Dental crowding treatment in Turkey

Orthodontic treatment for dental crowding

Dental crowding treatment in Turkey with the latest technology and devices is an important step for a common problem, which occurs when teeth do not erupt properly because there is not enough space for them.

What is dental crowding?

Tooth crowding occurs when there is no space for the teeth in the mouth and they grow incorrectly, resulting in overlapping and deviation of the teeth.

In ideal teeth alignment:

  1. There should be enough spaces for all the teeth to erupt without crowding or leaving spaces between them.
  2. The teeth touch each other without affecting the correct axis of the tooth.
  3. The upper teeth slightly cover the lower teeth so that all the teeth are comfortably covered when chewing.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as many people teeth do not grow correctly.

There is no enough space for the eruption of the teeth, causing crowding
There is no enough space for the eruption of the teeth, causing crowding

This may occur as a result of genetic problems in the size of the jaw or other external factors, which lead to the teeth competing for space as they grow, and they push unsymmetrically into abnormal, skewed positions. This can lead to a variety problems.

It is important to treat crowded teeth with effective orthodontic care to prevent tooth crowding tooth decay or other problems.

What causes dental crowding?

Tooth crowding can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Usually genes take a part of the reason, if your jaw is too small, this may affect the way the teeth grow, causing crowding.
  • some bad oral habits may be the cause of crowding of the teeth for some and should usually be treated before treating the crowding of the teeth.
  • The loss of the child's milk teeth before the specified time, at which time it is possible for many teeth to move to fill the gaps in the places of loss.
  • Extra permanent teeth.
  • Unusually large teeth (which can be caused by certain syndromes) that do not fit properly and tend to overlap or warp.
  • The permanent teeth do not erupt correctly because the temporary tooth does not fall out in time. This happens when the teeth loosen and then tighten again in the gums, which prevents the permanent teeth from erupting. Usually, keeping them without extracting leads to the overlap of the teeth.
A remaining temporary tooth that must be extracted to make space for the eruption of the permanent tooth
A remaining temporary tooth that must be extracted to make space for the eruption of the permanent tooth

The severity of crowding varies according to its cause, as it may sometimes lead to the deviation of one tooth, while others may cause an entire group of teeth to deviate and grow incorrectly.

The crowding can be mild, moderate or severe, the size of the patient's jaw and the number of teeth he has determines its severity.

  1. mild teeth crowding When one of the front teeth in the upper or lower jaw is twisted or slightly overlapped.
  2. moderate overcrowding When two to three front teeth overlap in the upper or lower jaw.
  3. overcrowding When most of the front teeth overlap in the upper or lower jaw.

What are the signs of dental crowding?

If you are not sure if your or your child's teeth are crowded, there are several signs that you can have an examination to look for to assess the need for treatment of crowding.

Signs of dental crowding:

  • Dental discomfort when biting
  • Crooked teeth that are located at abnormal angles in your mouth
  • Teeth overlap with each other
  • cross bite
  • Excessive eruption of teeth
  • jaw pain
  • Problem biting or chewing
  • Difficulty brushing and flossing
  • Bleeding gums when flossing or brushing

If you have questions about whether these signs indicate crowding, make an appointment to see an orthodontist for a diagnosis.

He or she will be able to perform a thorough examination and determine if your teeth are too crowded and what to do about treating that crowding.

Why should dental crowding be treated?

It is important to treat crowded teeth by correcting teeth position Because it can cause major permanent problems for the teeth, gums, mouth, and general health, the most important problem is poor hygiene. Crowded teeth make cleaning them properly a snake, which increases bacteria growth and plaque buildup, which in turn can harm your teeth and your overall health.

remember: there is a Relationship between oral and dental health and systemic disease As heart disease, diabetes and muscular dystrophy in the elderly.

Complications caused by teeth crowding:

It is extremely important to treat dental crowding as soon as possible for the reasons mentioned above. American Orthodontic Association recommends Bringing children to see an orthodontist by the age of 7 for early treatment.

Children's tooth growth pattern is monitored and predicted even if treatment is not started immediately, and an intervention and treatment plan is developed if necessary or early measures taken to prevent dental crowding in the first place.

