Turkey Hospitals

مستشفى مدينة مرسين للتعليم والبحوث

Mersin City Education and Research Hospital

The largest and most prestigious hospital in the city of Mersin, which contains the best doctors in most specialties, Mersin City Hospital for Education and Research, Cancer treatment in the hospital, is progressing with confident steps with the support of the latest technology and the experienced doctors are excellent and provides patients with the best treatment options through its approach...

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مشفى محمد عاكف ارسوي للتعليم والأبحاث في مجال جراحة القلب والصدر

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Hospital for Teaching and Research in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Muhammad Akif Ersoy Hospital for teaching and research in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. The hospital was opened in late 2008, and in the third month of 2009, the clinics department of the hospital was opened, and in the fifth month of the same year, the first open-heart surgery was performed and it was successful. official from...

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مشفى يدي كوله لجراحة الصدر في اسطنبول

Yedi Kole Hospital for Thoracic Surgery in Istanbul

Yedi Kole Hospital for Thoracic Surgery in Istanbul, since the opening of the hospital, has provided services to 363,605 outpatients. He performed 6,165 bronchiectomy. In addition, about 4.5,250 other operations were performed. The hospital has 1,333 beds to serve patients. Yedikule Hospital is one of the largest hospitals specialized in the field of...

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مشفى تورغوت أوزال لزراعة الكبد في تركيا

Turgut Ozal Liver Transplant Hospital in Turkey

The Turgut Ozal Liver Transplant Center in Malatya started its first transplant operation in 2002. Where the first operation was obtained from a living donor in 2005 and with continuous work, the hospital became in 2008 and 2009 a landmark in Turkey and Europe. As it became the first in Turkey and Europe in the number of transport cases and the success rate as a brand...

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