Dental amalgam fillings
}June 27, 2022

All you need to know about dental amalgam fillings

}June 27, 2022
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All you need to know about dental amalgam fillings

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    Amalgam fillings, formerly known as lead, silver or mercury fillings, are among the oldest fillings used by dentists for more than 100 years.

    Amalgam filling consists of a mixture of minerals and is characterized by being long lasting and less expensive than other types of filling such asComposite fillings or gold fillings.

    Dental amalgam, sometimes called a silver filling because of its colour, is a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, tin and zinc used to restore dental cavities after removing cavities. Dental amalgam contains approximately half 50% of its weight in mercury.Dental amalgam filling

    Is dental amalgam filling safe?

    Amalgam fillings are a mixture of different metal elements including silver, mercury, tin and copper, and because they contain mercury, their effects on patient health and the environment raise controversy among some people.

    Dental amalgam fillings are a safe and commonly used material. Regarding their mercury content, it is important to know that when combined with other minerals, they form a stable and safe material.

    Scientific studies confirm the safety of dental amalgam fillings and that amalgam is safe and effective for filling cavities, agree American Dental Association And the World Health Organization, based on extensive scientific evidence, that dental amalgam is a safe and effective material for dental amalgams.

    she also says Alzheimer's Association The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Autism Society, andNational Multiple Sclerosis Society Amalgam does not pose any health risks.

    As with any dental work you will always want to speak with your dentist about your individual case in order to make the most informed decision.

    mentioned Mayo Clinic Dental amalgam fillings are a safe and permanent option. They also point out that there are several types of mercury. The methylmercury in water that can build up in fish and lead to health problems if you eat a lot of it is not the same type used in amalgam fillings.

     Can dental amalgam fillings affect my health?

    When the mercury in the filling is mixed with other metals, it forms a solid that does not decompose easily.

    After reviewing many Scientific studies The US Food and Drug Administration has found amalgam fillings to be safe for adults and children 6 years of age and older.

    Although some people express concern about mercury vapor from the amalgam filling used when chewing, the amount released is well below agency limits. US Environmental Protection AndWorld Health Organization.

    People may be at risk of developing an allergic reaction but in very few cases less than 1% of people who get dental amalgam fillings may have an allergic reaction.

    Advantages of using dental amalgam fillings

    Dental amalgam filling is not the only filling material available, but this material has certain advantages compared to other materials such as Optical fillings (composite fillings) for example:

    1. Dental amalgam fillings are usually easier to apply than optical fillings.
    2. Composite fillings require that the doctor's application site be dry, this is difficult when children and those with special needs who may have difficulty sitting in a dental chair and its ability to harden quickly can make treatment less stressful for them.
    3. Dental amalgam fillings are characterized by their durability and durability, and a review of several studies found that optical fillings may have twice the likelihood of failure compared to dental amalgam fillings.
    4. Dental amalgam fillings are stronger than Composite resin fillings This strength makes dental amalgam fillings a good choice for restoring the chewing surfaces of molars.
    5. Dental amalgam fillings usually cost less than cosmetic fillings.Dental amalgam filling

    Disadvantages of dental amalgam fillings

    Among the most common disadvantages when using amalgam:

    1. To prepare the tooth from the dentist, it is necessary to drill and remove more of the tooth structure to place the amalgam filling than other types of fillings.
    2. The presence of metal sensitivity in some patients, although rare, may cause them to react badly to amalgam.
    3. They are very noticeable and have a non-cosmetic color, especially when the filling is near the front of the mouth where it may appear when you are laughing or talking, and even on the back teeth if your mouth is wide open.
    4. happening dental fractures This is due to the ability of the amalgam to expand in response to thermal changes.
    5. Some dentists have stopped making amalgam fillings in their offices.

    Choosing between amalgam and composite fillings

    Cosmetic Composite Filling They are the best option if you want the best natural looking restoration possible and the restorations are subtle but may not be as long lasting as amalgam fillings, although the quality of this material has increased in recent times.

    Dental amalgam fillings are the best option if you are not concerned with appearance and care a lot about the longevity of the filling. It may also be easy to place these fillings for children or adults with special needs due to their rapid hardening and amalgam fillings will save you money and last longer.Dental amalgam fillings

    The only way to understand what type of filling is right for you or your child is to book a visit to the doctor, we can guide you to the best expert specialists in all departments.Contact usBimaristan, your family center in Turkey.

    Caries prevention

    In the end, prevention is the best medicine and the best filling is not to fill your teeth, you can reduce the possibility of tooth decay and other dental diseases largely by:

    • Brushing the teeth twice a day btoothpaste Contains fluoride
    • Daily flossing
    • Eat a proper and balanced diet that limits sugary drinks and snacks
    • You can apply Gentle materials for mulch and gutters On your teeth in the clinic to prevent caries
    • Visit the dental clinic regularly


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    Frequently asked questions about dental amalgam fillings

    How long do dental amalgam fillings last?

    Amalgam fillings are durable and effective, on average you can expect a filling to last about 15 years before needing replacement, but the length of time can vary depending on many factors, for example when grinding or pressing on their teeth the prognosis is worse.

    Do dentists still use amalgam fillings?

    Currently, there are millions of dental amalgam fillings in use and application in dental schools, clinics, and hospitals around the world. They are considered safe and stable, yet their use is still debated.

    Should my amalgam fillings be replaced?

    It is not recommended to remove or replace the amalgam filling unless the individual is allergic to the mineral components of the amalgam filling.

    An allergy or hypersensitivity reaction to an amalgam filling is localized and relatively rare.

    Are amalgam fillings harmful to the environment?

    Mercury is present in less than 1% of the amalgam in the waste stream. To reduce this percentage, dentists use a device that reduces the amount of amalgam that leaves the dental clinic and enters the public sewage system.

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