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stuffy nose treatment

stuffy nose treatment

Nasal congestion is a common and widespread problem that causes inconvenience to those who suffer from it and is associated with other symptoms such as runny nose and shortness of breath. A stuffy nose is treated in Turkey in several ways. Overview Nasal obstruction is known as obstruction of air flow through the nostrils due to swollen and congested blood vessels within the nose, which leads to increased secretion of mucus that collects and causes…

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Deviated septum (septoplasty) in Turkey

Deviated septum surgery (septoplasty)

Pace deviation is a common problem for most people in different degrees. A patient with severe deviation can correct the deviation by performing deviation surgery in Turkey. Overview What is pacing deviation? The nasal septum (the septum) is the set of bones and cartilage on the midline that divides the nasal cavity into two symmetrical parts in the normal state, and is covered with…

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