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Find out how to treat a disc neck in Turkey

Find out how to treat a neck disc

Cervical disc herniation is a common cause of neck pain. Treatment methods vary, but the process of herniated discectomy and fusion is one of the best methods of treating a cervical disc in Turkey. A glimpse of a neck disc If you feel pain in your neck or down your neck that you've never felt before, you may have a disc neck, although this…

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Spinal stenosis in the spine

Spinal stenosis in the spine

Spinal stenosis is one of the most common diseases of the spine. The types of spinal stenosis are classified according to where they occur. Lumbar canal stenosis is a narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal at the bottom of the spine. In this article, learn about spinal canal stenosis and its types, symptoms and treatment in Turkey.

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain in Turkey

Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain in your back and neck and are tired of using painkillers? Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain technique used in Turkey relieves you of chronic neck and back pain. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has become the standard of care for people with chronic back and neck pain. Advances in SCS technology have allowed people with chronic shaft-related pain...

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Spinal stenosis surgery in Turkey

Spinal Stenosis Surgery

Spinal stenosis surgery or spinal canal in Turkey, which is performed using an electron microscope to treat compression caused by bony or cartilaginous spurs on the vertebral canal. Spinal stenosis Spinal stenosis is a common condition that occurs when the small spinal canal, which contains the nerve roots and the spinal cord, compresses the spinal cord and/or nerve roots, causing…

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Laparoscopic herniated disc treatment

Laparoscopic herniated disc treatment

Endoscopic herniated disc treatment is one of the latest methods in Turkey to treat herniated discs in the lower back and neck using the least invasive treatment methods, with discharge from the hospital on the same day. What is herniated disc, or what is known as disc, and how is herniated disc treated endoscopically in Turkey? Discs are cushions made of cartilage and spongy tissue that are found between…

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Microscopic disc surgery

Microdiscectomy Surgery Microdisc surgery, which is the gold standard for getting rid of disc pain experienced by the elderly, is performed by the best and most skilled neurosurgeons in Turkey. Microscopic disc surgery, is the microexcision of the herniated disc, thereby relieving pressure on the spinal nerve root by removing the pain-causing substance. During the procedure,…

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