If you have crowded teeth, visit an orthodontist for a consultation. Regardless of your age, an experienced orthodontist can use clear braces or traditional metal braces to help you get healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Dental crowding treatment with orthodontic care is effective and comfortable.

How to treat dental crowding?

Dental crowding can cause a source of pain, discomfort and embarrassment, and can have serious health consequences if left untreated.

Dental crowding treatment in Turkey

The most important tool for obtaining appropriate treatment, aligned teeth and a healthy smile is the experience of your doctor. Recently, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism in the world, due to the presence of advanced medical centers that provide appropriate treatment by the most skilled doctors and the latest medical devices at a low cost. .
Bimaristan Medical Center remains your first choice for treatment in Turkey. We guide you to the best specialists in all departments. Do not hesitate. Contact us.

In the treatment of dental crowding, one of the following different treatment methods will be used:

Transparent calendar

The invisible aligner In the treatment of crowded teeth, it is a very effective way to straighten teeth and treat crowding.

If you decide to have clear braces, you may receive a new aligner every few weeks, and you will visit your orthodontist for regular checkups throughout the treatment process.

Orthodontic treatment for dental crowding in Istanbul

A large number of patients tend to prefer the hidden appearance of braces, which are colorless and almost invisible when worn. In addition, this type may achieve excellent results quickly and efficiently in cases of dental crowding. Invisalign treatment is a great option for correcting crowded teeth in adolescents and adults .

orthodontic braces

There are different forms of these braces and all of them can be very effective in treating dental crowding.

The patient visits the orthodontist every four to eight weeks to check and adjust the orthodontic bands. Treatment takes 18 months to three years.

Dental Crowding Treatment in Istanbul with Orthodontics

Metal, ceramic, or braces can help lingualism Correcting dental alignment correctly, safely and comfortably.

selective extracting

When the teeth are very crowded, it is sometimes necessary for the dentist toextract some teeth In the context of dental crowding treatment, the choice often falls on supernumerary teeth whose presence negatively affects oral health and causes crowding.

You may have to extract some teeth during crowding treatment

If you need an extraction, the orthodontist will refer you to a maxillofacial surgeon or dentist who will help with tooth extraction. After the extraction and recovery is complete, the orthodontist will begin to move the teeth to the extraction site to relieve crowding.

Removable applies

A removable dental appliance provides the pressure needed to move a slightly crowded tooth but is unable to treat severe cases. Only braces and aligners can do so.

Orthodontists do not recommend that moderate to severe dental crowding be treated with removable braces.

Expanding and orthodontic headgear

It may require a large crowding of the teeth Orthopedic and dental surgeryIn this process, the Department of Orthopedics focuses on directing the growth of the facial bones, aligning the teeth and expanding the jaws correctly.

Common jaw extenders and orthotics include headgear and palate expanders.


Your orthodontist will provide you with a retaining device to keep the teeth in place after crowding has been treated.

Fixing devices after orthodontic treatment for dental crowding

Teeth can sometimes degenerate after extension and move over time to their original positions before treatment, so the retaining device protects the result of the orthodontic treatment achieved, make sure to wear the retainer according to the instructions of the orthodontist.

Tooth reshaping

When the crowding of the teeth is slight, the doctor may resort to making a cosmetic reshaping of the surroundings of the teeth to allow them to fit together in the best way.

Unlike orthodontic treatment, contour shaping does not move the teeth but rather changes their shape to create the appearance of a straighter smile.

Dental contour reshaping involves preparing a portion of the tooth to help treat and relieve dental crowding. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses removal of the natural enamel to alter the contours of the teeth. However, this method is limited in its ability and is irreversible.

Dental veneer

If you want to treat crowding of the teeth, an installation can also be done Cosmetic veneers For the treatment of moderate cases of misalignment and crowding of teeth in adults.

They are thin, customized scales of tooth-colored material that are affixed to the front surface of the teeth to replace enamel and change the appearance of crowded teeth and make them appear symmetrical to improve their appearance by changing their length, size, colour, shape and function.

