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    Retina specialization includes all diseases related to the retina, whether hereditary or library.

    There are many modern operations in Turkey, such as the treatment of retinal diseases with stem cells. Electron retinal implants.

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All new methods of treating retinal detachment

Treatment of retinal detachment in the eye must be done as quickly as possible because the detachment in the retina that we delay in resorting to treatment will lead to lifelong vision loss. Introduction to the treatment of retinal detachment The natural wall of the eyeball consists of three layers that are from the outside to the inside: the sclera, the choroid, and the retina. The function of the sclera is to protect…

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Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism (astigmatism) is a vision disorder that is widespread in the world, and the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder has greatly accelerated in Turkey. A Glimpse of the Eye and Refractive Systems To understand more about astigmatism, we must understand the refractive system more. Vision occurs when light enters the eye through the pupil. With the help of…

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Artificial retinal implants in Turkey

Artificial Retinal Implant

Artificial Retinal Implant (Bioelectronic Eye Implant) Bionic Eye Implant Artificial Retinal Implant in Turkey. Also known as the implantation of chips into the retina, patients with severe visual impairment or night blindness can undergo this procedure. The operation has been performed so far on 170 patients in the world, including Turkey, and perhaps the most important results that have been reached…

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Stem cell treatment for genetic blindness in Turkey

Stem cell treatment for genetic blindness

Stem cell treatment for genetic blindness in Turkey/Istanbul. The best way to treat pigmentosa retinitis is to inject stem cells into the retina. Treatment of Genetic Blindness with Stem Cells in Turkey First of all, as it is known, retinitis pigmentosa that causes night blindness is a genetic disease that is formed as a result of various genetic diseases whose genes may be recessive…

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