Dental eruption treatment in Turkey

Overjet treatment using Invisible aligner or other treating options

Overjet treating in Turkey is an important step that you can take to fix the problems that get in the way of the beauty of your smile,
A beautiful smile can do wonders for your confidence. Learn about treatment methods that make teeth appear through braces and surgery

Patient with protruding upper jaw teeth
Patient with protruding upper jaw teeth

Dental patients are in most cases more concerned about the condition of their teeth than their position. Common dental problems such as tooth decay ortooth sensitivity These are people's main concerns. can misplaced teeth and jaws cause problems? The answer is yes they can. the most common misalignment problems happen in the front teeth.

What is Overjet?

In the completely normal case, the upper front teeth position is slightly forward the lower teeth when the mouth is closed, the usual distance is 2 mm, but if the person’s upper front teeth extend forward by more than 2 mm, the patient has a problem.

Protruding upper front teeth is a dental condition when the upper teeth protrude outward over the lower ones excessively. Some teeth are slightly prominent in some cases while they can be severe in others.

This may be a little bad because it may affect the appearance of the person and the aesthetics of the mouth and teeth, but the most urgent problem is the possibility of difficulties and discomfort when chewing, drinking and biting, and in some severe cases, jaw pain may occur, which prompts the person to seek treatment for his teeth.

The probe shows that the distance between the upper and lower teeth is greater than 2 mm
The probe shows that the distance between the upper and lower teeth is greater than 2 mm

Unlike the previous problems, dental alignment problems can make it difficult for the patient to close the lips, and in some rare cases, they can have problems speaking or even constantly bite the tongue or cheek.

What problems do the degrees of the overjet refer to?

first degree It is a normal condition that occurs when the upper teeth protrude slightly from the lower teeth within the limits of the natural occlusion, this type is the most common.

Second degree calleddeep bite may occur as a result Lower jaw retractionA second-degree malocclusion is diagnosed when the patient has severe overbite.

third degree When the patient has a protrusion of the lower jawbone forward, called aCrossbite It makes the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth.

Signs that I have an excessive overjet

Signs and symptoms vary according to the severity and severity of the condition. When you or your child has some of these signs, it is recommended to visit the dentist to treat and correct the overjet, the most remarkable signs include:

  • Defficulties in spelling
  • Difficulties in chewing and biting
  • Frequent biting on the tongue and cheeks
  • mouth breathing
  • asymmetrical facial appearance
  • Inability to close lips

It is generally recommended that children undergo examinations before the age of seven to identify and interfere with occlusal problems early. Treating erupting teeth and other occlusal problems at an early age is more effective.

What are the causes of the overjet?

There is usually not only one cause for the incisors to bulge but rather a combination of different factors that can contribute to this dental condition.


In many cases, the eruption of the teeth is a genetic problem. If one of the patient’s parents has it, he may have one as well. This condition can also occur if the lower jaw bone is regressed and weak in the person. This leads to upper front teeth posture forward more than they should, and this is one of the most common reason.

bad oral habits

protrusion in the teeth can also occur when many bad habits are practiced, for example, that a person had a habit of thumb sucking in childhood, and allowing the child to put the pacifier inside his mouth for a long time can contribute to this condition, so parents should be careful .

It is important for the patient to work on treating the protruding teeth in a timely manner if he wants to have healthy, consistent teeth. The best step to treat this problem is to treat it early in children. The importance of time lies in the fact that the best results are achieved for those patients who start treatment in the seventh period. of age.

But this does not mean that teenagers and adults cannot treat their teeth, it may take more work, but it is possible.

Overjet treating

The fact that teeth overjet can be treated is good news, especially for those whose confidence has been affected by the appearance of their teeth. The remaining thing is to choose the appropriate treatment method. Fortunately, there are different methods and devices for treating erupting teeth that differ according to the severity of the condition, which we will be mentioned below.

Conventional orthodontics

is consideredFor orthodontic treatment of jaws orthodontic treatment A very common procedure, the orthodontic appliance repairs all kinds of dental related problems including eruption treatment. Orthodontics are designed to straighten and correct the alignment and eruption of a patient's teeth by slowly moving them to a new location. This system requires routine adjustments by an orthodontist. .

Traditional metal brackets have evolved a lot over the past few decades and are now smaller, less visible, and available in a variety of colors.

