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Methods of dental-treatment with laser-in-Turkey

Learn about modern laser dental treatment options

Laser dental treatment in Turkey is one of the most prominent modern technologies that deal with different and diverse cases in dentistry using laser, which makes it easier, more accurate and comfortable. A laser is a light-emitting device used in surgery to cut and dissolve hard and soft tissues. In dentistry, lasers are used in a number of treatments. The Food and Drug Administration approved...

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Installing veneers in Turkey

Veneer lens: types and installation steps

Dental veneers are thin crusts that are custom-made and installed on the front face of the teeth to improve their appearance and are considered one of the most important cosmetic dental treatments in Turkey. Veneers can change the color, shape, size, and length of the teeth and hide dental problems such as discoloration, cracking, and misplacement. For some people, damage to the front teeth or changing…

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Laser teeth whitening method in Turkey

Types of teeth whitening and precautions for its use

Teeth whitening has become one of the most desirable dental procedures, so many options have been found that allow to reach whiter teeth in Turkey. What is teeth whitening The process of teeth whitening is a procedure aimed at making their color lighter than the existing color by several degrees, whitening is an optional procedure and is rarely a necessity. Products are used…

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3D dental crowns

3D dental crowns

What is a 3D dental crown If one of your teeth is damaged, your dentist may recommend a dental crown (veneers) to remedy the situation. A crown is a small tooth-shaped covering that fits your teeth. It can hide distorted or discolored teeth and can be used in dental implants. A crown can also protect or restore a broken tooth or…

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