Prostate cancer treatment with radiation in Turkey

Radiation treatment of prostate cancer

Robotic radiation therapy for prostate cancer is a minimally invasive procedure that relies on the use of a modern device (cyberknife) to emit high doses of radiation and precisely target it to treat cancer in the prostate gland.

Radiotherapy for prostate cancer has become one of the safest and most effective ways to kill cancer cells without exposing the patient to the risk of complications resulting from the surgery, in addition to the speed of this method of treatment, as this innovative technology can eliminate prostate cancer in just one week and without any surgical interventions. .

The treatment of prostate cancer with robotic radiation (cyberknife) has become preferred by many patients over other treatment methods for prostate cancer, such as hormonal and surgical treatment, and even over traditional radiotherapy, because one session of robotic radiation (cyberknife) is equivalent to 45 sessions of conventional radiotherapy. You can imagine how much time this technology can save you or someone close to you who has cancer, and you don't have to worry about the issue of risk and safety, as robotic radiation prostate cancer treatment is safer than other treatment options.

How to treat prostate cancer with robotic radiation (Cyberknife)

First of all, the incidence of prostate cancer has increased significantly in the current century until prostate cancer has become one of the most common types of cancer among men, as one man out of every 8 men around the world suffers from prostate cancer at least once during his life, but fortunately, the This type of cancer is completely treatable and curable, especially when detected at an early stage.

There are many treatment options available to manage prostate cancer, whether through surgical treatment, chemotherapy or modern radiotherapy, where the best method that suits the patient's health condition and aspirations for treatment is chosen after discussing the options with the oncologist. Each method of treatment has its advantages and disadvantages.

Turkey has recently developed in the field of cancer treatment more than ever before, specifically in the treatment of prostate cancer, as it is one of the most common malignant cancers affecting men. It has worked to provide modern technologies in specialized hospitals that ensure the recovery of cancer patients and their complete recovery from this disease without causing collateral damage affecting the quality of life.

The treatment of prostate cancer with robotic radiation, commonly known as a device Cyber Naif Among the best medical findings in the treatment of prostate tumors, this advanced method relies on directing radiation precisely at the cancerous prostate tissue to destroy the tumor cells without affecting the healthy areas of the prostate tissue.

This first-of-its-kind device allows the precise movement of precancerous prostate tissue to be determined in real time realtime This is to adjust the direction of radiation so that no harm occurs in the healthy tissue of the prostate, meaning that the prostate tissue in humans moves naturally when the intestines are full or when the person moves while receiving treatment. Cancer and this is one of its major advantages compared to conventional radiotherapy.

During a treatment session for prostate cancer with radiation (CyberKnife), the patient lies within the device for a period ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. This procedure is completely painless and the patient does not feel any discomfort until the end of the session, and the person can take a nap until the end of the treatment session.

The patient often needs 4 or 5 sessions over a period of one or two weeks only, the number of sessions depends on the condition of each patient and the size and degree of the tumor, usually the person is able to practice his activities and live his life normally in the period between sessions, and robotic radiation therapy is not associated with cancer prostate, usually with no side effects.

A video showing how to treat prostate cancer with radiation (Cyber Knife)

Advantages of robotic radiation therapy for prostate cancer

What distinguishes the robotic radiotherapy technique (cyberknife) from conventional radiotherapy and other methods of treating prostate cancer are as follows:

  • Precision in the local effect on cancer without harming the healthy tissue surrounding the prostate
  • The risk is almost non-existent, as the patient's urinary or sexual function is rarely affected
  • The person can practice his normal life without the need to make any adjustments during the recovery period after treatment
  • The speed in the end of the treatment, as the period between sessions does not take more than two weeks and is usually limited to 4 sessions only
  • Its effectiveness is proven by 10 years of clinical studies and has helped thousands of men recover from cancer
  • It is not associated with pain or discomfort during the session and does not require anesthesia
  • Robotic radiotherapy is able to treat complex cases of prostate cancer that are not treatable by other methods

The use of robotic radiotherapy is not limited to the treatment of prostate tumors only, as it is possible through this new method to treat a group of tumors in different areas of the body such as Lung Cancer And breasts as well colorectal cancer.

