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jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Treating migraines permanently: Migraine surgery

}January 26, 2022
jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Treating migraines permanently: Migraine surgery

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    Migraine surgery in Turkey aims to reduce the frequency and duration of acute headache attacks, and provides long-term treatment for migraines instead of using chronic medications and bearing their side effects.

    Migraine surgery and removal of parts of the muscle is a definitive treatment for migraines and aims to reduce the need for migraine medications and chronic preventative medications used to relieve pressure on the peripheral nerves in the head and neck that are believed to be pressured by migraines.

    Migraine surgery has the same principles as other interventional methods used in the prevention of migraines, where it is believed that injections of pain relievers and muscle relaxants in the neck or head relieve muscle spasm and pain and release stress, so botulinum toxin (Botox) - which causes severe muscle paralysis - was used In the prevention of migraine headaches.

    Facts about migraines

    • Migraine is a neurological disease that often has a wide range of symptoms (the most common of which is headache) and is accompanied by a pulse in the head or eyes after stress or study.
    • Migraine patients are more likely to have strokes.
    • Severe migraines are a very debilitating disease and are considered by the World Health Organization to be one of the 20 most debilitating medical conditions in the world.
    • Migraines are very common in people, and left or right migraines affect more people than people with diabetes and asthma combined.
    • It is estimated that about 37 million people in the United States have migraines, and 18% of women and 6% of men have had at least one migraine attack within the past year.
    • Women have more frequent migraines than men (who are more common with cluster headaches) and it is estimated that approximately 30% of women have them in their lifetime.
    • It is also common for migraine sufferers to have a family member or relative who suffers from this type of headache due to a possible genetic and familial predisposition.

    What is migraine surgery?

    Surgical procedures as a way to treat migraines were first discovered by a plastic surgeon who noted that patients after undergoing brow lift surgery reported relief from their migraine attacks.

    A subsequent study was published, its results showed that the operation to release the supraorbital nerve during brow lift surgery is the reason for relieving chronic migraine attacks. Since this discovery, researchers have developed surgical procedures to treat migraines with the aim of providing relief from migraine headaches for patients and reducing attacks.

    The theory behind migraine surgery is that if botulinum toxin (Botox used in cosmetic surgery) can temporarily prevent migraines by relieving pressure on the nerve through muscle relaxants, removing the muscles causing the pressure will mimic those effects permanently (or at least for longer). time), so this process is the fastest way to treat a migraine.

    Treating migraines permanently: Migraine surgery

    How is migraine surgery performed in Turkey?

    The patient may first be treated with botulinum toxin injections. Some surgeons use this method as a way to determine the appropriate site for migraine surgery.

    Migraine surgery is a partial excision (partial removal) or complete removal of specific muscles (or other structures) in order to reduce pressure on the nerve causing the headache, similar to the treatment of migraines. carpal tunnel syndrome (And sometimes the nerves themselves are removed.)

    Some blood vessels may press on the nerves. In such cases, the arteries can be moved gently to relieve pressure. A procedure can also be performed Deviated nasal septum repair When the deviation in the pace is what compresses the nerves, causing the migraine.

    A migraine operation is not an intracranial (in the brain) procedure, it is performed in a hospital or outpatient clinic under local or general anaesthesia, and takes about an hour or two.

    The surgery takes only one to two hours, patients can go home the same day, and it takes about a week to rest after the migraine operation to recover.
    Most incisions made in migraine surgery are hidden incisions made in the scalp between the hair or in the upper eyelid.

    Where to perform migraine surgery

    Where to perform migraine surgery

    For whom is migraine surgery performed?

    This type of surgery is considered for:

    • People who have not improved with migraine medication or after making lifestyle changes.
    • People with migraines who experience intolerable side effects from these medications.

    Migraine surgery is an effective treatment for patients whose symptoms do not respond to medications or other interventions.

    How effective are surgeries in treating migraines?

    There have been some attempts to identify factors that could predict which patients will respond to these surgeries. Some doctors suggest that people whose migraines improve in response to botulinum toxin injections may do better with surgery.

    There is increasing evidence that migraine surgery is successful. Some patients who underwent this procedure for the treatment of right or left migraine had a reduction in the frequency and severity of migraines by more than 50% with a decrease in the need for medication for at least a few years.

    Currently, this procedure is one of the most important treatment options that have the ability to permanently eliminate migraine headaches, and it has been found that the main criterion for the success of surgery is choosing the right patient.

    published A recent experimental study Indicating that the procedure is effective in 90% cases, and that the procedure can lead to complete migraine relief in up to 50% patients, this procedure can provide our patients significant and complete migraine relief.
    as conducted Newer study On a larger number of patients who underwent this procedure, a clear improvement was observed in 94% of them without any side effects or complications.

    Surgery offers a way to prevent migraines, but although it may work, it is not an appropriate treatment for everyone, and there are no reliable criteria for predicting whether you will have a good response to such a procedure. However, there is some evidence to suggest that migraine surgery Useful for people with intractable or drug-resistant migraines.

    What are the complications of a migraine headache?

    Although migraine surgery is a definitive treatment for migraines, there are some side effects with this type of surgery. The most common side effects include:

    • Discharge, dry nose, and itchy scalp
    • Infection and inflammation
    • Muscle weakness or paralysis

    Migraines (particularly drug-resistant migraines) can have a significant impact on your quality of life and are a predisposing factor for strokes.

    Migraine surgery is one of the ways to prevent migraines. Be sure to talk to a medical professional about all your migraine prevention options (lifestyle strategies, complementary and alternative therapies, medications…).

    Why should I choose treatment in Turkey?

    Turkey is distinguished by the presence of the best hospitals equipped with advanced technologies and a medical staff who has successfully performed this type of operation a large number of times.
    Recently, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism in the world, due to the provision of appropriate treatment in advanced centers and at a low cost.
    Bimaristan Medical Center It is your first choice For treatment in Turkey.
    We guide you to the best expert specialists in all departments.
    We facilitate the language of communication between you and everyone through specialized Arab doctors who will help you communicate with your doctor.
    We help you secure the right treatment and high-end service in the most modern hospitals and medical centers in Turkey.
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    We accompany you step by step towards recovery.
    Free consultations around the clock.
    don't hesitate toContact usBimaristan, your family center in Turkey.

    Frequently asked questions about migraine surgery in Turkey

    What is the success rate of migraine surgery in treating headaches in Turkey?

    Show results Recent Studies 76% migraine operation compared to 40% pharmacologically successful, 50% relief of migraine attacks, duration, intensity and pain after one year of operation.

    Is migraine a serious disease?

    Severe migraines are a very debilitating disease and are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be one of the 20 most debilitating medical conditions in the world. In addition, they have an impact on quality of life and are a predisposing factor for stroke..

    Table of Contents

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