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Psychiatric Hospital in Turkey

The Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital in Turkey provides the necessary care for diseases that need specialists in psychiatry, in addition to promoting the mental health of patients in the hospital.

I became Types of mental illness In our current era, there are many and varied, especially with the increasing pressures that individuals are exposed to at the present time, so it was necessary to pay attention to mental health because it is an integral part of human health.

Physical illnesses may have a psychological origin that the doctor overlooked. What are the most common mental illnesses, how do their symptoms appear, and when should psychological treatment be resorted to? All these questions we will answer in our next article.

What distinguishes a psychiatric hospital in Turkey

Turkey has attached particular importance to psychiatry, as it has qualified to become one of the best destinations in the world for treating mental illnesses. It provides specialized hospitals that provide psychological treatment services with the latest methods and technologies.

Istanbul is famous for having one of the most famous hospitals specializing in the treatment of psychiatric diseases on the level of the European continent NPISTANBUL In the treatment of brain diseases and psychiatric disorders.

According to statistics published in 2017, the psychiatric hospital in Istanbul (NPISTANBUL) ranked second in Europe as one of the best medical centers that treat mental disorders.

This hospital provides integrated services in the field of psychiatry, addiction treatment and neurological diseases, in addition to providing a special department for the treatment of Child mental illness.

There are many treatment methods used in the psychiatric hospital, the method of treatment depends on the mental illness that the patient suffers from in addition to his health condition.

Types of mental illness that are treated in the hospital

He treats a psychiatric hospital Psychiatric hospital Many patients suffer from various neurological disorders, the most important of which are:

Neurodevelopmental disorders

This category includes a group of diseases that usually appear during childhood, such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and learning disorders.

Bipolar disorder and related diseases

Bipolar disorder is defined as a mental health condition that causes excessive mood swings that affect a person's energy and ability to function. Mood changes range from extreme mania to depression, with normal periods in between.


Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in our time. Depression is defined as a mood disorder that causes a continuous feeling of sadness and may be associated with a sense of guilt and a lack of self-esteem.

In patients with severe depression, physical symptoms such as decreased appetite, sluggishness (severe weight loss), and loss of interest in activities that the patient used to enjoy before he became depressed are seen.

is done in Psychiatric hospital in Turkey Approaching depressed patients through different treatment methods, starting with dialogue sessions between the psychiatrist and the patient, to prescribing antidepressant medications, and recently an advanced treatment known as brain stimulation has been found.

Anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a disorder that presents with abnormal fears and thoughts that afflict the patient and make him perform unnecessary strange behaviors.

The patient appears obsessed with the need to check things continuously or repeat washing hands several times for fear that his hand is still dirty even though he washed it many times before.

Stress Disorders Associated with Trauma

This category includes disorders related to adaptation and coping with stressful or traumatic life events. A person may receive shocking news, such as the death of a person close to him, and he may have difficulty accepting the news and adapting to his new life.

High on this list is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


It is a mental illness that causes the patient to interpret reality in an abnormal way. Schizophrenia may be associated with auditory or visual hallucinations and seeing things that do not exist in the real world.

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is the patient's feeling that he is under threat, that someone wants to kill him, or that the person has wide fame or has a supernatural ability.

Schizophrenia often requires lifelong treatment, and early psychotherapy helps control symptoms and improve long-term appearance.

Addiction and its related problems

This group includes problems related to substance abuse addiction or harmful behavior addiction, as addiction treatment is one of the main pillars of psychiatry.

The medical staff in the psychiatric hospital works to help patients recover from addiction through modern psychological treatment methods by a medical team specialized in this field.

A unit specialized in treating addiction problems has been established in the hospital. Read more about Drug addiction treatment in Turkey.

Treatment methods in a psychiatric hospital in Turkey

Treatment methods used in a psychiatric hospital vary according to the nature of the mental disorder that the patient suffers from.

The mental and psychological hospital provides various services for care and treatment to ensure that its patients receive the best possible service.

The psychiatrist works to establish the appropriate diagnosis for the patient’s condition so that the preferred method of treatment is chosen, and among the most important methods of treatment used in the psychiatric hospital are:

Psychotherapy or talk therapy

Talking to a psychiatrist about your problems and your psychological state plays an important role in treatment. The doctor provides you with the appropriate and comfortable atmosphere to talk about all your concerns and life problems that may cause you psychological problems.