Dental eruption treatment with traditional metal braces
Dental eruption treatment with traditional metal braces

Resin bonding materials

Usually Composite resin materials such as composites Changing the shape and size of the patient's teeth, making the incisor teeth less visible.

The resin is as strong as natural teeth and can last for a few years.

Invisible aligners

This treatment is used by dentists to treat occlusal problems in adolescents and adults. The doctor will make a series of Removable clear plastic aligners From a mold to patients' teeth and puts them on teeth to change their position slowly without pain.

Clear braces blend very well with the natural color of the teeth, but may not be suitable for severe cases caused by structural problems in the jawbones.

Orthodontic treatment for dental crowding in Istanbul
Orthodontic treatment for dental crowding in Istanbul

This device is similar to a traditional orthodontic but it is also more accurate and costs a little more than it and reduces the frequency of visits to the clinic.

Orthodontic with selective teeth extracting

usually selective extracting is part of a plan to correct protrusion and other occlusal problems.

When treating the overjet we can shorten the arch of the upper jaw by removing the first premolars of the upper jaw and then withdrawing the upper front teeth. This can be used when the patient has small lower jaw or when the patient has a short arch in the lower jaw as a result of missing some of its teeth.

This can be a good option for many patients, especially those whose facial appearance improves from the extraction of premolars.

Orthodontics and replacement of missing teeth

The overjet appears either due to a problem in the jaw bone, such as insufficiency of the bones of the lower jaw, or as a result of losing some lower teeth, making the arch shorter.

Instead of removing the upper teeth and retracting the front upper jaw teeth, this method uses orthodontics to open the spaces that were filled by the teeth after the loss, which secures the spacing of the teeth and lengthens the arch of the lower jaw to get rid of the protrusion of the teeth while leaving the upper jaw teeth in an ideal position.

It has become common today to replace missing teeth with dental implantsThe Bimaristan Center in Turkey has the latest Dental implant techniques in one day only, don't hesitate tocontact us,

Dental veneers

Some dentists tend to treat overjet using VeneersThe veneers are made to create the natural appearance of the patient's teeth.

Dental veneers are a good cosmetic option to hide minor dental misalginment from protrusion and other similar defects and modify their appearance. Porcelain veneers can last about 10 to 15 years. iy can be considered as an expensive method.

Cosmetic veneers for the treatment of light teeth protrusion cases
Cosmetic veneers for the treatment of light teeth protrusion cases

dental crowns

Dentists use treatment withDental crowning To cover the entire surface of the patient's teeth, this procedure requires removing fro these teeth structure, just like veneer Crowns are custom made and can help beautify teeth and make them look natural and straight.

Crowns can last about 5 to 15 years.


The retainer is a piece of molded plastic that is placed on the roof of the patient's mouth, covering a thin wire attached to the front teeth and applying light pressure on them. It is used to correct minor cases only.

Mobile orthodontics for the treatment of tooth eruption
Mobile orthodontics for the treatment of tooth eruption

Specialists recommend that patients wear retainers for two to three months, and often only at night. One of the benefits of retainers is that they can be removed by a person when they want to eat or brush their teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is usually a last solution in severe cases when people with orthopedic problems cannot simply straighten their teeth with braces or retainers, this procedure is preferred. Orthognathic surgery.

This process is expensive and complicated, fortunately most people have minor problems when it comes to dental overjet and surgery is usually not required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When the teeth overjet is not accompanied by any symptoms related to the temporomandibular joint, muscles or teeth, the patient may choose not to treat it. This is especially possible in adult patients who have shown that the tooth eruption has been well tolerated.

There is no definitive answer to this question because the time frame depends on how much the teeth overjet is. In most cases, patients have to wear braces for about 18 to 24 months.

Orthodontic treatment is one of the simplest procedures, but only if treatment is started on time and the best case scenario is before the age of seven.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In most cases, tooth overjet will worsen over time if left untreated, of course.

The treatment of overjet becomes urgent if it causes functional problems that affect a person’s life, such as temporomandibular joint problems, inability to eat comfortably, and affecting the shape and aesthetics of the face.

Or when it constitutes a risk factor for traumatic injuries, where in cases of protrusion of more than 3 mm, the child becomes exposed to traumatic injuries on this area twice more than the normal child.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
you can talk to us here.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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