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All you need to know about cosmetic composite fillings

Composite fillings are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, so they are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey as people tend to get fillings that blend with the natural color of their teeth.

When one of your teeth becomes decayed, your dentist will recommend a filling as soon as possible to ward off infection and support the teeth. There are several different types of toothpaste. dental restorations But the most widely used of them is the cosmetic filling, known as the composite fillings.

Dental advances are increasingly offering new ways to create more natural smiles. Researchers continue to work on developing aesthetic fillings such as ceramic composites and resins that mimic the appearance of teeth.

Learn with us in this article what a cosmetic composite filling is, how long it will last, and how safe it is.

What is the cosmetic composite filling?

Composite fillings are cosmetic restorations that have a more natural appearance than other fillings and that can be customized to the color of your tooth so that they are unnoticeable to anyone looking into your mouth.

Cosmetic composite fillings that are close to the color of the teeth provide good durability and resistance to breakage in small to medium sized fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from chewing depending on American Dental Association.

It is often used on the front teeth where appearance is important, and it can also be used on the back teeth, depending on the location and extension tooth decay.

Composite fillings are a good choice for people who prefer their fillings to look like natural teeth.
Composite fillings are a good choice for people who prefer their fillings to look like natural teeth.

Composite fillings can be stuck into a small cavity allowing the dentist to perform a more conservative repair of the teeth.

What is the cosmetic composite filling made of?

These cosmetic composite resins consist of a mixture of resin (acrylic) reinforced with a fine glass powder, and are used in a variety of dental restorations, including:

Dentists use the cosmetic composite filling in cases of repairing or restoring parts of broken teeth or infected.

Advantages and advantages of cosmetic composite filling

Its main features are:

  1. durability
  2. Its appearance is natural, similar to the color of teeth
  3. Can be completed in one sitting
  4. resist breakage
  5. Used to repair minor defects and major damage
  6. Short-term temperature sensitivity after the procedure

Disadvantages of cosmetic composite filling

  1. Shorter life than metal gaskets
  2. Its color changes over time
  3. In general, they cost more than amalgam fillings
  4. It can take longer to apply because it is built in layers
  5. It requires the teeth to be very dry during its application

Restoration steps with cosmetic composite filling

Unless there are special circumstances, the process of obtaining a cosmetic composite filling is fairly simple and the procedures can be completed in one visit.

  1. Your dentist starts at the beginning of the visit by choosing the color of the filling to use, and some research says it's best to do this match early on before your teeth and mouth are dry, which can affect the shine of your teeth.
  2. You will be given an injection of local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area.
  3. The dentist will make a hole in the tooth enamel and remove the damaged tissue from your teeth.
Caries removal before tooth filling
Caries removal before tooth filling
  • It cleans and dries the area and prepares the tooth.
  • Scratching the tooth and then applying binders that stick the filling to the tooth.
  • Layers of composite filling are placed to fill the hole in your tooth, and a special light is shone to cure and harden the filling. Given that the application of resin is in layers, light will be used to treat each layer before moving on to the next.
  • Photo-curing of cosmetic composite filling
    Photo-curing of cosmetic composite filling
  • Shaping and fixing the tooth, then polishing it.
  • An occlusal examination to make sure you are comfortable with the restoration.
  • After completing the filling, you may appear sensitive Short-term heat and cold sensitivity This sensitivity should disappear after a few days.

    If the composite filling is installed correctly, it will not look different from the teeth.

    What will happen if I do not treat my cavities?

    Deciding to skip a visit to the dentist can lead to more pain and more complex and costly treatments in the future.

    In the event that the necrosis has become large for a composite filling, it is likely to be treated with a fillerinlays & onlays Which are larger than traditional fillings, but require less dental tissue removal than you need crowns (Dental crowns).

    If the decay spreads to the nerve, the inner part of the tooth, there will be a need forRoot canal treatment procedure.

    In the process of root canal treatment, we remove the damaged pulp in the depths of the tooth. The tooth is usually covered with a crown to prevent it from being broken in the future as it becomes weaker after nerve death. Our center in Turkey has modern and advanced devices to make 3D crown Within a short period, it remains Bimaristan Medical Center is your first choice the best treatment in Turkey.

    Failure to seek specialized treatment can lead to transmission of the infection to the rest of the mouth and the occurrence of serious complications such ascroup ludwig Life-threatening, or entering the circulatory system and negatively affecting your entire body and increasing the susceptibility to heart disease and diabetes, can be identified Poor oral health is linked to heart disease and diabetes here.

    In short, the more you avoid treatment caries The longer the period, the longer, more difficult, more expensive and more troublesome the final treatment of the tooth will be. Therefore, it is necessary to have annual oral health checkups so that you can detect and treat cavities promptly.

    Cosmetic Composite Filling Cost

    The cost depends on several factors such as the depth of the cavity and whether any anesthesia is needed. In general, it is less expensive to repair a cavity with dental fillings than to ignore the problem until it gets worse.

    A composite composite filling may satisfy your desire for a filling that looks good and does not detract from your smile. In addition, it may prevent tooth decay from weakening your teeth. Your dentist can talk to you about your options to make sure this is the best for you. This way, you will know what to expect from a filling.

    The picture shows the natural and cosmetic appearance of the optical filling
    The picture shows the natural and cosmetic appearance of the optical filling

    How long does the cosmetic composite filling last after its installation?

    It varies according to the type used research studies Multiple points out that the shelf life of these composite fillings may reach 10 years if they are well taken care of, while they may last for a shorter period in people with disabilities. Great willingness to get caries.

    In general, dealing with composite fillings requires high skill, if you are looking for advanced medical centers that provide appropriate treatment by the most skilled doctors and the latest medical devices at a low cost, do not hesitate Contact us,Bimaristan center is your family in Turkey.

    Preventive treatments

    If you are genetically prone to developing cavities or you just want to be at the forefront of preventing cavities, you should ask your dentist for suggestions for preventive care.

    longer mode Gentle materials for mulch and gutters Professional fluoride treatments are effective options in children and some adults, and remember if you develop cavities it is important to treat it immediately at the dentist's office and your first cosmetic option is a cosmetic composite filling.

    In the end, the best dental filling is not to fill the teeth. Prevention is the best medicine. You can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and other dental diseases by:

    1. brushing your teeth twice a day btoothpaste Contains fluoride.
    2. Dental floss daily.
    3. Eat a balanced diet.
    4. Visit the dental specialist regularly.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Composite fillings, also known among people as white fillings, are restorations that have a natural appearance better than other fillings and are used to match the color of the teeth and become unnoticeable.

    The cost of cosmetic dental fillings depends on several factors such as the type of filling material, the depth of the carious cavity, and whether any anesthesia is needed. In general, the cost of repairing a tooth with a filling is less than ignoring the problem until it gets worse.

    By using a cosmetic composite filling or a dental veneer, the spaces can be successfully closed.

    Research studies suggest that the life span of light fillings can be up to 10 years if properly cared for, while they may last less in people with a high predisposition to caries.

    Many researchers recommend that dentists follow the manufacturer's instructions about things like the light intensity used and the light treatment time and avoid letting the material touch the skin directly to avoid any potential damage.

    If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
    you can talk to us here.

    If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
    you can talk to us here.