}February 11, 2022
jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy)

}February 11, 2022
jDr.. Muhannad Al-Khatib

Bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy)

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    Bronchoscopy is an important procedure for evaluating the integrity of the airway and lungs and may be used for therapeutic purposes. Turkey offers the latest bronchoscopy equipment at the lowest cost.

    How is a bronchoscopy performed in Turkey/Istanbul?

    Bronchoscopy is carried out using a special endoscope in the form of a long, thin tube equipped with a lamp and a camera below. The doctor inserts the tube either through the mouth or through the patient's nose down the trachea until it reaches the lungs.
    This procedure enables the doctor to look at the larynx and vocal cords as well as the bronchi and down to the small bronchial branches inside the lungs. The doctor looks for any abnormal changes such as bleeding, a foreign body, or a tumor, as well as inflammation in the bronchi.
    Bronchoscopy is not limited to the diagnostic role only, but through the bronchoscope it is possible to perform therapeutic maneuvers, for example, the doctor can remove a foreign body or take a sample from the airways for microscopic examination, and it is also possible to stop the bleeding if it is present through the thermal coagulation device.

    The patient does not feel any pain during the endoscopy, as he is under the influence of anesthesia.

    Bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy)

    Why might you need to have a bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy)?

    In fact, bronchoscopy is usually done to look for diseases of the respiratory system and may be used to treat them, and the most important reasons why a doctor uses a bronchoscope are:
    • Abnormal appearance on chest x-ray
    • Persistent coughing or bleeding (coughing up blood)
    • narrowing of the respiratory tract
    • Diagnosis of bronchitis (bronchitis)
    • Removal of foreign bodies or mucus blocking the bronchi or bronchi
    • Take a biopsy of the bronchi if there is a suspicion of the presence of tumor or Lung Cancer
    • Performing therapeutic maneuvers such as stopping the bleeding or placing a stent to secure the respiratory route
    • Examination of the lymph nodes near the lung

    What are the different types of bronchoscopy?

    Two main types of bronchoscopy are used, the flexible endoscope and the rigid endoscope.

    flexible endoscope

    The flexible endoscope is used more commonly than the rigid endoscope. The flexible bronchoscope can reach great distances even to small branches within the lungs, and through this endoscope the following treatment maneuvers can be performed:
    • Suctioning secretions from the airways
    • Respiratory tissue sampling
    • Introducing drugs directly into the lung
    • Develop a respiratory support device
    • diagnosis Bronchial diseases

    hard endoscope

    It has the shape of a straight tube, it does not reach far places like a flexible endoscope and is used for therapeutic reasons in most cases. When a test is needed to see the bronchi, we use a flexible endoscope. Through the rigid endoscope, the following therapeutic maneuvers are performed:
    •  stop bleeding
    • Removal of foreign bodies from the airways
    • Endoscopic removal of large amounts of secretions from the airways
    • Placement of stents in the respiratory tract
    • Removal of pathological lesions within the airways
      Flexible endoscope and rigid endoscope

      Flexible endoscope and rigid endoscope

    The latest bronchoscopy methods in Turkey

    Recently, new techniques have been developed in the field of bronchoscopy in Turkey. Turkey provides the latest treatment methods at the lowest possible costs. Among the modern bronchoscopy methods in Turkey:

    Super Dimension® System

    It is one of the modern techniques in the field of bronchoscopy, which depends on the introduction of an electromagnetic endoscope that has a better diagnostic ability than the ordinary device, as it is possible through this device to reach small places within the lung. bronchiectasis easily, and this device allows for early detection of bronchial cancer as well, and of course, this advanced technology is associated with fewer complications than endoscopy with a regular device According to studies.

    Ultra-dimension bronchoscopy

    Ultra-dimension bronchoscopy

    Preparation before a bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy)

    The doctor who will conduct the examination will give you some instructions on how to prepare before performing the bronchoscopy, for example, you should not eat or drink about 4 to 8 hours before the endoscopy, the doctor will also ask you about the medications you are taking, as some medications such as blood-thinning drugs must be stopped before Perform a bronchoscopy for a period specified by your doctor.
    It is preferable that you take a family member with you in order to drive you home after the completion of the bronchoscopy, as the effect of anesthesia may last for some time after the completion of the bronchoscopy.

