Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells in Türkiye

Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells

Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common diseases that cause memory loss and deterioration of cognitive functions. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon to improve its symptoms by treating Alzheimer's with stem cells.

became use Stem cells for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease Among the newly proposed treatment options, doctors may be able to use embryonic stem cells taken under specific conditions to slow the deterioration of Alzheimer’s symptoms and improve the memory and intellectual functions that the patient has lost, as the stem cells can transform into new neurons that replace damaged brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients.

There is no doubt that Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease It constitutes a great emotional burden for the patient and his close loved ones. How difficult it is for one of your elderly parents not to be able to remember who you are, and the inability of patients to perform the simplest daily activities places a psychological burden on them and their relatives. Therefore, Turkey has given the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease special importance and has worked on Providing the latest methods available globally for its treatment, follow up with us to learn about the method of treating Alzheimer’s with stem cells and their effectiveness in treatment.

How to treat Alzheimer's with stem cells in Türkiye

Stem cell therapy constituted a qualitative leap in modern medicine, as stem cells made it possible to treat many chronic diseases that had long been believed to be untreatable diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease (Parkinson's), and recently it became possible to treat Alzheimer's stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells are distinguished Embryonic stem cells With its ability to unlimited transformation of different types of cells of the human body, scientists have used this feature to develop modern treatments by transplanting these cells in the affected areas of the body.

Stem cells are obtained from several parts of the body, the most important of which is the bone marrow bone marrow Which works to produce blood cells, in addition to human embryos, which are an important source of stem cells whose fate has not yet been determined. These cells can differentiate into many types of cells that make up the body of the fetus. When these cells are taken while they are at this stage, they are called multipotent cells ( PSCs).

The treatment is applied to several sessions according to the condition of each patient, his age, and the amount of stem cells he needs. It may take place over the course of 3 sessions, separating each session from another 3 days. The number of sessions may increase according to the nature of the condition and the stage of Alzheimer’s that the patient suffers from. The lighter the stage, the more severe it is. The treatment success rate is better.

There are many ways to inject stem cells to treat Alzheimer's. The injection may be done through a peripheral vein, and then the injected stem cells travel through the blood until they reach the brain and turn into normal cells. Stem cells may be injected directly into the ventricles of the brain with the help of a radiographic imaging method.

Alzheimer’s treatment with stem cells aims to delay the development of symptoms of the disease and prevent it from reaching late stages that are difficult to treat. This treatment also aims to restore the patient’s ability to reason mentally and improve memory while delaying the signs of intellectual aging (dementia). Read more about Alzheimer's disease causes and symptoms.

Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells aims to regenerate damaged neurons in the brain of an Alzheimer's patient, as shown in this picture
Damaged neurons in Alzheimer's patients compared to healthy cells

Advantages of treating Alzheimer's disease with stem cells in Türkiye

You may be wondering about the benefits and benefits offered by Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells. Although research is still being conducted on this topic, some studies have found one of the following benefits:

  • An easy-to-apply procedure that contributes to the regeneration of nerve cells, which reduces the symptoms of dementia
  • Gradual improvement of intellectual brain functions such as mental judgment and memory and prevent rapid deterioration of brain functions
  • A promising method that has gained the attention of recent studies because it gives hope that Alzheimer’s can be treated and cured

Turkey has worked to provide other means for Alzheimer's treatment, as the use of stem cells may not be suitable for all Alzheimer's patients, so a modern treatment technique known as by transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS), which has proven effective in relieving the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in many patients, you can contact our medical team to help you determine the appropriate treatment plan and guide you to the best Turkish centers that apply modern treatments for Alzheimer's, and we are working to secure all the procedures that the patient coming from Another country regarding travel and residence in Turkey until the end of his treatment and his return to his country.

The success rate of Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells

Research is still ongoing on the effectiveness of Alzheimer’s treatment with stem cells, but the preliminary results promise satisfactory results and give hope for the ability to alleviate the symptoms experienced by Alzheimer’s patients. From Alzheimer's becomes difficult to deal with, you can read more on How to deal with an Alzheimer's patient.

The benefits of treating Alzheimer's disease using stem cells are limited to a sample of patients, as this treatment is not suitable for all Alzheimer's patients, but there are a set of conditions that must be met by the patient in order to become a good candidate for treatment.

It is difficult to determine a fixed success rate in numbers because this treatment method is still somewhat new, but we repeat and repeat that the success rate increases when treatment is started early.

Disadvantages of Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells

There are some negatives that may accompany this new treatment method, including:

  • Not enough studies have been done on the long-term effects of Alzheimer's stem cell therapy
  • Stem cells are not suitable for treating late-stage Alzheimer's disease
  • Difficulty obtaining embryonic stem cells for use in treatment
  • Its side effects and severity are still under study

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Alzheimer's treatment cost in Türkiye

The low price of treatment in Turkey is one of the reasons that drive many patients from different countries of the world to travel and seek treatment there. The low cost does not indicate a poor level of medical services. On the contrary, Turkey is characterized by providing high quality medical care within advanced hospitals at the lowest possible costs. .

With regard to the costs of Alzheimer's treatment in Turkey, it varies according to the condition of each patient with the type of treatment applied, as the price of transcranial pulse stimulation differs from the cost of stem cell therapy and other treatment methods, but on average, the cost usually starts from 5000 USD and may Up to $20,000, contact us to request more information.

In conclusion, Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells has brought about a recent revolution in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in Turkey. Many experiments have been conducted on the benefits of extracting and replanting embryonic stem cells to treat and mitigate degenerative brain injuries seen in Alzheimer's patients. This method may contribute to improving brain function. In the elderly and delay the further deterioration of their mental abilities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Research and studies are currently being conducted on the possibility of using stem cells to treat Alzheimer's disease, as stem cells may be able to replace neurons damaged by Alzheimer's disease and thus reduce the severity of its symptoms.

There is no complete cure for Alzheimer's disease, as all available treatments aim mainly at relieving the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's as well as improving the patient's mental abilities and self-reliance in performing his daily activities, but a glimmer of hope has recently appeared that may contribute to the recovery from Alzheimer's disease through the use of Stem cells to replace damaged cells, but they are still under study.

Alzheimer's treatment with stem cells is not, of course, a dangerous procedure, but because the treatment is so recent, its long-term effects are not well-studied.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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