Heat treatment for cancer in Turkey

Cancer Thermal Therapy

With the increase in the incidence of cancer, the studies on heat treatment for cancer increased, as it was discovered that cancer cells are sensitive to heat, and the treatment was applied in Turkey.

How cancer is formed

Cancer occurs when there is an irregular multiplication of cells in an organ or tissue. Although there are many and wide types of cancer, all of them begin with an uncontrolled multiplication of cells that begin to spread, causing damage to normal cells.

Tumors can be divided into benign and malignant tumors, where the difference is that no uncontrolled proliferation of cells occurs again after the removal of the benign tumor, while in malignant tumors, the abnormal cells return to uncontrolled division and replication with a tendency to spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer may also vary according to gender, age, race, skin color, as well as environmental and genetic factors.
Some types of cancer can be identified by some of the symptoms that distinguish them in addition to the shape, density and structural characteristics, however, most types of cancer can not be detected until after many years despite reaching advanced stages, and this is the main cause of death of 19.7 of patients who are treated Cancer diagnosis They have.

Traditional treatment methods and heat therapy method for cancer treatment in Turkey

The use of chemotherapy, radiation, and sometimes hormonal therapy is the most preferred option in the treatment of cancer, where treatment can be done using one of the two methods as in Prostate cancer Or both ways together, as is common.

Recently, the application of heating therapy, or so-called, has begun “Cancer Thermal Therapy” Which is known as a type of Interventional radiotherapy.

It has also become possible to raise the temperature of the target area as another additional method that can increase the effectiveness of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Through this method, the affected area is targeted by concentrating heat on it, making it more affected by the treatment followed, whether radiological or chemical, as it was found that it increases the temperature of the target area. The effectiveness of treatment is between 2-5 times.

A picture of a cancer cell while exposed to local heat
Exposing cancer cells to local heat during cancer thermotherapy

The main advantage of this method is that it can be performed under local anesthesia without the need for lumbar or general anesthesia, and without any side effects.

Therefore, there will be no possible problems for elderly patients with high-risk diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's and paralysis, or patients who use anticoagulants and who fear that they will bleed.

Recently, microwave heat therapy has become widely used in cancer treatment, and has become a very preferred method especially with the many side effects left by radiotherapy, as it can become the most preferred treatment among the treatments used to eliminate cancer particles with its increased effectiveness and decreased Its side effects.

The patient lies comfortably on the treatment bed during the treatment period, which takes an average of 60 minutes.

Radiofrequency waves of adjustable strength are directed to the tumor area with two opposing poles and a high temperature between 42-44°C is reached.
This high temperature destroys the cancer cells and the vessels that feed the cancer.

There are two types of this application: local (concentrated) or global hyperthermia.

Areas of application of regional hyperthermia for oncology:

All tumors that are difficult to treat surgically

The mechanism of action of the application of heat therapy technology for cancer

A picture showing the shape of the thermotherapy device for cancer in Turkey
Illustrative image of a local cancer thermotherapy device

First: Beginning in cancer heat therapy, cancer cells undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death) due to cellular stress and heat damage.

Secondly: In normal cases, cancerous tissues develop hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and an acidic environment.
This condition reduces the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy drugs on the cancerous tissue.
As temperatures increase, blood flow to the tumor increases, and thus the acidic environment decreases.
Which leads to increased responses to the treatments applied.

Third: With heat, the production of “heat shock proteins” increases at the cellular level.
This increases the activity of immune cells known as natural killers (T lymphocytes).
Tumor-specific antigen production and antigen release from the cell also increase.

 Somehow, the masks that allow cancer cells to hide from the immune system fall off.
Thus, it becomes easier for the immune system to identify the cancer.

Fourthly: The structure of the capillaries feeding the tumor in the cancerous tissue differs from the normal vessels.
With local high temperature, small clots (thrombus) form in these vessels, which affect the nutrition of the tumor.

Both whole-body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia facilitate the passage of antigen-presenting cells, which are specialized cells of the immune system, into the lymph nodes and the immune response to T cells in the "tumor area".

Results of some studies on radiofrequency therapy for cancer

A picture of the mechanism of action of cancer heat therapy and focusing the heat on the tumor area
How does heat therapy work for localized cancer?

all Studies Increased efficacy of chemotherapy is demonstrated when radiofrequency hyperthermia is added. Where it is considered a fourth weapon added to the treatment of cancers, especially when added with other treatments.

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Common Questions

The mechanism of heat therapy for cancer is carried out through two methods, either by raising the body temperature or by raising the temperature in the tumor area to increase the effect of anti-cancer chemical drugs and the sensitivity of cancer tissues.

The heat from cancer thermotherapy increases the effect of different cancer drugs, as it works synergistically with the rest of the different methods.

The duration of cancer heat therapy is approximately fifty minutes to an hour and a quarter, depending on the location of the cancer.

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