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علاج الديسك بالحقن

Injectable disc treatment

Disc disc treatment by injection, as this is one of the latest methods of pain relief in Turkey and often avoids surgery. It can also be used before the laser operation. An epidural steroid injection (ESI) is a minimally invasive procedure that can help relieve neck, arm, back and leg pain...

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علاج الديسك بالليزر

Disc laser treatment

Laser disc treatment is a type of non-surgical herniated disc treatment in Turkey. It differs from other types of back surgery, such as traditional back surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery (Micro surgery MISS). How are neck disc and back disc treated with laser in Turkey?...

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علاج الانزلاق الغضروفي بالمنظار

Laparoscopic herniated disc treatment

Endoscopic herniated disc treatment, the latest methods in Turkey to treat herniated discs in the lower back and neck using the least invasive treatment methods, with discharge from the hospital on the same day. What is herniated disc, or what is known as disc, and how is herniated disc treated endoscopically in Turkey?...

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جراحة الديسك المجهرية

Microscopic disc surgery

Microdiscectomy Surgery Microdisc surgery, which is the gold standard for getting rid of disc pain experienced by the elderly, is performed by the best and most skilled neurosurgeons in Turkey. Microscopic disc surgery, is the microscopic excision of the herniated disc, thus...

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