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On this page, we contribute to knowing the latest scientific developments in the medical field, the latest techniques used in operations in Turkey and Istanbul, and some common questions about some topics related to treatment. 
Most of these articles have been discussed in the scientific community in a magazine Pubmed or other scientific journals.

Latest medical articles

  • LASIK Surgery in Turkey
    LASIK surgery in Turkey is a sensitive and accurate procedure that aims to correct vision defects and improve vision in a large group of patients without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. LASIK operation in Istanbul is one of the very common operations and is perhaps the most used therapeutic procedure in the field of ophthalmology within Turkish territory, by shining laser beams directed …

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  • Gastric Botox in Turkey

    Gastric Botox in Turkey


    With the increasing incidence of obesity, there was an urgent need to take remedial measures to reduce the aggravation of the problem of overweight, and here the stomach Botox operation in Turkey was the perfect solution for that. Despite the spread of many methods of treating obesity in Turkey, Botox injections in the stomach remains a preferred option over other methods, due to its low risk and ease of procedure.

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  • Intraocular Lens Implant in Turkey

    Intraocular Lens Implant in Turkey


    Intraocular lens implantation in Turkey is a procedure aimed at replacing the transparent lens inside the eye with a smart artificial lens that corrects vision problems and poor eyesight. Let's learn about the lens implantation process. The lens of the eye may be exposed to some diseases that affect its natural function, so the lens becomes dark and prevents the passage of light well into the eye, which causes the appearance of visual signs such as blurring and blurring …

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  • Laser treatment for vitiligo in Turkey

    Laser treatment for vitiligo in Turkey


    Laser treatment of vitiligo in Turkey has given new hope to remove white skin pigmentation while restoring the natural color of the skin in the pigmentation area, so how is vitiligo treated using laser? Vitiligo manifests itself in the form of light spots of a different color than the normal color of the skin. These spots may spread to different areas of the body, such as the face or neck, as well as the hands or …

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  • PRP Treatment for Hair and Face in Turkey

    PRP Treatment for Hair and Face in Turkey


    Did you know that platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection is a natural treatment for most facial and hair problems? In this article, let's learn about the benefits of plasma for hair and face in Türkiye. The use of plasma therapy began not long ago in Turkey, and although blood plasma injection is a recent treatment method, it has proven effective in treating…

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  • Stem cell injections for knee joint

    Stem cell injections for knee joint


    Knee stem cell injections have become one of the promising methods for treating many knee problems. Knee roughness can be treated and arthritis pain can be relieved. Learn more about the features. Recently, a new treatment method has been widely used in Turkey, which has given hope that knee diseases and problems can be cured without the need for surgery for treatment. It is possible simply by extracting stem cells …

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  • Causes of weight gain in Ramadan

    Causes of weight gain in Ramadan


    You may be wondering about the reason for your weight gain during the holy month of Ramadan, despite fasting and not eating large amounts of food. What are the reasons for weight gain in Ramadan? The month of Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to lose weight, especially when following a proper diet while limiting the amount of Ramadan foods and sweets that we eat after Iftar, but what if…

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  • Mild appendicitis

    Mild appendicitis


    Simple appendicitis may quickly turn into severe inflammation if it is not treated well. Let's learn more about the symptoms of appendicitis and how to treat inflammation in its mild stages. Simple appendicitis may be treated without the need for surgery to remove the appendix, and herein lies the benefit of detecting symptoms of appendicitis early before the condition develops and an urgent need for removal appears.

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  • Causes of shivering hands

    Causes of shivering hands


    Frequent tremor of the hand may portend the presence of a neurological disease that requires treatment, but the causes of tremor of the hands are not necessarily due to neurological diseases, as the cause of the tremor may be stress and anxiety. You may be wondering how to know the causes of hand tremor and determine whether the tremor is normal or pathological, although hand tremor is a common symptom for many…

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  • Hand tendonitis

    Hand tendonitis


    When you have hand tendinitis, you may feel pain and burning when moving your affected hand, and the inflammation may develop into a continuous pain when resting. Learn how to treat hand tendinitis. Pain is one of the most prominent symptoms of tendinitis in the hand, but it is not the only symptom. Patients with tendonitis often suffer from a feeling of numbness or ants when moving the wrist…

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  • Ischemic stroke in the elderly

    Ischemic stroke in the elderly


    Knowing the symptoms of a stroke while it is in its early stages may contribute to saving your life and the lives of those around you, as a stroke in the elderly is one of the most common causes of sudden death. Everyone should be aware of the symptoms of a brain stroke and the steps to take the correct course of action in the event of suspicion of its occurrence, as the first minutes may be very decisive and crucial, as the patient’s future and chances of survival may be determined …

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