gastric botox,


What is Gastric Botox?

The gastric botox needle, is one of the non-surgical obesity treatments in Turkey, which is the application of the Botox procedure in an endoscopic way to certain points of the stomach of the patient whose body mass index ranges between 25 and 35 and who cannot lose weight no matter how hard he tries.

For the past approximately 2-3 years, we bariatric surgeons have been carefully monitoring the process of gastric botox injections.
The gastric botox procedure, which should be called gastric botoxin butylene injection, is gaining rapid popularity among patients who do not wish to undergo a procedure. Surgery because of its risks.

First we have to say that the gastric botox procedure is not a completely new procedure in Turkey.

In fact, this procedure has been used for many years to treat some digestive diseases such as achalasia, gastroparesis, anal fissure and some other digestive diseases.

What is new about “gastric botox” is that it is newly used to treat obesity, otherwise it is a completely old procedure.

Gastric Botox
gastric botox,

In this article, we aim to explain the practical and scientific details of the injection.

Gastric Botox is not much different from Facial Botox, which is actually applied for aesthetic reasons! In both techniques, the substance used, butylene toxin, is exactly the same.

Due to the wide area of the stomach, the dose applied in the gastric botox needle procedure is much higher, technically Botox when applied to any muscle causes transient muscle paralysis, and this is exactly the effect we are aiming for.

This striated paralysis, which leads to the drooping of facial wrinkles, also causes partial paralysis of the gastrocnemius muscle, which means reduced stomach movements.

The stomach movements push the components of the stomach into the small intestine to start absorbing the real food, so when the stomach movements are reduced, the food stays for a longer time in the stomach, which means that the emptying of the stomach is delayed.

Which leads to increased satiety with food, decreased appetite, and thus reduced calorie intake.

Is non-surgical treatment of obesity possible?

Yes it is possible. While the feeling of hunger decreases after the non-surgical Botox procedure on the stomach with Botox stomach, the feeling of fullness lasts for a longer time.
Hence weight loss is achieved through proper diet and exercise. 

It is also possible to use both Gastric Balloon orstomach capsule To not use surgery.

How does gastric botox work?

When the gastric botox needle is applied to the stomach wall, just as when it is applied to the face, it reduces stomach muscle movements, prolonging the food stay in the stomach and reducing the need to eat.
As the contents of the stomach remain for a longer period, we feel less need to eat meals or junk food.

How is body mass index calculated?

The BMI method is used worldwide to calculate whether a person is obese.
The result is obtained by dividing a person's weight (kg) by the square of his height (m2).

Who is the right person for gastric botox?

Gastric Botox is applied to patients who are not overweight enough to undergo bariatric surgery (BMI between 25 and 35), who cannot lose weight despite their best efforts, and patients who have one of the health conditions associated with obesity, such as diabetes from type 2.

Bariatric surgery is recommended for those with a BMI over 35.

Will stomach botox make me lose weight?

In order to achieve the desired weight loss with Gastric Botox, it is necessary to follow a customized diet.

How is gastric botox applied?

Since Gastric Botox is a non-surgical procedure, it is performed by an endoscopic (endoscopic) method which takes about 20 minutes.
So that the patient can leave the hospital walking 1-2 hours after the application of Botox. 

Before the procedure

Like all other endoscopic procedures, 8 hours of fasting is required before the gastric botox procedure, this reduces anesthesia and prevents the risk of vomiting during the procedure and enables the endoscopy doctor to see and apply the injection clearly and precisely!

When does stomach botox start to work? How long will it take?

The decrease in hunger and appetite begins 3 days after the operation.
It reaches its maximum after one week.
Where the patient's appetite decreases and weight loss begins with a personalized diet.
Its effect lasts from 4 to 6 months. At the end of this period, Botox is excreted from the body.

Are there any side effects of Stomach Botox and what are the disadvantages of Stomach Botox?

There are no serious side effects when this is done by a qualified doctor.
After the operation, side effects such as nausea, indigestion and bloating are rarely seen, but they are temporary.
But of course Botox should not be applied to people who are allergic to it.

How much weight can stomach botox lose?

Botox aims to lose an overall weight of 10-15% with the procedure and then follow a proper diet.
These rates may vary based on age, gender, metabolic rate, and physical activity.

Is diet necessary after gastric botox procedure?

Yes, of course. In order to achieve the desired weight loss, you should pay attention to your personal diet.

Can people with stomach problems like gastritis and ulcers get stomach botox?

People with stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers should be treated before gastric botox.

What kind of services are provided to foreign patients?

For international patients who want to come to Turkey for Gastric Botox procedure, we arrange transfer from airport to hospital and vice versa.

For those who wish to stay at the hotel, we can also book one of the hotels from our area.
Hotels are within walking distance and with varying budgets.
Translation services are also provided by our translators for English, Russian and Arabic.

How long is the required hospital stay?

The operation takes about 20 minutes and is performed under anesthesia.
Patients can go home the same day as the procedure, and most can resume their activities the next day.

Before and after gastric botox
Before and after gastric botox

What is the success rate of gastric botox operation?

First of all, we must say that the gastric botox procedure is part of an integrated lifestyle and change program.

This means that the results may be different for some patients, according to their commitment and the response of their bodies.

According for our results, 85% of patients had very encouraging results, losing 8-15 kg in 4-6 months after gastric botox.

5% of patients were able to lose weight, but less than intended.

Finally, 10% of patients did not lose weight or were not satisfied with the result! These are the patients who are really struggling to stick to a specific lifestyle modification program recommended by our Dietitian and Bariatrician!

But it is worth noting that there are some studies Which turns out to be useless in the long run.

Is stomach botox painful?

Stomach Botox is not painful at all! It is performed under anesthesia with the help of gastroscopy.
The patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during and after the procedure.

Because Botox reduces stomach wall movements, this procedure does not cause any vomiting or nausea either!

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
you can talk to us here.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
you can talk to us here.