Treating an open bite with clear braces

An open bite is a form of malocclusion that without treatment leads to tooth erosion and pressure on the jaw joints. In the article, we will learn about the corrective options for treating an open bite in Turkey.

What is an open bite?

Dental malocclusion (misalignment) occurs when the upper and lower teeth tilt outward and do not touch each other properly when the mouth is closed.

Types of open bites

Open bites can develop either in the front of the mouth (the area of the front teeth) or the back of the mouth (the area of the back teeth).

frontal open bite

Anterior open bite occurs when the upper and lower front teeth of the jaws do not close together. It can occur on all front teeth or on a few teeth.

Treatment is usually necessary because patients are unable or have problems tearing food with their front teeth and speaking may also be difficult for some patients.Anterior Open Bite Treatment in Istanbul

rear open bite

A posterior open bite is the opposite of an anterior open bite, and it occurs when the back teeth, i.e. molars and premolars, do not touch each other during occlusion when chewing.Treatment of open bite of back teeth in Turkey

Causes of an open bite

An open bite is mainly caused by either structural problems in the jaw bones or dental problems as a result of some bad oral habits. The most important causes of an open bite are:

skeletal problems

Open skeletal bite caused by abnormal facial development This may include irregular development of jaws diverging from each other instead of parallel growth This often occurs due to genetic genetics.

Thumb or pacifier sucking

If the condition is not caused by genes, it may be due to poor oral habits.

When someone sucks one of their fingers, a pacifier, or another foreign object such as a pencil, it pushes their teeth or causes an obstruction to the eruption of the teeth. This can cause an open bite.

push tongue

An open bite can occur when a person talks or swallows and pushes their tongue between their upper and lower front teeth. This can also create gaps between the teeth.

temporomandibular joint disorder TMD or TMJ

it causes Joint problems and disorders Chronic jaw pain Sometimes, people use their tongue to separate their teeth and reposition the jaw comfortably, which can cause an open bite.

Other reasons include:

  • lower lip sucking
  • mouth breathing
  • Tongue forward when resting (incorrect tongue position)

Why should an open bite be treated?

Side effects of an open bite range from aesthetic concerns to broken teeth:


A person with an open bite may be unhappy with the appearance of their teeth because they appear to be sticking out.


The condition can interfere with speech and pronunciation. Many people with an open bite develop a lisp.

eat the food

A person may not be able to nibble or chew food properly.

tooth erosion

Often times, the erosion can cause a person to experience discomfort and other dental problems including broken teeth.

If you experience any of these side effects from an open bite, make an appointment with your orthodontist to talk about treatment options.

Open bite treatment options

Open bite treatment plans include the use of the following options:

High position pull-on hood

The hood puller is attached to the top of the head, the back of the head, and the upper jaw.

The device controls jaw growth and improves tooth alignment. Headgear is used in conjunction with Orthodontic braces and brackets.Treatment of an open bite using a head covering in Istanbul

invisalign traditional or transparent aligner technique

Is characterized by transparent calendars Being effective in treating only minor anterior open bites, orthoses are less common.Treatment of open bite with orthodontics in Istanbul

vertical chin brake

It is a common orthodontic device used to correct and treat an open bite. The growth of the lower part of the face is controlled by the device and prevents the chin from growing back or down.Treatment of open bite using chin brake in Turkey

Tongue brake

Tongue restraints are important for their role in preventing the tongue from pushing the front teeth, which could cause the bite to open and the upper front teeth protruding.

Bite Lifter

It treats the condition by placing the device on the two posterior molars of the lower jaw on both sides to treat the open bite of the front teeth slowly. The device moves the teeth back over time and removes the space between the upper and lower teeth.

Orthognathic surgery

Adults with open bites caused by skeletal problems usually need surgery to fully develop their jaw and teeth.

Teens may also need orthodontic surgery if their permanent teeth are fully grown and the jaw is fully developed. During surgery, the oral surgeon places the patient's upper and lower jaws in the correct position and then plates and screws are used to secure the jaws in place.Treatment of open bite with orthognathic surgery in Turkey

Which of the above options is the most appropriate for my open bite treatment?

We note that there are many open bite treatment options available. Choosing the right method depends on several factors. The dentist will make appropriate recommendations based on the person’s age and whether he has permanent or temporary teeth. Treatment methods include:

  1. Behavior Modification
  2. Mechanical open bite treatment such as conventional or transparent braces
  3. surgery

When the situation occurs at a stage Childhood Early teeth, while most teeth are still temporary, in many cases can disappear on their own after a while when the child stops practicing the bad habit that caused it to occur, such as sucking a finger or sucking a pacifier, for example.

And if the open bite occurred during the period of replacement of the primary teeth with the permanent but not fully developed, then behavior modification may be the best course of action, we may need here to treat lingual thrust.

If the permanent teeth grow in the same pattern as the open bite, the specialist may recommend the use of orthodontics designed to pull the teeth back.

For adults who have fully grown out their teeth, Suggest Involvement of orthodontics and behavior modification. In severe cases, treatments may not be sufficient without maxillofacial surgery to reposition the jaw and fix it with plates and screws.


An open bite can be treated at any age, but treatment is much easier and less painful when the permanent teeth are not completely erupting.

Children with open bites should have their teeth evaluated while they retain some deciduous teeth at approximately 7 years of age. This age is appropriate to initiate certain actions including behavior modification to avoid open bite as these children grow.

For adults, managing an open bite is more complex and may require behavioral therapy in combination with mechanical (orthodontic) therapy or may need surgical treatment.

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common questions

An open bite is a type of malocclusion (misalignment) that occurs when the upper and lower teeth tilt outward and do not lock into each other when the mouth is closed. It can develop in the front of the mouth (front teeth) or the back of the mouth (back teeth).

Anterior open bite cases are when the incisors (front teeth) of the upper and lower jaws do not overlap.

It can occur on all the front teeth together or on a few teeth.

Treatment is often necessary because the person is unable or has trouble cutting food with their teeth, and speaking may also be difficult for some.

An open bite is mainly caused by either structural problems in the jaw bones for a genetic reason or dental problems as a result of some bad oral habits such as thumb sucking and pushing teeth with the tongue.

Yes, many open bite treatment options are available. The dentist will make specific treatment recommendations based on the person's age and whether they have permanent or temporary teeth.

We note that there are many open bite treatment options available, including treatment methods:

  • Behavior Modification
  • Mechanical open bite treatment such as conventional or transparent orthodontics
  • surgery




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