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What distinguishes treatment in Turkey from other countries, and what about the treatment prices there? What is meant by Medical Tourism?

In the past ten years, the number of tourists seeking treatment in the world has exceeded 10 million and has an annual turnover of $100 billion.
In addition, it is estimated that the number of tourists in thermal tourism (sulfur waters, mineral waters) and natural treatments far exceeds this figure.

Health tourism is not a very new concept. Since ancient Greece, people have traveled to treat their ailments.

Health tourism differs from local treatments in that it involves traveling to a city or country different from one's place of residence to treat different diseases.

Turkey appears among one of the top countries interested in medical tourism.

Due to Turkey's geographical and strategic location, in addition to the high quality of globally approved service, and the mild climate away from extreme heat or cold, Turkey is considered one of the best places on earth for treatment and rehabilitation.

Because The flight distance for three continents does not exceed four hours, Turkey is able to reach 1.5 billion people in the world to provide them with the latest treatment methods in the world.

Treatment in Türkiye for foreign patients
Treatment and medical services in Türkiye

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Treatment in Turkey with Bimaristan Medical Team by the best doctors

Why should someone choose treatment in Turkey?

  • First, the quality of health services is world-class, as Turkey is constantly working on bringing the latest medical equipments.
  • High medical efficiency, as Turkey, after political stability, worked to return all doctors from outside the country and motivate them to open multiple medical centers, which help them grow in their medical specialties.
  • There are competitive pricing advantages.
  • There are personalized and diverse services.
  • The number of health institutions and organizations accredited globally by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • The presence of many companies that facilitate patient access to hospitals for treatment. In most hospitals, whether they were public or private, there are translators who speak several languages.
  • The waiting time in hospitals is relatively short for the patient.
  • There is a rich cultural heritage.

These features have an important role in giving ideas about the treatment to tourists who are visiting the country temporarily and people who want to spend the rest of their lives in another country after retirement.

Patients usually choose Turkey as a priority because of the price ratios. The cost of medical treatment and surgeries in Turkey is very reasonable compared to many Western European and developed countries. For example, the cost of in vitro fertilization treatment in the United States is approximately 15,000 to 16,000 USD, while in Turkey it is less than 2,000 dollars.

Laser treatment of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism ranges as in European countries from 4000 to 8000 euros, while it is 600 euros in Turkey. Open heart surgery's average price in European countries is 25,000 EUR while it is 10,000 USD in first-class hospitals in Turkey.

Retirees with health problems also prefer to continue their lives in Turkey, due to the high prices witnessed in Western Europe and other developed countries in the field of health care. This situation leads to international retirement migration.

And we must not forget, in the end, that due to the rapid increase in the Turkish lira value, prices in Turkey are competitive with the cheapest medical prices in India (for example) with the difference in medical development.

For health tourism, health institutions and organizations must be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). There are around 45 accredited health (institutions/hospital) units in Turkey and it ranks second in the world in this regard. Most of these accredited organizations are located in Istanbul. Istanbul ranks first in the world in terms of the number of accredited health institutions and the diversity of health services.

It is worth noting that there are a large number of Arab doctors who work in all sectors of different hospitals and who have obtained prestigious degrees and have major contributions in facilitating medical tourism in Turkey.

Treatment and medical services in Türkiye

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Treatment and medical services in Türkiye
Treatment and medical services in Türkiye
City hospital in Ankara
City in Istanbul hospital



In the last 4 years, more than 18 city hospitals (Şehir hastane) were built in Turkey.

These hospitals were established according to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
Unlike regular city and government hospitals for training and research, they are organized as large regional health complexes.
The aim is to meet all kinds of health needs with the most advanced technological and medical facilities by including all types of health units. Distributed throughout Turkey, the smallest hospital has 500 beds, while the largest hospital has 3,600 beds.

Types of Treatment Centers in Turkey in Terms of Prices and Services

Treatment prices in hospitals in Turkey are divided into 6 categories.

Treatment Prices in Turkey in The Country's public Hospitals

Primary Hospitals: These hospitals perform simple operations and the prices are very reasonable, but complex operations are not performed here.

Second-class research and training hospitals: Complex operations are performed in these hospitals, but the center is relatively small. The price is suitable for people with limited income.

University and city hospitals (şehir hastane): They are giant hospitals and all complex operations are performed in them. The price is relatively high, but it remains less than private hospitals in most cases”, but it may be more at other times, so the price must be confirmed before starting the treatment.

Treatment in Turkey in Private Hospitals

Small private hospitals: Only minor operations are performed.

Modern and huge hospitals, but it is not a chain where the price is the same or a little more than university hospitals.

Hospital chains such as Medical Park, Ajibadem and Medicana: The hospitals are developed and the prices are high, but they remain lower than the prices in the European Union and America.

We do Bimaristan Company Choosing the best treatment centers in Turkey in terms of price and experience.

You can read all articles and all scientific developments in Turkey below.

What Are The Cheapest Hospitals in Turkey?

The cheapest hospitals in Turkey are the first class hospitals in the country.

What Are The Best Treatment Centers in Turkey?

We cooperate in the Bimaristan Center with many hospitals and doctors. But in particular, our communication with the doctor is direct, so that we choose the appropriate doctor, and accordingly, the hospital is chosen based on the doctor’s opinion.

Treatment in Turkey with Bimaristan Medical Team

Some may assume that treatment in India is cheaper than treatment in Turkey, so it may be preferred at times by patients, but we at Bimaristan help you to get the best price in treatment not exceeding the prices in India with more advanced medical equipments and better health care.

What is The Best Country for Treatment?

It is certain that for the Arab citizen, Turkey, and especially Istanbul, is the best destination in the field of medical tourism because of the entry of Arab doctors in all fields and thus introducing them to the best doctors who excel in certain fields, and this is not available in any other country.

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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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