    During a bronchoscopy procedure (bronchoscopy)

    Bronchoscopy can be done in the hospital or on an outpatient basis by a specialized chest physician. The bronchoscopy procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and the entire process from preparation to complete recovery from anesthesia takes about four hours.
    During the bronchoscopy procedure, the patient lies with his head slightly raised and is connected to the necessary devices to monitor oxygenation and other vital signs of the patient, and an intravenous route is secured.
    The patient remains awake during the operation and medications are given to help relax in addition to numbing the areas of the nose and mouth with a local anesthetic.
    The bronchoscope is then inserted to examine the integrity of the bronchi or make a therapeutic intervention, depending on the case. The patient may feel a little uncomfortable during the insertion of the endoscope and the patient can breathe normally during the endoscopy. After the examination is completed, the bronchoscope is gently pulled out.

    After a bronchoscopy procedure (bronchoscopy)

    After the bronchoscopy, the patient remains under observation for a few hours. The patient is slightly confused after the endoscopy due to the fact that the effect of anesthesia does not wear off. The mouth area remains under the influence of local anesthesia for a few hours after the procedure. Therefore, the patient is asked to avoid eating or drinking to avoid the possibility of food entering the duct. air.
    When the effect of the anesthesia around the mouth wears off, you can start drinking a little water and then gradually eating a light meal.
    You may feel a little uncomfortable after the endoscopy, a slight sore throat, and a cough. There is no need to worry, this is normal and will go away automatically after a while. Drinking warm water may help relieve these symptoms.
    Your doctor will tell you when you can go back to your previous diet and resume your daily activities.
    Your doctor will tell you the results of your bronchoscopy after the anesthesia wears off, and your doctor may schedule you another appointment to discuss the results so you can regain better consciousness.

    Bronchoscopy risks

    Of course, bronchoscopy is a safe procedure, but any medical intervention is not without some potential complications, including:
    • bleeding
    • sepsis
    • airway perforation
    • bronchospasm
    • Pectoral wind
    • Irritation of the vocal cords or the respiratory tract

    Why should I choose treatment in Turkey?

    Turkey is distinguished by the presence of the best hospitals equipped with advanced technologies and a medical staff who has successfully performed this type of operation a large number of times.
    Recently, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism in the world, due to the provision of appropriate treatment in advanced centers and at a low cost.
    Bimaristan Center Medical is your first choice For treatment in Turkey.
    We guide you to the best expert specialists in all departments.
    We facilitate the language of communication between you and everyone through specialized Arab doctors who will help you communicate with your doctor.
    We help you secure the right treatment and high-end service in the most modern hospitals and medical centers in Turkey.
    We provide our services extensively and precisely.
    We accompany you step by step towards a complete treatment.
    Free consultations around the clock.
    do not hesitate Contact usBimaristan, your family center in Turkey.

    Frequently asked questions about bronchoscopy in Turkey

    What is a bronchoscopy?
    It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the doctor to examine the airways in the lungs by inserting a small camera into the airways and lungs.
    Why is a bronchoscope used?
    Diagnostic bronchoscopy is used to deny the presence of diseases of the bronchi and part of the lungs. Through the bronchoscope, it is possible to view the airways via a video screen and perform some therapeutic maneuvers in those areas, including the larynx and trachea, in addition to the small branches within the lungs.
    What are the indications for using a bronchoscope or bronchoscope?
    • Check for bronchial narrowing
    • bronchitis
    • Respiratory or bronchial bleeding 
    • A biopsy is taken if bronchial cancer is suspected 
    • Diagnosis of bronchial and respiratory diseases
    Is bronchoscopy considered a dangerous procedure?
    A bronchoscopy is a safe procedure in nature, but it may be associated with some complications such as bleeding or rupture of the airways.
    What is the cost of bronchoscopy in Turkey?
    The cost depends on the type of device used for the endoscopy and the hospital in which the endoscopy will be performed Contact us To see prices.
    What is the device used for bronchoscopy or bronchoscopy?
    The device used for bronchoscopy is a long endoscope of two types, flexible or rigid. The flexible endoscope is used in most cases.

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