Robotic prostatectomy in Turkey

Robotic prostatectomy

Robotic prostatectomy in Turkey has become one of the most important methods of surgical removal for prostate cancer It is performed by surgeons in the most modern treatment centers

Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Robotic Prostatectomy

Animation showing a robotic prostatectomy
Animated illustration of a robotic prostatectomy

Robotic surgery (Da Vinci Surgical Systems) is generally used in the treatment of urological cancers (prostate gland orthe kidneys And the adrenal gland andbladder and ovarian cancers).
In addition, it is also used in stenosis of the urinary ducts. It can also be used in cases of uterine prolapse in women and fistulas in the bladder with the vagina.

We do Robotic Surgery for Urinary Tract Cancers andprostate in Turkey.

In this article, let us answer some questions about robotic prostatectomy techniques which are one of the most successful methods of treating urological diseases.

robotic surgery

Surgery is performed cancer or Prostate gland enlargement Using robots that can rotate its arms about 540 degrees on its axis, to mimic the movement of a human hand.
The robots used in these arms have 7 different degrees of motion, ensuring that no damage is caused to the surrounding tissues.
The oncologist and urologist controls these arms via a separate computer.

What is the experience of robotic surgery in the centers we deal with?

The centers and hospitals that we deal with, in general, have no less than ten years of experience in the field of laparoscopic or robotic surgery on urinary tract cancers (prostate, Andkidney, urethra, adrenal gland, andBladder Cancer and cancer ovarian).

Some surgeons have expert and trained robotic surgery certification, which is awarded to a limited number of surgeons by Intuitive International (innovator of DaVinci Surgical Systems).

What are the advantages of robotic prostatectomy surgery?

The surgical difference between the two operations
The surgical difference between the two operations

In general, the rate of bleeding due to surgery decreases prostate cancer The robot has been significantly more than other methods, and the operation is performed through a very small incision, unlike other methods that caused the patient to suffer post-prostatectomy pain.
Thus, the small surgical incision helps the patient to return to his daily life much faster than in other traditional methods.

Reducing the incidence of postoperative urinary incontinence to about 5% only in the case of robotic prostatectomy, and greatly accelerating the patient’s ability to control the bladder in addition to maintaining the patient’s sexual ability represented by the ability to have an erection, which is one of the most important advantages of the prostate removal process through robot.

Also, isolating the nerves responsible for erection in robotic surgery is much easier than other methods.

Looking at the results of the operation on the cancerous tumor, they are very similar in both laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery.

Where is the robotic prostatectomy surgery performed in Turkey?

Our operations are mostly performed in Memorial Sisli Hospital, Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, Cham Sakura andAkdeniz Hospital in Antalya.

Cham Sakura Hospital
Cham Sakura Hospital in Turkey
Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital in Turkey
Ak Deniz Hospital in Antalya
Ak Deniz Hospital in Antalya/Turkey

Most patients suffer from diseases and problems related to the urinary tract, especially in the elderly, where immunity decreases with age. Therefore, hygiene and sanitary sterilization conditions throughout the treatment period are among the most important advantages that distinguish successful centers and this is what we look for during contracting or making a recommendation for any medical center Add to this the experienced experience and good treatment that the patient will receive throughout his recovery period.

How are the preparations for prostate surgery before the operation?

The patient is admitted to the hospital one day before the surgery, where the anesthesiologist studies the medical examinations that the patient has undergone and the possibility of undergoing intensive care after the surgery. The patient is also asked not to eat or drink after midnight.

How does the operation take place in the morning of the operation?

Picture showing the operation of prostatectomy by robot
Illustration of a robotic prostatectomy

After the patient undergoes anesthesia, the surgeon makes 5 incisions or incisions of 8 mm in size in the abdomen, through which the robot arms will be placed where the robot arms will enter through these openings. Then the actual surgery begins.

What awaits the patient after the robotic endoscopic prostate operation?

Immediately after the surgery, the patient is usually transferred to the intensive care unit and followed up there for 6-8 hours, after which he is transferred to the single room in the ward, where he will be able to start taking fluids.

What does the patient do on the first day after a robotic prostatectomy?

The patient is asked about bowel activity on the first morning after surgery and if the condition is good, the patient will start eating liquid foods.
If the patient suffers from pain, he is given known pain relievers (usually not required), and the patient is also asked to walk around the ward to ensure the return of bowel activity as soon as possible.

What does the patient do on the second day after the robotic prostatectomy in Turkey?

Patients usually switch to normal nutrition on this day (ie the second day after surgery), and the patient is discharged from the hospital in the absence of any other complications that require medical monitoring within the hospital.

Risks of robot-assisted prostatectomy

  • bleeding.
  • Infection at the surgical site.
  • Damage and injury to adjacent tissues.

Side Effects of Radical Prostatectomy by Da Vinci Robot

Rates of major side effects from robot-assisted radical prostatectomy are lower than from open surgical methods. The most common side effects include:

Urinary incontinence (inability to control urine after prostate operation):

Similar to open surgery, urinary incontinence can occur after a robotic prostatectomy. However, this side effect often improves over time.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence):

Return of erectile function after radical prostatectomy depends on the patient's age, degree of sexual function before prostatectomy, and whether nerves were damaged during surgery. Especially if the cancer has invaded nerve cells, surgeons will use certain techniques that precisely preserve the nerves during resection prostate cancer radical to reduce the surgical effect on sexual function.
As the rate of development of erectile dysfunction is much lower than that of other surgeries.

This procedure can also be performed on tumor patients Benign enlargement of the large prostate.

Studies on robotic prostate surgery in Turkey

All recent studies recommend robotic surgery as recent studies have shown that robotic prostate surgery is the most preferred option GOLD STANDART due to its amazing results and minimization of side complications resulting from similar surgeries by traditional methods.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several centers in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular that perform prostate surgery through robotics, and all of them are centers with medical experience and fame in both Europe and the world.

Robotic prostate cancer surgery is the gold standard in prostate cancer treatment. It offers very precise surgery in addition to not affecting sexual ability to some extent.

In general, the patient is discharged after one or two days from the hospital, and he can return to work after one or two weeks of the operation.

The cost varies according to the hospital and generally ranges between 5 and 10 thousand US dollars.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
you can talk to us here.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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