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    What is the specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Turkey

    Plastic surgery consists of two main sections: reconstructive plastic surgery, which is about restoring the function and appearance of the human body after a certain illness or accident, while plastic surgery (often called “cosmetic”), aims primarily to change the appearance or appearance with the desire of the patient to obtain Nicer appearance.

    The specialty of plastic surgery differs from the rest of the surgical specialties that are defined by anatomical areas, where plastic surgery is determined by the surgical techniques used.

    Reconstructive operations are the mainstay of almost all plastic surgeons: reconstructive surgery in Turkey covers all aspects of wound healing and reconstruction after congenital and acquired deformities such as accidents, although it plays a smaller role today.

    Due to the breadth and application of plastic surgery, these surgeons work jointly with other specialties. Where there is a need for restoration after major operations. In fact, it is the presence of plastic surgery that has made some other areas of surgery possible.

    ENT surgeons, oncologists, and maxillofacial surgeons all rely on reconstructive techniques that plastic surgeons perform.

    Another area of plastic surgery is the cosmetic department, where the body is altered to improve appearance rather than treat disease.

    We do not provide these procedures if the desire is to increase the aesthetics.

    Reconstructive surgery (conventional and microsurgery):

    skin cancer
    Cancer of the nose, mouth, jaw, upper jaw and larynx
    Head and neck cancer
    Injury to the face, legs and arms (particularly open fractures)
    Breast reconstruction (implants, DIEP, fat grafts)

    Plastic surgery:

    Abdomen: tummy tuck or liposuction
    Breast: augmentation (with or without implants), tightening or reduction
    Eyelids: removal of skin or cysts (eyelid reconstruction).
    Face and neck: face-lift, cheek augmentation
    Waist, hips and thighs: liposuction, thigh lift
    Arms: liposuction, arm lift
    Ears: ear restoration
    Nose: reshaping the nose (rhinoplasty)
    Buttocks: Enlargement or reduction of the buttocks

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