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    Medical specialties have been classified according to their classification in Turkey, including most surgical specialties and internal diseases. After the patient chooses the operation he wants to undergo in Turkey, we direct him to the best specialized center that specifically performs this operation.

    You can also travel and learn about the latest treatment methods in Türkiye

Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is used to treat cataracts in the eye. Improving vision after this surgery is faster and better than traditional methods. Laser technology entered the cataract treatment and eye lens implantation field in the past decade, leading to a significant revolution in many eye surgeries. One of the most critical surgeries is lens …

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Best FUE Hair Transplant & Its Cost

The FUE hair transplant or extraction technique is the most commonly used technique for treating hair loss as a non-surgical procedure. There are many different techniques for hair transplants. Still, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the preferred technique for treating common hair loss problems worldwide, such as male pattern baldness and alopecia areata. This is …

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vaginitis treatment for married women

Vaginitis Treatment for Married women

Vaginitis treatment is important for all women (especially married women) due to their suffering from annoying symptoms such as burning and vaginal itching. To treat these infections, we will recommend some effective tips and medications. Introduction to Vaginitis treatment for married women Vaginitis is a common issue among married women. The symptoms of this condition …

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استئصال الفص بمساعدة الفيديو في تركيا

Video-Assisted Lobectomy

Video-assisted lobectomy is a minimally invasive chest surgery used to treat early-stage lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, with approximately 180,000 new cases diagnosed yearly. While surgical resection offers the best chance of cure for those with early-stage lung cancer, the traditional open chest approach, known …

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Pediatric Asthma Treatment & Management

Pediatric asthma treatment is essential, especially for those under five years old, to prevent its development into the chronic stage. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects children’s airways. Symptoms of asthma in children typically manifest as a persistent cough followed by wheezing (a whistling sound), especially at night or in the early morning. …

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Pediatric Splenomegaly Treatment

Pediatric splenomegaly is spleen enlargement in children caused by blood disorders, leading to discomfort and fullness in the spleen area. Pediatric splenomegaly is a common complaint at this age, as it can be accompanied by blood diseases, especially in addition to liver diseases. However, not all pediatric splenomegaly indicates a medical condition, as it is …

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Splenectomy Procedure: Causes & Risks

Splenectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the patient’s spleen, especially in blood diseases, and It is commonly performed using laparoscopy in Turkey. Splenectomy is considered an emergency procedure, necessitating quick spleen removal in specific injuries such as accidents and stabbings. However, in some cases, the procedure can be delayed significantly if the patient’s health …

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