This picture shows the Cyber-Naif device used in the treatment of prostate cancer with radiation
The CyberKnife device for the treatment of prostate cancer with radiation

Recovery after prostate cancer treatment with robotic radiation

Recovery after prostate cancer treatment with radiation (cyberknife) is often simple and there is no need for any period of rest given that it does not cause the side effects caused by some other methods of treatment such as surgery or conventional radiotherapy in addition to the method Ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer.

Studies conducted on this type of treatment indicated that PSA test values (a tumor marker for prostate cancer) improved in patients who underwent robotic radiation therapy, and these values remained low even years after the end of radiotherapy. This is significant evidence of the benefit of radiation for cancer treatment. prostate and prevent recurrence.

The person who received robotic radiotherapy undergoes imaging tests as a precaution, such as a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging, as well as laboratory tests, the most important of which is the tumor marker for prostate cancer, PSA, in order to assess the response to radiation therapy and monitor the condition of the patient. prostate cancer activity, and whether it responded well to radiotherapy.

A comparison of a normal prostate gland and prostate cancer
Note prostate cancer in comparison to a normal prostate

Side effects of radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Most complications of robotic radiotherapy Cyberknife therapy These are temporary and rare complications that do not pose any real danger to the patient's life. Among the possible harms of the radiotherapy technique (cyberknife) are the following:

  • Constipation or bloody stools
  • Hemorrhoids or bleeding from the rectum
  • Faecal urgency or incontinence (loss of control over defecation)
  • Rarely, sexual function may be affected

These risks are in fact very few, but they must be mentioned so that the person is aware of all the possibilities, and it must be known that all treatment methods for prostate cancer are not without the possibility of some complications, and if we compare the incidence of complications between treatment methods, we will find that robotic radiation therapy is the best In terms of security, you can communicate with bimaristan team Doctor to discuss more details about the procedure and find out the benefits and harms and whether it is suitable for you or not.

The price of prostate cancer treatment with radiation in Turkey

As for the price of robotic radiotherapy (cyberknife), it varies according to the condition of each patient, the size and grade of the tumor, and the number of treatment sessions he needs. However, the cost of radiotherapy for prostate cancer in Turkey usually starts from 3,500 USD.

Finally, the treatment of prostate cancer with robotic radiation, known as the CyberKnife, is one of the latest methods currently available in the treatment of cancer with radiation, as it is distinguished by its speed of treatment and its ability to direct the radiation beam precisely at the cancer without harming healthy cells in the prostate. Robotic radiation therapy is a safe method to an extent It is large and does not need a recovery period after it, as the person can practice his life normally during treatment and during the recovery phase following the treatment of prostate cancer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The period of prostate cancer treatment using robotic radiation (cyberknife) is much shorter than the period required for treatment with traditional external radiation, as the period required to complete the treatment with robotic radiation (cyberknife) is estimated at two weeks, limited to 4 or 5 sessions. One session of robotic radiotherapy can deliver the same amount of radiation energy as 45 distributed external radiotherapy sessions.

The method of treating prostate cancer with the CyberKnife device may be one of the safest and fastest ways to treat cancer in the prostate tissue without causing a risk of concern, as this method rarely involves long-term side effects that affect the quality of life of the men who underwent treatment and are often limited to a few Among the temporary effects in the stage after the irradiation treatment are constipation and redness of the skin.

Determining the number of sessions a patient needs depends on the nature of the condition, the size and degree of prostate cancer, but the typical number of sessions for men with prostate cancer is usually estimated at about five sessions. This number may increase in severe stages of prostate cancer in order to completely eliminate the cancer.

Researchers at the Institute of American Studies have come up with a radioactive drug known as Pluvicto. This radioactive substance is given by intravenous infusion to spread through the body and bind with cancer cells. Then, radiation therapy is administered to destroy those cells that have been previously located.

The CyberKnife is distinguished from traditional radiation therapy in that it has a better effect and greater accuracy with its speed of treatment, as robotic radiation uses a high dose of radiation and directs it directly at the cancerous tissue without affecting healthy areas of the prostate.

In Turkey, there are the best methods available in the world for the treatment of cancer of all kinds, whether it is prostate cancer or breast cancer Lung Cancer As well as breast cancer in women and other different types of cancer, and of course there is a robotic radiotherapy device (cyber knife) within specialized centers at a low cost compared to other countries.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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