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    The arthroplasty in Orthopedics at Triket includes all surgical joint diseases that are not related to rheumatism or internal diseases.

Stiffness of the joints and the methods used in its treatment in Turkey

Joint stiffness and the methods used in its treatment

Joint stiffness or stiffness of the joints is the most worrisome disease for the elderly. This damage does not occur suddenly, rather it is a disease that develops with age, so how does it happen, what are its symptoms, and how can it be treated? Stiffness occurs in the joint as a result of long-term movement and as a result of the use of the motor support system of joints, bones and muscles over the years. What is joint stiffness? And how...

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Partial knee joint replacement surgery in Turkey

Partial knee joint replacement surgery

Partial knee joint replacement surgery in Turkey is an alternative to total joint replacement surgery, when the damage is limited to one part of the knee, where only the affected part of the joint is replaced. Partial Knee Replacement Partial Knee Replacement is performed when only one section of the joint is damaged and the remaining parts of the knee remain intact as the…

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Elbow-replacement surgery

Elbow joint replacement surgery

Elbow replacement surgery (also called elbow arthroplasty) is done to treat problems caused by arthritis in the elbow. It has become the most commonly used procedure in older adults to replace joints damaged by fractures. More than 90% of patients who underwent elbow joint replacement in Turkey considered the prosthetic facility to be successful. The elbow joint consists…

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Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

anterior cruciate ligament rupture

An ACL tear is a very common knee injury. It can occur in athletes who play sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball, and in people who work in physical jobs. As for the treatment, there are surgical and non-surgical treatments for the injury. Most people recover from an ACL rupture within six to nine months. It is considered …

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knee arthroscopy

A knee arthroscopy — sometimes called a knee examination — is a minimally invasive medical procedure used on the knee joint to diagnose and treat knee conditions or injuries. It's performed using an arthroscope, which is a small surgical instrument with a light and a camera on the end that is inserted into the knee. During a knee arthroscopy, the surgeon inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope...

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Hip-joint-change operation

Hip joint replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery Total hip replacement (or hip replacement surgery) is a technique that has spread widely in recent years in Turkey and the world in response to the need to treat hip joints damaged due to an injury or arthritis. Hip joint replacement surgery provides the best treatment option for long-term improvement of the hip joint when it fails…

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopic surgery - arthroscopic surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to repair tissue in or around the shoulder joint. Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique that provides orthopedic surgeons with the ability to access and treat the shoulder joint through only very small cuts. In this article, learn about shoulder arthroscopy, its benefits, and its uses in Turkey.

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