person's own body and are distinguished by their ability to differentiate into new cells similar to the function of normal cells in the same area.

By injecting stem cells into the ovary, it is possible to restore the function of the suspended ovary in the case of early menopause (early menopause), as the results of treatment by injecting stem cells showed that 20% women regained their menstrual cycle 3 months after the start of the injection.

This method also helps in improving the thickness of the uterine lining and the size of the ovaries, in addition to enhancing blood flow through the uterine wall.

It is characterized as an effective and safe way to treat female infertility, since the cells are extracted from the woman's body itself, and it is naturally painless.

This image refers to one of the stem cells extraction laboratories that are later used to treat female infertility

Herbal treatment for female infertility 

There is a group of herbs that are useful in improving fertility in women who have difficulty conceiving, as the main role of herbal treatment is limited to improving the fertility of spouses and treating impotence.

The herb red raspberry It has a role in increasing the fertility of women and preparing the lining of the uterus for pregnancy, as this herb is prepared in the form of a drink known as raspberry tea.

works too oat straw grass It helps in strengthening the health system responsible for the secretion of female hormones in women, so it also contributes to the treatment of infertility in women.

Prepare ginseng It is a plant with an effective effect in improving fertility and treating infertility in couples, in addition to its proven role in the prevention of female cancers such as ovarian cancer.

The usefulness of herbs is limited in the treatment of infertility in women resulting from a pathological problem such as polycystic ovary disease or endometriosis.

Half of infertility cases between spouses are due to a health problem that the husband suffers from, and the other half is due to the wife. Therefore, before starting infertility treatment, a specialist doctor should be consulted to find out the cause of infertility.

The main causes of infertility in women

  • Ovulation disorders such as premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Ectopic uterine lining
  • injury polycystic ovaries (PCO)
  • Hyperprolactinemia
  • Congenital uterine abnormalities
  • early menopause
  • Fallopian tube damage
  • Infertility of unknown cause

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common questions

It is currently possible to treat infertility in women by injecting stem cells extracted from the woman's own body so that these cells differentiate to improve the reproductive function of women. This type of treatment has brought about a qualitative leap in the field of female infertility treatment.

 The main solution to the problem of infertility is to treat the diseases that cause infertility if they exist, but when there are no clear pathological problems that cause contraception, then fertility techniques can be tried, such as intrauterine injections. Certain herbs may also be useful in treating infertility in spouses.

The most important sign of infertility is the inability to get pregnant after intercourse that lasted for at least a year. Some other signs of infertility may appear, such as irregular periods and pain during the period, in addition to the appearance of symptoms of hormonal disorder such as hirsutism and weight gain.

There are various diseases and causes that interfere with a woman’s reproductive ability and lead to infertility, such as disorders that occur in ovarian function such as early ovarian failure or polycystic ovary disease, in addition to uterine problems such as endometriosis and changes in the thickness of cervical mucus.

  • irregular menstruation
  • Period pain
  • Hirsutism (distribution of poems in a male pattern)
  • Symptoms of hormonal changes such as weight gain and acne
  • Dyspareunia in married women

The most important step in treating infertility in women is diagnosing the cause that led to infertility so that it can be treated in an appropriate way.

It has recently emerged that stem cells can be used in the treatment of infertility in women, which in turn made a qualitative leap in the field of infertility treatment, as these cells are characterized by their ability to differentiate into natural cells that compensate for damaged body cells.

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