• Author name: Dr.. Mohammed alkhatib

    Thoracic surgeon in Istanbul/Turkey. I work in Yedikule Hospital in Zeytinburnu. I entered the Faculty of Medicine in 2012 at Turgut Ozal Hospital in Inonu University in Malatya. I received my Masters in Medicine from Inonu University in 2018. Immediately after that, the specialization began at Yedikule Hospital for Thoracic Diseases and Surgery in Istanbul. I also write medical articles to be SEO friendly. He also supervised most of the medical articles published in Bimaristan Medical website

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khatib

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khatib

Thoracic surgeon and SEO content writer He has extensive experience in writing medical articles in a seo-conformity study He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Human Medicine from Turgut Ozal Hospital from Inonu University in Malatya with a good grade in 2018. He started working as a resident doctor in a hospital Dedicola in the field of thoracic surgery…

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Bronchoscopy in Turkey

Bronchoscopy (Bronchoscopy)

Bronchoscopy is an important procedure to assess the integrity of the airway and lungs and may be used for therapeutic purposes. Turkey provides the latest bronchoscopy devices at the lowest costs. How to perform bronchoscopy Bronchoscopy is done using a special telescope in the form of a thin tube equipped with a lamp and a camera at the bottom. The doctor inserts the tube either through the mouth or through the nose …

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Hair transplantation with NewGraft

Hair transplantation with NeoGraft

 The latest methods of hair transplantation by NeoGraft, which is semi-automatic. As it provides higher quality and faster speed with a more advanced technique in hair transplantation at an affordable price in order to shorten the doctor’s time. What is hair transplantation by NeoGraft? The majority of men and more than half of women suffer from hair loss due to advancing age. Where many medical conditions can lead to…

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Thoracic surgery in Turkey

Your complete guide to thoracic surgery in Turkey

Thoracic surgery in Turkey is one of the most advanced fields of surgery, as Turkey has introduced all surgical methods for treating lung cancer in Turkey and many other diseases that patients visit Turkey for treatment. In this article, you can learn about the best thoracic surgery centers in Turkey that comply with all international standards in breast cancer surgery and all the treatments available for it, and get acquainted with …

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Video-assisted lobectomy in Turkey

Video-assisted lobectomy

Video-assisted lobectomy as a type of minimally invasive chest surgery Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States, with approximately 180,000 new cases diagnosed each year. While surgical removal offers the best chance of a cure for those with early-stage lung cancer, the traditional open chest approach (called an incision…

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Mesothelioma treatment in Turkey

mesothelioma treatment

Pleural mesothelioma is a rare cancer that grows around the lungs and chest due to exposure to asbestos in most cases. Learn about modern treatment methods used in Turkey. What is pleural mesothelioma (mesotheloma carcinoma)? Pleural mesothelioma is a rare cancer that grows around the lungs and chest. Exposure to asbestos (a material used in construction) makes up most of the…

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Breast concavity treatment in Turkey

Thoracic concavity treatment

Thoracic concavity is an abnormal development of the rib cage in which the sternum grows inward, creating a gap in the chest wall. Learn about the rib cage concavity process in Turkey. What is concavity of the rib cage? Concavity of the rib cage is an abnormal development of the rib cage in which the sternum (breastbone) grows inward, causing…

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Robotic surgery for lung cancer in Turkey

Robotic surgery for lung cancer

Robotic surgery for lung cancer involves the use of a camera that provides a detailed view of the inside of the patient's chest. The term “robot” can be a bit misleading, as it is not the robot that performs the surgery. Instead, the surgeon uses surgical instruments that they guide through the console, which means the surgery is done with the help of a robot. Robot-assisted surgery is minimally invasive (injury less)…

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Treatment of tracheal (tracheal) disorders in Turkey

Tracheal (tracheal) disorders

Disorders of the trachea (trachea) may cause airway obstruction, leading to respiratory symptoms such as chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Learn about its diagnosis and treatment methods in Turkey. What are the types of disorders of the trachea (trachea)? There are two main types of tracheal disorders: Tracheal stenosis: This is a narrowing of the trachea that prevents air from adequately reaching the lungs. …

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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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