Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening: advantages, disadvantages and cost

Laser teeth whitening is a quick and desirable method in cosmetic dental clinics in Turkey that uses a dental laser to remove pigmentation from them and make them whiter and brighter.

is made Laser whitening technology In the dental clinic by the doctor and distinguished from other whitening methods using laser light in addition to the whitening gel, we resort to whitening in general when discoloration occurs and a change in the appearance of the teeth caused by many factors, including:

  • Some colored foods and drinks, such as coffee and tea
  • Tobacco use and smoking
  • aging
  • Some dental injuries such as nerve death
  • Some medicines, such as chemotherapy

All of the previous factors may be a reason for staining your teeth, and when you want to beautify and restore your natural teeth whiteness, you must know what is the process of laser teeth whitening? What are its advantages and does it have any harm? What does the use of dental laser add in whitening and what is its role? We will address the answer to all of the above through the article.

What is laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is a professional cosmetic procedure that must be performed in a dental office.

In this procedure, a whitening gel called peroxide is placed in high concentrations on the surface of your teeth, and then a laser beam device is shone on the mouth, which activates the chemicals in the gel so that it can penetrate the teeth better, which leads to a rapid color adjustment.

Although it is called laser teeth whitening, the laser in itself does not whiten the teeth. Rather, it is important to accelerate the effectiveness of the concentrated chemical whitening gel only.

Advantages of teeth whitening with dental laser technology versus home whitening trays

Both laser teeth whitening are involved and other whitening methods - such as whitening teeth at home - with the materials used in whitening that are based on hydrogen peroxide.

The main difference between the different methods of teeth whitening is that the whitening materials used in Laser teeth whitening It comes in a higher concentration than those used in other teeth whitening methods.

Higher concentrations indicate that they whiten teeth more quickly and thus reach the final result in less time, but they need a specialist exclusively to apply them.

Unlike trays and home whitening strips, which are in low concentrations and therefore safer, but need more time to reach the same result, in addition to increasing the possibility of gum sensitivity.

It is also important to know that using laser teeth whitening can resolve pigmentation from both the outer, enamel and inner dentin layers of the tooth, while using most other whitening methods, pigmentation removal is limited to the superficial outer layer.

Steps to perform laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening procedures are performed in a specialized dentist’s office, and the session takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The doctor may sometimes need toA dental cleaning session From any deposits before proceeding with bleaching.

The technology is then completed through a few simple steps, some of which may differ according to your need:

  1. The dentist will place a plastic or rubber mouth opener in your mouth to keep it open
  2. You will wear special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser light
  3. The doctor puts a protective layer on your gums to protect them from the whitening gel and prevent irritation and burning, which is a very important stepIsolate and protect the gums before starting laser whitening
  4. Once the protective layer is in place, the whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth
  5. After a few minutes, a pen-like laser light will be shone to activate the gelDental laser device used in laser teeth whitening
  6. The gel will turn into a foam, which means that it has become effective and works to remove stains from the teeth
  7. The gel is left on the teeth for a few minutes
  8. Then the doctor will remove it with a small tool that looks like an electric toothbrush and will rinse your mouth and remove the protective layer from your gumsCleaning the teeth from the gel after completing the whitening

The dentist will repeat these operations three or four times until the teeth reach the required degree of whiteness.

The end result is below after laser teeth whitening
See the end result after laser teeth whitening below

Pros of laser teeth whitening

You may start to notice lightening of the color tones within one whitening session

  • The whitening results are very fast compared to other methods
  • The specialist does all the work in the clinic, so you do not have to use any materials or techniques at home
  • Having a dentist perform the procedure reduces the risk of complications such as soft tissue burns or dental problems Nerve damage inside the tooth

Laser teeth whitening damage and disadvantages

Laser teeth whitening is safe and effective if the correct method is applied, but there may be some drawbacks to it compared to other whitening options, including:

  • Laser teeth whitening is more expensive than other whitening methods, but it is a method worth the price of convenience, speed of access to the result and the long-term effect that can be achieved through it.
  • There is a slight risk that the heat from the laser may damage the tooth nerve or other tissues, so you should choose a professional with caution. contact us To book an appointment with the most skilled doctors of all specialties at the Bimaristan Center in Turkey.
  • Bleaching treatment may not be recommended if the patient has it Silver amalgam fillingsWhitening gels can release mercury from fillings.
  • may suffer from Teeth sensitivity But do not worry, as it will go away after a short period of time. It is preferable that the dentist be informed in the event that this occurs before continuing the treatment, so that he can make the necessary adjustments to ensure the greatest degree of comfort for you.

