Robotic kidney transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul

Robotic kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation is the most effective procedure in cases of chronic kidney failure caused by impaired kidney function, and robotic kidney transplantation in Turkey is one of the best, least dangerous and fastest ways to recover from traditional methods other.

Kidney transplantation with da Vinci robot

the Kidney Transplant of complex operations. It requires proper preparation prior to surgery.
You need to use advanced techniques and an experienced team as well as critical care professionals to follow up the patient after the kidney transplant.

By using robots in transport operations, the accuracy of surgical work is increased to 15 times compared to traditional methods.
It provides the doctor with a more accurate and smoother imaging system, which enables him to reach the finest blood vessels within the surgical site.

The robot also reduces the operation time, thus avoiding the errors caused by concentrating for a long time. It also reduces complications caused by prolonged anesthesia.

The surgical incision in the case of robotic surgery does not exceed 4 cm. Which gives it a great advantage, especially in the case of organ transplantation.
This reduces the possibility of infection and surgical infections. The importance of this lies in organ transplant Because patients use immunosuppressants after a kidney transplant.

The first area in which the use of robots began is Urinary surgery in prostatectomy

The da Vinci robot used in the robotic kidney transplantation process has three sections:

Robotic kidney transplantation
The da Vinci robot for kidney transplantation
  1. The part of the surgical console through which the doctor controls the robot.
  2. Patient console part. Which includes the robotic arms that will perform the surgery with extreme precision and in sterile conditions.
  3. Camera system unit which provides advanced vision system.

In the robotic surgery system using the da Vinci robot:

The camera and its three robotic arms are placed at specific points on the abdomen. Thanks to these arms, anastomosis of the kidney vessels is performed through a small incision for increased safety.
Then an incision is made in the lower abdomen at the beginning of the surgery, which enables the doctor to intervene in emergency cases.

What do you know about the robot kidney transplant?

An illustration of the first stages of a robotic kidney transplant procedure
The first stages of kidney transplantation via robot

Robotic kidney transplantation requires high surgical expertise coupled with advanced technology, although the kidney donor is still undergoing the normal surgical procedure, robotic surgery gives the donated patient additional benefits in terms of reducing complications and recovery period after surgery.

Robotic surgery gives both the surgeon and the patient many advantages, the most important of which is the quality of the surgeon's vision during the kidney transplant process, as the high-resolution camera provides superior 3D vision.
It has the ability to magnify up to 15 times, which facilitates the work of the surgeon and increases the accuracy of the surgical work.

The robotic arms also have the ability to move at an angle of 540 degrees in all directions, which makes them able to perform surgery even in the deepest parts of the body that the human wrist cannot provide to the surgeon.

The da Vinci robotic surgery system feature also prevents the surgeon from transmitting any unnecessary manual jolt to the arms.

In the case of classic surgeries, the surgeons are forced to spend the operation standing until the end of the operation, which leads to fatigue in the long surgical interventions, while the robotic surgeon performs the kidney transplant while sitting, which reduces the fatigue caused by fatigue and increases his focus during work.

The robot moves according to the surgeon's wrist movements with extreme precision, which gives it a much greater advantage compared to laparoscopy, especially in the stages of tissue suturing.
You can learn about the movement of the robot through this video on YouTube.

also this A study It shows how robotic kidney transplantation reduces the postoperative recovery period in contrast to conventional surgery, which gives it an important advantage over other traditional methods.

You can get acquainted with some hospitals that perform kidney transplants.

Akdeniz University Hospital To transfer college and members.

Akdeniz University Hospital's photo
Akdeniz University Hospital

Turgut Ozal Hospital.

Turgut Ozal Hospital's photo
Turgut Ozal Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many centers in Turkey that take a kidney from a donor using robots.
As for its cultivation in the donated patient, it is only done in one or two centers.

So far, there are no documented studies that prove that the results obtained by a patient who undergoes robotic-assisted kidney surgery are better than others in the long run, but what is certain is that it reduces pain and complications after surgery, which is one of the most important problems associated with organ transplants.

The US National Network for Organ Transplantation and Transplantation divided the results according to status (living donor, deceased donor), where the success rate of kidney transplantation and patient survival after transplantation from a living donor was 97% during the first year, 86% during the first five years, and in the case of transplantation from For a deceased donor, the rate drops to 96% during the first year and 79% during the first five years.

Kidney transplant prices start at 15 thousand US dollars and end at 40 thousand US dollars, depending on the status of the center and the technique used.

Turkey prohibits foreign patients from obtaining organs from deceased persons, so the patient must attend with a donor with whom he is related to the fourth degree, or a person who wants to donate of his own free will after undergoing a session with the Mufti and the highest military rank in the region.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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