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Defibrillator and arrhythmia treatment in Turkey

Defibrillator and arrhythmia treatment

Cardiac defibrillator implantation for cardiac arrhythmia (ventricular/ atrioventricular pacemaker) When the heart is irregular, especially if the heart is racing, it is sometimes recommended to implant a special pacemaker device that can monitor and control the heart's movements. An automated implantable defibrillator, unlike other devices, can…

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Myocardial biopsy by catheterization examination in Turkey

Myocardial biopsy by cardiac catheterization

In a myocardial biopsy, a sample of heart muscle tissue is taken. For this purpose, a cardiac catheterization examination is performed. It can be done when certain symptoms indicate problems with the heart muscle or its valves. Cardiac catheterization is performed along with a myocardial biopsy to determine if heart disease is the cause of the symptoms...

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