Tonsillectomy in Turkey

tonsillectomy; For whom is it conducted and what are its benefits?

Tonsillectomy is one of the most important procedures used in the treatment of tonsillitis in children or even adults. The patient can currently perform this operation in Turkey in minutes.

You must have heard about Tonsillectomy Or that one of your relatives or friends removed his tonsils, and you may have removed your tonsils at some point in your life, it is no wonder that tonsillectomy is classified as one of the most operations that are performed around the world daily, but does everyone who performs this operation need Really to remove the tonsils? Follow us to find out if you are suitable for the operation and discover the most important benefits of tonsil removal…


The tonsillectomy tonsillectomy or what is known asAlmond processIt is one of the surgeries in which the tonsils are removed from the patient’s throat developing Which is located behind the nose and shares with the tonsils the same immune function, so it is called “Almond and adenoid process.”

The tonsils are two small glands located at the back of the mouth (one tonsil on each end) that contain white blood cells, and they are a small part of the body's immune system, so removing them does not significantly increase the risk of infections.

The tonsils are located at the back of the oral cavity
Picture showing the location of the tonsils in the throat

Although tonsillectomy appears to be associated with Tonsillitis in children However, it can also be done For adults when they have tonsillitisIn fact, the operation may be preferable to adults because the tonsils lose their function and atrophy with age.
In any case, a tonsillectomy can be performed at all ages if the tonsils have a disease that requires their removal.

can implement Tonsillectomy In the hospital and back home the same day, patients are given general anesthesia before a tonsillectomy; That is, he will be asleep during the operation. Tonsillectomy is complete in most cases, but it can be partial in some cases.

When should tonsils be removed?

The tonsils are two immune organs that help fight bacterial infections and viruses, but their removal does not affect the health of the body and does not make it more susceptible to disease. Tonsillectomy is performed for:

  • Has frequent, chronic or severe tonsillitis
  • He has one of the complications of enlarged tonsils, such as difficulty breathing and sleep apnea
  • His tonsils suffer from a rare diseaseTonsil cancer
  • He suffers from bleeding tonsils

It has been clarified studies Sleep apnea is one of the most common reasons why the patient needs surgery to remove the tonsils.

Enlargement of the tonsils is often associated with enlarged adenoids.
A picture showing the most important reasons for performing a tonsillectomy | Enlarged tonsils and adenoids (adenoids)

Communication With Bimaristan Medical Center In Turkey if you have problems sleeping or if you feel pain in your throat while eating.

Benefits of tonsillectomy in Turkey

The Tonsil removal Its benefits are many; Tonsillectomy in children or adults will reduce the occurrence of additional attacks of tonsillitis, which may lead to an improvement in the general health of the patient.

After a tonsillectomy in Turkey, the patient may continue to have a sore throat, but the number of infections will be much less than before.

How to perform a tonsillectomy in Turkey

Since the tonsillectomy in Turkey is performed under general anesthesia, your child will be asleep throughout the tonsillectomy and will not feel any pain.

The doctor places a small tool in the child’s mouth to keep it open during the tonsillectomy. There are several ways to remove the tonsils, each of which has different benefits and harms, including:

  • Cold surgical dissection: which is the traditional method, the tonsils are completely removed with a surgical scalpel, then the bleeding is stopped with surgical electrodes or an electric coagulator.
In a tonsillectomy, the surgeon removes the enlarged tonsils from the adjacent tonsils
Image showing tonsillectomy by cold surgical dissection
  • Electrocoagulation: The tonsils are removed with heat to stop the bleeding.
  • Ultrasound waves (syntonic scalpel): Ultrasound waves are used to make the scalpel vibrate in such a way as to remove the tonsils and stop the bleeding at the same time.
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser: It is called laser tonsil surgery. It is characterized by the fact that it does not require general anesthesia, rather local anesthesia is sufficient, and it is less painful and takes a shorter time.

The duration of the tonsillectomy in Turkey ranges between 20-30 minutes, depending on the method of performing it. Tonsillectomy is performed by an ENT surgeon.

We offer you this video to learn about the most important steps of tonsillectomy in Turkey through surgical dissection and electrocoagulation.

Tonsillectomy video

Symptoms after tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is generally not considered dangerous. However, risks or complications of tonsillectomy for children or adults may include:

  • Swollen tongue and soft palate
  • Surgery site infection or sore throat
  • bleeding
  • Complications from the drug

Contact your doctor if you feel any problem or if sleep disturbances persist after tonsillectomy surgery in Turkey.

Advice after tonsillectomy

You can manage pain and get good surgical results after tonsillectomy in Turkey by following the following procedures:

  • You may feel pain after a tonsillectomy because the effect of the anesthetic wears off. Use the pain relievers prescribed by the doctor regularly. Most children have a sore throat for about 10 days after the operation.
  • Drink plenty of water or other fluids such as natural juice to avoid dehydration. Ice cubes may be a good option because they help reduce inflammation as well.
  • Eating may be difficult after a tonsillectomy, but make sure you get good nutrition for a full recovery. Eat soft foods that are easy to chew and swallow, such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream, soup, or scrambled eggs. Avoid spicy, sour, or hard foods that It may cause pain to the patient or bleeding.
  • Get enough rest after a tonsillectomy for a few days and stop working and engaging in strenuous activities and sports for about three or four days and then start returning to your daily life gradually.
  • You can return to work or school after 10-14 days, but avoid crowded places and people with colds or smokers so that you do not catch any infection during the recovery period.

Finally, you must be aware that tonsillectomy carries some risks, like other surgeries, so doctors do not recommend performing it for those who suffer from simple tonsillitis, but it may be very necessary and emergency in some cases such as sleep apnea or bleeding. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor and a medical evaluation by specialists before performing any tonsillectomy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like other surgical procedures, tonsillectomy may carry some risks, but it is rare:

  • Swelling of the tongue and soft palate
  • Infection at the surgical site
  • bleeding
  • Complications from the drug

The operation to remove the tonsils lasts 20-30 minutes, the duration of the operation depends mainly on the method of performing it.

A sore throat and fever often occur after tonsil removal, which may last for several days. This is normal and does not cause panic because the operation includes two surgical sites in the child's throat, and it should be noted that it is not preferable to remove the tonsils for a patient with tonsillitis and pharyngitis, because this aggravates pharyngitis. (Throat).

It takes about 10-12 days for a tonsillectomy wound to heal and stop bleeding permanently.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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