Cancer Immunotherapy in Turkey: High Quality Treatment at Low Costs!

Cancer Immunotherapy in Turkey: High Quality Treatment at Low Costs!

Turkey is an international medical center specialized in conducting cancer immunotherapy, which is one of the methods of treatment that affects the immune system inside the human body to eliminate cancer.

In this article, we will learn about all the details of this type of treatment in terms of the medical care provided and the possible costs.

What is cancer immunotherapy? Immunotherapy treatment

Cancer immunotherapy, or what is also called biological therapy, is one of the treatment methods that affect the immune system inside the human body to eliminate cancer. Immunotherapy is based mainly on stimulating the immune system, strengthening it and enabling it to perform its functions more effectively.

Types of cancer immunotherapy

There are several different types of immunotherapy to treat cancer, including:

  1. Biological response modifier therapy:

These modifiers include the cytokines: interferon and interleukins. They are chemicals that do not have a direct effect against cancer, as they stimulate the cells of the immune system to attack cancer indirectly. The patient ingests large amounts of it in order to activate the cells of the immune system.

  1. Factors stimulating colony formation:

Blood cells are made in the body's bone marrow. Bone marrow is the soft, spongy substance inside the bone cavity in which blood cells are produced. There are three main types of blood cells: white blood cells and their function is to fight infections. Red blood cells that carry oxygen and remove waste products from organs and tissues, and platelets that help with normal blood clotting. Cancer treatment method such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can affect these blood cells, putting the patient at risk of infections, bleeding disorders and anemia. As for the factors that stimulate the formation of colonies, they are substances that stimulate the body to produce blood cells, and they do not directly affect cancerous tumors, but through their role in stimulating the production of blood cells, they may be useful in supporting the immune system in the period during which cancer patients receive treatment.

  1. Cancer vaccines:

Both doctors and researchers are studying clinical trials aimed at developing new vaccines for tumors that encourage the immune system of patients to distinguish cancerous tissues. Theoretically, these vaccines work in the same way as the immunization vaccines against measles, smallpox and mumps. The difference is that a cancer patient receives these vaccines after contracting cancer in order to prevent the recurrence of it again.

  1. Monoclonal antibody:

They are proteins produced in the laboratory, so that they can locate specific proteins associated with cancerous tumors on the surfaces of certain cells, and then bind to them by means of a counter reaction. Antibodies can be used to locate a tumor, or to transfer drugs, toxic substances, or radioactive materials directly to a cancerous tumor. Monoclonal antibodies can be given to target specific molecules on the cell surface, for example: rituximab, which targets cancerous tissue in lymph nodes, and Herceptin, which targets specific cells, including breast cancer cells.

  1. Immune checkpoint inhibitors:

These drugs block molecules on the surface of cancer cells that suppress the immune system, helping the body's T cells to recognize and attack them.

  1. therapeutic viruses.

Treatment with laboratory-modified viruses aims to infect and kill certain cancer cells.

Diseases treated with immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is an approved treatment for nearly 20 types of cancer, including:

Immunotherapy side effects (damages and side effects of immunotherapy)

The side effects of immunotherapy for patients with cancer vary depending on the immunotherapy used and the type of cancer the patient has. The patient may be affected by the treatment as follows:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bone or muscle pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Headache, fever and chills
  • Anorexia
  • mouth ulcer
  • rash
  • Shortness of breath or pneumonia

What is the method of immunotherapy for cancer?

Immunotherapy is given by intravenous injection in the hospital daily, weekly, monthly or periodically (in which the patient takes a rest period between treatment. This period gives space and time for the immune system to produce new healthy cells). The length of treatment depends on:

  • Cancer type and stage
  • The type of medication used in the treatment
  • body response

Immunotherapy is used in two ways:

  • First method: By stimulating the immune system's natural defenses so that it can do its job more effectively or smarter to find and attack cancer cells.
  • Second method: By making chemicals in the lab that are very similar to those of the immune system. They help improve the way the immune system works to find and attack cancerous tissue.

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Common Questions

The duration of cancer treatment with immunotherapy varies according to several factors that were previously mentioned, such as the type and stage of cancer, the type of drugs used for treatment and the extent of the immune system’s response to it. The estimated time of full recovery after cancer treatment from 6 to 12 months.

according to The study conducted by scientists In recent years in a joint research team from Chinese and American universities, immunotherapies received by cancer patients succeeded in enabling long-term survival between 10% and 30% patients.

The cost of immunotherapy for cancer treatment in Turkey varies according to the treatment plan developed to fight cancer, which varies according to the health status of each patient (the awareness, location and stage of the targeted cancer). 70% for the cost of treatment in European countries and with the same treatment quality.

Also, apart from the cost of immunotherapy for cancer patients, the patient may have to pay additional daily expenses such as food and hotel expenses after discharge from the hospital. The daily incremental expenditure in Turkey per person is about 50 USD per person.

yes. It is possible to rely on the health insurance system within the health care institutions in Turkey in cooperation with the insurance companies in your country. Only patients with cancer need to inform the treating hospital that you have internationally valid health insurance. You can check with your insurance company in your country whether the insurance you want to benefit from is included in the hospitals of Turkey.

There are more than one hospital and center in Turkey specialized in performing immunotherapy for cancer and oncology. Here are some of the old and new hospitals for cancer immunotherapy in Turkey:

  1. Medical Park Samsun Hospital
  2. Baskent University Hospital Istanbul
  3. Medical Park Ankara Hospital
  4. Medical Park Tokat Hospital
  5. Medical Park Gebze Hospital
  6. Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital

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