}February 2, 2022
jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Removable dentures: types and instructions for use

}February 2, 2022
jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Removable dentures: types and instructions for use

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    Removable dentures are removable artificial teeth that are professionally manufactured in Turkey to fit the gums and replace missing teeth, preventing problems that may be caused by voids in the jaw.

    When all the teeth are lost, the facial muscles can droop, making the person look older. Dentures help fill the appearance of the face and improve the smile while making it look more like natural teeth.

    Dentures are devices made of acryl (plastic), nylon, or metal that replace missing teeth, whether due to periodontal disease or tooth decay Or traumatic injuries, which improve the appearance and health of the individual, because the spaces left by the loss of teeth cause problems in eating and speaking and lead to injury. jaw joint And the occurrence of tilt in the adjacent natural teeth on either side of the place of loss.

    There are two main types of removable removable dentures:

    • Complete dentures (complete set): They replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw.
    • Partial dentures: They replace only one tooth or a number of missing teeth in the jaw.

    We will talk about them in detail.

    Types of dentures Animation in Turkey

    Full removable dentures

    Complete removable dentures are made if all the upper or lower teeth or both have been removed or to replace an old complete denture, and are either instant or Normal.

    Complete removable dentures are made immediate On the same day that the remaining teeth are removed, the dentist will take measurements and make models of the jaw during the initial visit so that the person does not remain without teeth during the healing period, but may need to re-lining or reshaping the dentures after the jaw has healed, so it is preferable to leave the gums Until it heals and takes its shape for several months before the installation of removable dentures.

    Ordinary dentures are made and fitted months after tooth extraction to fit the dentures snugly against the gums and jawbone. A trial denture is made from impressions taken from the mouth. The dentist evaluates the fit and appearance in the mouth and adjusts the shape and color before making the final denture.

    Partial removable dentures

    A removable partial denture is installed in patients who have residual natural teeth and want replacement teeth for functional reasons. It is a plastic, nylon or metal plate with a number of artificial teeth installed on it.

    Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw.

    It is usually fixed on some natural teeth by means of metal retainers that hold it firmly in place in the mouth with the possibility of removing and removing it easily. Partial dentures fill only the spaces resulting from missing teeth and prevent other teeth from changing their position.

    Retainers can be made of a tooth-colored or gum-colored material, but this type of fixture is not always suitable because it tends to be more brittle than metal.

    Are metal dentures better or acrylic dentures?

    The appropriate type is selected according to the person's needs after consulting the dentist.

    In general, partial metal dentures are smaller, lighter, easier to adjust, stronger, more durable, and have a much longer life than acrylic, and are therefore the most expensive of the two.

    Acrylic partial dentures are better for the safety of the adjacent teeth, and adding more teeth to them is easier if more teeth are lost, and therefore the person may not need to make a completely new denture.

    It may be fixed bridge or dental implants An alternative to partial dentures in some cases.

    Why should removable dentures be worn?

    Complete dentures that replace all of your teeth will help you eat comfortably, speak clearly and improve your self-confidence.

    Partial dentures replace and can support missing teeth. If there are gaps between the teeth, other teeth may move to take up some space, so you may end up with crooked or tilted teeth, which can affect the way you bite and can damage other teeth.

    Is there an alternative solution to removable dentures?

    Yes it can be used dental implants To support fixed bridges eliminating the need for dentures, the cost is usually higher but bridges Anddental implants The fixed is very similar to the real teeth as they become dental implants An alternative to dentures, which is one of the treatment options available in Turkey, but not everyone is a candidate for implants.

    . can also be used dental implants To support dentures, providing more stability.

    Consult your dentist for advice on implants.

    Denture care Animated

    New removable dentures may look a little strange and uncomfortable in the first weeks of their placement, but they get used to wearing later when the cheek and tongue muscles adjust, so the dentist may advise to wear dentures the first times all the time, including during sleep.

    It is not always necessary to remove dentures at night, but doing so can allow your gums to rest while you sleep.

    When removing removable dentures from the mouth, they should be kept in a damp place, for example, in water, in a bag containing some damp cotton, or in a cleaning solution designed to hold dentures overnight. This will prevent the dentures from drying out and changing their shape.

    Eating with dentures Animated

    When starting to wear dentures for the first time, choose to eat foods that are soft and cut into small pieces and chew slowly using both sides of the mouth. Avoid chewing gum and any food that is sticky, hard, or with sharp edges. Avoid using toothpicks completely.

    You can start eating other types of food gradually until you return to the old diet.

    Denture adhesive Animated

    If dentures fit properly, denture adhesives are not needed, but if the jawbone has shrunk too much, an adhesive may be the only way to help hold the dentures in place.

    sign experimental studies To the role of this sticker in:

    • Improving a person's chewing ability
    • Reduce denture movement
    • Improving a person's confidence and increasing their sense of comfort
    • Reduce the accumulation of food leftovers under dentures

    Your dentist will advise you if it is needed. The adhesive can be removed from the dentures by brushing with soap and water. Residual adhesive residue in the mouth may need to be removed using a soft damp washcloth.

    How long do removable dentures last?

    You should continue to visit your dentist regularly if you have dentures so that he or she can check for any problems. Removable dentures last several years if properly cared for, but your gums and jawbones will eventually shrink which means dentures may not fit as well. It gets used to it and it can become loose or it may erode.

    Improper or worn dentures, if not replaced, can cause significant discomfort and lead to mouth sores, infection, or problems eating and speaking.

    See your dentist as soon as possible if:

    • Dentures cracking when speaking
    • Dentures slip and no longer fit
    • Starting to feel uncomfortable
    • Dentures are clearly damaged
    • you have marks gum disease Or tooth decay, such as bleeding gums or bad breath

    The mouth and teeth's health

    Oral hygiene must be maintained even when wearing removable dentures.

    The remaining teeth, gums and tongue should be cleaned every morning and evening with a fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental problems.

    denture cleaning Animated

    It is important to regularly remove plaque and food deposits from removable dentures because unclean dentures can lead to problems such as bad breath andperiodontal disease Dental caries and oral thrush also showed Studies There is a relationship between poor care of the hygiene of the kit and the occurrence of oral fungal infections.

    Clean your dentures as often as you would your natural teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening.

    to remember:

    • Clean your dentures with toothpaste or soap and water before soaking to remove food particles.
    • Soak it in an effervescent solution of denture cleaning tablets to remove stains and bacteria according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Clean them as you would your normal teeth, but don't scrub them too hard.
    • Removable dentures may break if they fall, so they should be cleaned over a bowl or basin filled with water or something soft such as a folded towel.removable dentures

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    Frequently asked questions about removable dentures

    What is a removable or removable denture?

    Removable dentures are removable devices that can replace missing teeth and help restore a smile.

    If you have lost all of your natural teeth, whether due to gum disease, tooth decay or traumatic injury, the replacement of missing teeth will benefit your appearance and health.

    Do you need to clean the gums with a full dentures?

    If you wear a full denture, you should clean your gums as well as your tongue and the roof of your mouth with a soft brush before inserting the dentures. This will help remove food debris and bacteria as well as improve and stimulate blood circulation in the oral tissues.

    Do dentures look natural?

    With the development of dental techniques, today's dentures that are made in Turkey can look natural and you can get used to them quickly.

    Can you eat anything with dentures?

    Once you adjust to wearing dentures, you should be able to eat just about anything. However, there may be some foods that are difficult to eat such as hard, sticky or overly hard foods.

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