The attending physician listens carefully to what you say and may ask about your life story since childhood. Childhood plays a major role in refining a person’s personality according to to studies.

Drug therapy

The doctor may prescribe medications that help improve the mental health of the patient according to the disorder he suffers from, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications in addition to anti-psychotic medications.

Deep brain stimulation

Brain stimulation is one of the most advanced treatment methods psychiatric hospital To manage intractable cases of diseases such as severe depression unresponsive to other treatments.

A device is used that emits magnetic waves and directs them accurately towards special areas of the brain so that these waves alert areas of the brain that have a specific function, for example, in the case of depression, the areas of happiness in the brain are alerted.

This method is used within the hospital in order to treat many diseases and neurological disorders in the field of psychiatry, as its use is not limited to managing depression only. Read more about Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease treatment.

Deep brain stimulation, which can be used in a psychiatric hospital to treat some diseases
Deep brain stimulation in a psychiatric hospital

Mental illness symptoms and signs

Unfortunately, the World Health Organization has announced that the number of injured with mental illness In society, it increases with the passage of time, perhaps the reason for this is the increase in crises and the constant pressures of life that we live in these days.

According to a large-scale study conducted in the United States of America, the outbreak of the Corona pandemic had a role in increasing the incidence of mental disorders among the population.

Among the signs of mental illness that appear in patients:

  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Poor ability to focus
  • Isolation from society and away from friends
  • Constant feeling of tiredness and sleep problems such as insomnia
  • Mood changes during the day

Why do I choose psychotherapy in Turkey?

Turkey was keen to secure the best services and modern technologies in the psychiatric hospital, so that it became one of the leading countries in the field of psychiatry.

Recently, Turkey has become one of the most famous countries in the field of medical tourism at the global level.

The reason behind this is the presence of advanced medical centers that provide appropriate treatment by the most skilled doctors and the latest medical equipment at a low cost.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of the patient’s desire and consent to enter a psychiatric hospital for treatment, he is called a volunteer patient. In the case of severe mental illness that poses a threat to the patient’s life and the lives of others, the patient is forcibly admitted to the hospital.

In fact, in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, there is one of the largest and best psychiatric hospitals, the famous NPISTANBUL Hospital.

A psychiatric hospital has many names, such as sanatoriums or bimaristans and psychiatric clinics, and it may also be called a psychiatric clinic.

The method of treatment depends on the type of mental illness that the patient suffers from in addition to the general health condition. People with psychiatric disorders such as depression are treated by talking to the patient as a first part of the approach to assessing the patient’s mental health degree, then choosing the method in which the patient will be treated in the appropriate treatment department in the hospital.

The psychiatry department in the hospital specializes in treating mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as a wide range of mental illnesses.

The Psychiatric Hospital is divided into several departments, including a department specialized in treating addiction patients and a department for treating psychotic psychiatric diseases, in addition to a special department for pediatric psychiatry dedicated to promoting mental health in adolescents and young adults.

Psychotherapy aims to improve the patient's health or mental condition, to alleviate his suffering, as well as to reintegrate him into society.

In some cases, the patient may need to receive treatment within a psychiatric hospital designated for psychiatric diseases, which contains a medical staff expert in dealing with these patients.

Psychiatrists classify anorexia nervosa as one of the most life-threatening mental illnesses. This disorder may cause fatal symptoms as a result of abstaining from eating, and this is proven by studies indicating that anorexia nervosa sufferers are at a risk of premature death by more than 18% than healthy people of the same age.

Depression in its severe stages is also life-threatening, with the risk of suicide.


There are cases that have been cured from mild mental illnesses without consulting a doctor, by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly, but consulting a doctor remains the best option, especially in severe stages.

Many people confuse mental illness with mental illness, but there is a difference between them. Mental illness is a state of thinking disorder that an individual is exposed to and affects his mood, while mental illness is a more severe condition of the control of some delusional complexes over the patient in addition to exposure to audio or visual hallucinations. .

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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