Preparing the teeth to receive the veneers may be more invasive than reshaping them, because it requires removing a larger amount of enamel, and this method can also be very expensive and irreversible.

The cost of veneers is higher than traditional or transparent braces, but requires fewer visits. In some severe cases, veneers can be placed after orthodontic treatment.

You have several options for crowding the teeth. Your orthodontist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth including x-rays and/or 3D digital scanning To choose the best appropriate treatment.

Why is dental crowding treating so important?

Crowded teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, although you may feel self-conscious about crowding, various real problems come from potential dental and physical health issues that can arise.

Why can't you just leave your own smile alone if it doesn't bother you?

We want to give you an insight into why and how crowded teeth can become a problem, learn with us about some crowded teeth problems and why you should fix them.

occlusal problems

Crowded teeth are not just crowded teeth, as they create many problems that you may not have thought of.

When the teeth do not line up in the right places, you have problems with chewing and biting, some occlusal problems are obvious such as deep bite or open bite or inverted Others are not so obvious and that doesn't make them any less important.

Well-aligned and well-spaced teeth make chewing better.

Difficulty cleaning and flossing

Have you ever tried to floss only to wonder how others use it?

A person with crowded teeth has difficulty practicing oral hygiene, as the floss gets stuck between his teeth and ruptures, not being effective, while other people enjoy easier cleaning because they have the correct distances between their teeth.

Not using flossing causes plaque and tartar buildup when food gets stuck in the teeth in a place that is difficult to clean, flossing is important and you will end up neglecting it if you can't use it properly.

This also applies to brushing your teeth. Even if you brush your teeth every day, you may leave any stains as a result of excessive crowding. Pay attention next time you brush your teeth and you will be surprised.

Tooth decay and tooth decay

Crowding results in your teeth where they are not supposed to, and this can cause damage over time.

If your teeth overlap or bump into each other abnormally when you close your mouth, you run the risk of damage from that alone.

Any teeth that protrude at angles of crowding may end up being damaged. Wisdom tooth- A place to go.

Tooth damage requires medical attention or else you will end up with more damage andcaries inside broken tooth or aggrieved.

Gum disease

effect Gum disease On dental health, and as mentioned earlier, the inability to reach your teeth and gums with floss and toothbrush is dangerous.

Mild gum disease can be treated by doing the following:Good deep cleaning her andgood oral healthBut more serious cases may require more help.

Advanced gingivitis can lead to tooth loss or jaw damage. Preventing gum disease plays an important role in preserving your teeth, and you can't do that if you don't take steps to treat crowded teeth.

bad breath

If you have mild gum disease and are having trouble brushing and flossing, the normal side effect is bad breath.

There are many possible causes of bad breath, but when it's caused by inability to take care of your teeth or gum disease and it's much more difficult to get rid of it, it won't help to use mouthwash every time you want to talk to someone.

Correct the teeth so that you can get rid of bad breath at its source.

General physical health problems

Poor oral health contributes to your overall physical health. Gum disease can lead to general ailments, including: the heart ordiabetes orPneumonia Even pregnancy problems.

These diseases are not a common consequence of gum disease, but they are also not impossible. You are putting yourself at great risk when the solution is as simple as taking care of your teeth.

Aligned teeth help in easier care and therefore better hygiene.

Respect my self

It is often the number one reason why people consider adjusting their crowded teeth.

Many people are bothered by their smiles due to their crooked and asymmetric teeth, although it may add character, there is a strong preference for straight, shiny teeth.

Correcting this imbalance can improve your overall self-esteem. You will smile with your teeth in a jiffy once you have completed treatment for crowded teeth. Why live a life where you hate your smile?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects crowded teeth and other forms of misalignment, and is an almost invisible alternative to metal braces.

Crowded teeth cannot be treated at home on your own, you should resort to metal braces, clear braces, or veneers to fix your teeth safely and effectively.

Clear braces are based on the installation of a series of removable braces that must be replaced every two weeks. Patients wear braces for approximately 22 hours each day for approximately 20 weeks to correct misalignment.

Depending on the case as it depends on the severity of the case and the type of orthodontic treatment used.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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