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Deep bite treatment with clear braces

A deep bite is a form of malocclusion that without treatment leads to tooth erosion and pressure on the jaw joints. In the article, we will learn about its causes and methods of treating a deep bite in Turkey.

deep bite definition

Deep bite is defined as a misalignment that occurs when the upper front teeth cover the lower front in excess when the back teeth are closed. Also called an overbite or closed bite, it is a type of malocclusion. The term malocclusion is used when there are misaligned or crooked teeth in place.

The photo shows a deep bite condition where the upper front teeth overly cover the lower front
The photo shows a deep bite condition where the upper front teeth overly cover the lower front

Although a deep bite may or may not be an aesthetic concern, its presence usually indicates that there are other problems that need to be addressed.

How is deep bite diagnosed?

Your dentist will usually be the one who first notices an overbite during an examination. Your dentist may take a dental x-ray to further examine the overbite and how your teeth are overlapping.

Your doctor may refer you to an orthodontist.

How does the problem of deep bite affect the body?

Severe cases of a bite may lead to:

Causes of a deep bite

The most common reason according to American Orthodontic Association It is the small lower jaw, when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw, the upper teeth are more forward and the lower teeth continue to grow until they hit the back of the upper teeth or the roof of the mouth and are often pressed together, causing problems in crowding and alignment, which is a genetic cause It runs in families where genetic traits such as the shape of the jawbones affect the alignment of a person's teeth.

Another reason for the occurrence of a deep bite is the loss of a lower tooth. This creates a condition similar to a short lower jaw, and the extremely strong masticatory muscles common in patients with gnashing of teeth Those who press or grind their teeth to further deepen the bite.

Other reasons include:

  • Excessive nail biting
  • Thumb sucking or non-food sucking behavior that occurs after the age of 3 years
  • Tongue thrust is when the tongue is pressed a lot forward into the mouth
  • Use a pacifier, especially after the age of 3

What are the symptoms of a deep bite?

The main symptom of the bite is the appearance of the face and a smile where the upper front teeth overlap the lower one. You may also suffer from one of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth completely
  • Discomfort while eating
  • jaw pain
  • speech difficulties

Why should a deep bite be treated?

In addition to solving the cosmetic problem, there are at least four other reasons:

  1. Overly tilted lower incisors wear out very quickly, patients who Grind or pull Their lower teeth against their upper ones suffer from excessive wear that can cause a loss of tooth structure.
  2. If the patient's teeth are pressing on the roof of his mouth, it may appear sores or lesions Painful can make normal eating very annoying.

In the event of a significant loss of tooth structure, . will be neededspecialist In orthodontics, to restore the necessary space for the restoration by moving the upper and lower teeth away from each other and this is called the treatment of bite lift.

Bite Lifting Device for Deep Bite Treatment in Istanbul
Bite Lifting Device

The problem of crowding and twisting that accompanies a deep bite and treatment usually requires correcting the condition of the deep bite to allow space for the crowded teeth to align.

How is a deep bite treated?

Each case of a deep bite should be considered individually. You may have other issues related to the condition that will also need to be treated. Your age also affects your treatment plan as treatment for a deep bite varies between children and older adults.

Here are some of the different deep bite treatments that a medical professional may suggest:

Tooth removal

Your doctor may recommendremove some teeth To help realign the bite or allow the rest of the teeth to erupt into a proper position, this may involve removing back teeth.

When Children receiving treatment For deep bites, temporary or permanent teeth may need to be removed to help correct crowding.

Orthodontic appliances and jaws

Orthodontic treatment offers many orthodontic devices that can help you treat the bite.

  • orthodontic braces Where the brackets are attached to your teeth and connected with wires that your doctor tightens during the orthodontic treatment period to slowly move all the teeth into put correct.Orthodontic deep bite treatment in Turkey
  • Retainers To keep teeth aligned after braces, these are removable wire and plastic devices that you can take out if necessary but you will likely need to wear them for most of the day.Stabilization devices after orthodontic deep bite treatment
  • invisible aligner They are clear molds that correct the overlay of your teeth over time and are an alternative to traditional orthodontics.Deep bite treatment with transparent braces in Istanbul
  • Lingual orthodontics It is preferred by many as it is invisible.Treatment of deep bite with lingual orthodontics in Turkey

Some dental implant fittings are pre-made and others are custom made to fit your mouth.

one mentioned Studies for 2019 Off-the-shelf devices may reduce deep bite but are less effective than custom devices and are less common.

You may need to wear orthotics for several months or longer than one year to correct deep bite and other conditions orthodonticsfor another.

Dental treatment, restoration and implants

Your doctor may decide that repairing your back teeth will reduce your deep bite This may include dental construction Rundown or add dental implants To improve the alignment of your teeth, you can learn about One-day dental implant technology available in Turkey here.


Your doctor may recommend a procedure jaw surgery To correct your bone and treat a deep bite. If the condition is caused by a skeletal problem, surgery may be more appropriate for older teens or adults whose bone growth has stopped.Orthognathic deep bite treatment in Turkey

Your treatment may include wearing braces or another orthodontic device before and after the surgical procedure, as well as a hospital stay, complete general anesthesia, and several weeks of recovery.

How can I prevent a deep bite?

Sometimes an overbite is caused by uncontrollable factors such as genetics. In children, you can help prevent it by:

  1. Avoid drinking cups with spill-proof valves.
  2. Stop thumb sucking after childhood.
  3. Limit pacifier use from about 3 years of age.
  4. Determining the date of the dental visit according to age, don't hesitate toCommunicate with Bimaristan Center, Free consultations around the clock.

Tips for people with a deep bite

If you have a deep bite, you can keep your teeth and mouth healthy by:

  1. Practice oral health Excellent.
  2. Using night protector If you suffer from pushing or Grinding and gnashing your teeth During sleep.
  3. Visit the dentist every six months.
  4. Wear mouth guard During sports that require physical contact to avoid injury.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, incorrect occlusion of the teeth can lead to dental and gum damage, excessive tooth erosion, headaches, hearing and digestive problems, and TMJ disorders.

It is preferable to treat and correct a deep bite not only for cosmetic reasons. In many cases, this bite and other malocclusion problems may cause tooth erosion, TMJ and muscle problems, and treating the bite will help you increase your self-confidence.

Yes, of course, the deep bite can be treated. The treatment options for the deep bite depend on the severity of the condition and your age. Treatment can be done without the need for surgery using traditional orthodontic treatment, or only transparent orthodontic treatment, or surgery, depending on your case.

The cost of treating a deep bite depends on the treatment method chosen with the help of the doctor. The cost of orthodontics is different from surgical treatment or other treatments.


If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
you can talk to us here.