These side effects are rare, but possible. It is often advised to avoid eating anything very hot or cold for a few days following teeth whitening to prevent any discomfort.

How long does the result of laser whitening last?

The laser teeth whitening process reduces tooth discoloration very effectively and gives a faster effect than other home whitening treatments such asToothpastes And whitening strips because it contains bleaching materials in high concentrations.

Regardless of the bleaching method used, the bleaching process itself is a temporary result that goes away with time and needs to be repeated after a while, according to your doctor’s discretion.

However, laser teeth whitening has results that are more permanent than all other methods, so that it may last for a period of 3 years for many people.

In general, the results of laser teeth whitening and how long they last depend on many reasons, which include:

  1. The original color of your teeth before whitening
  2. Duration of commitment to repeat sessions
  3. The nature of your food and drinks

The optimal result usually requires three to four whitening sessions in total.

The image shows the difference in tooth color between yellow-orange before bleaching on the left and bright white after bleaching on the right
The image shows the difference in the color of the teeth between yellow-orange before laser whitening on the left and bright white color after bleaching on the right

Post-treatment tips: How do I maintain the color of my teeth after laser teeth whitening?

There are many instructions and adjustments to your routine that you can do to get a bright smile for the longest possible period of time, the most important of which are:

  • Drink clear liquids such as water for at least two hours after a laser teeth whitening session
  • Reduce or stop completely Smoking and tobacco consumption
  • Avoid colored foods and drinks that act like coffee, tea, and wine
  • Avoid soft drinks, pickles, and other foods or drinks that contain acids. After teeth whitening treatment, tubes or pores open in the tooth enamel, which weakens the teeth and makes them vulnerable to stains and stains.caries
  • Avoid dental injuries that may lead to The nerve dies Age change
  • Compliance helpsA healthy dental care routine From brushing it with paste twice a day and using floss once a day to protect it from discoloration

Foods that I can eat immediately after laser whitening

48 hours after whitening, you can eat many foods that are beneficial for dental health as part of the post-treatment care.

Many foods help in the process of instinctive cleaning of the teeth while eating, thus ensuring that they remain white for a longer period of time, as they promote saliva secretion that cleans the teeth and resists acids, in addition to helping them remove stains before they stick to the teeth.

These meals include fruits and vegetables of acceptable firmness, especially apples, celery, carrots, and green beans.

But be careful if these vegetables or fruits are dark in color, you have to wash your mouth with water after eating them so that your teeth do not become stained.

Also, eating dairy and cheese containing a high percentage of calcium, in addition to other nutrients and minerals, will help you maintain the health of your teeth and protect them from decay.

Hence, we find that laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that must be performed by a licensed specialist in the dental clinic, in which whitening materials are used with much higher concentrations than home teeth whitening products, which may cause minor and short-lived side effects.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

According to clinical trials, laser teeth whitening is a painless process in itself, but there is a possibility of natural sensitivity occurring 24 hours after whitening, which will disappear over time.

In the event that the dentist is committed to the procedures, there is no harm to your teeth and gums, but you should avoid repeating the laser teeth whitening process more than once every 6 months, as the process may cause damage to the pulp of the tooth.

There is no evidence to suggest that laser teeth whitening is not safe for pregnant women. However, it may be best to delay treatments with a whitening agent until the baby is born.

Pregnancy can increase the sensitivity of teeth due to erosion resulting from frequent vomiting, and undergoing laser teeth whitening treatment in this case may damage the teeth.

The cost of laser teeth whitening varies according to the country in which you are located, and it is difficult to determine its cost, given that the cosmetic dental procedure is not covered by insurance companies.

But in general, laser whitening is more expensive compared to other teeth whitening methods in exchange for a more comfortable, fast and effective experience.

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