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Acceleration of bone healing through electrical stimulation

Acceleration of bone healing in fractures is done in Turkey using electrical stimulation, which works to accelerate healing in the broken bone by sending harmless pulses that help in healing the fracture.

Acceleration of bone healing

A fracture in any part of the skeleton hinders the patient from performing his daily tasks, especially in the upper or lower extremities due to immobilization of the limb and preventing him from moving it, and his preoccupying question remains, when will this fracture heal? And when will I return to my normal life? Will the limb make a full recovery quickly?

Fractures usually heal within 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the type and location of the fracture. At young ages, fractures heal faster (for children) due to the ability of their bones to regenerate quickly.

In the elderly or those with some chronic diseases such as diabetes The period of bone regeneration is longer, so fractures take longer than usual to heal.

In order for a person to be able to reduce the recovery period for a fracture and speed up the healing process of broken bones, he must strictly follow the doctor's instructions and not be complacent about them (absolute commitment to them).

There are several ways and tips that your doctor gives you in order to speed up your bone healing according to your condition and what suits your injury. In this article, we will talk about these methods.

Tips for speeding up bone healing

After the fracture occurs and pain and edema occur in the place, the inflammatory media stimulates bone cells to multiply and build new bone material for fracture healing.

In order to speed up this process, these basic conditions must be met:

Restoring the bones to their normal position: There are some fractures in which the places of the bones do not change, but only a crack occurs, and here the healing is faster, and we only have to maintain the position of the bones until they heal.

Previous fractures are called simple fractures, complex fractures include a change in bone locations and may overlap each other, which requires surgery and the installation of some metal pieces in order to return them to their original position.

Bone fixation: This is done by applying a splint or placing metal rods and screws in the bones through a surgical operation in order to maintain their position so that the bone fracture heals properly (that is, we sometimes need surgery).

This stage is the most difficult for a patient with a bone fracture because of his inability to move his limb freely, in addition to the disability he has when performing his daily tasks, such as entering the bathroom.

Good nutrition: This is done by eating healthy food such as lean meat, vegetables and fruits, in addition to foods containing vitamins and minerals, most of which contribute to building bones.

The most important nutritional components for accelerating bone healing are those rich in calcium and vitamin D, due to their importance in the formation of bone matter in all stages of growth or when bone regeneration after fractures occur.

Therefore, eating basic foods that contain calcium throughout the body’s recovery period from the fracture helps to speed up the treatment of the injury and works to speed up bone healing. Milk is considered a food item that contains calcium and vitamin D and thus speeds up the healing time.

A picture showing that milk and eggs are foods that help speed up bone healing
Foods that help speed up bone healing

Quitting alcohol and smoking: Smoking and alcohol are harmful to the bone healing process (cause of delayed bone healing), as they slow down the healing of bones and fractures.

And it takes longer for patients who are addicted to alcohol or smoking to heal a fracture than in normal people, so be sure to quit them to help the recovery better (accelerate bone healing).

Added to the above are some additional treatments that may help speed up the bone healing process or return the limb to its function as it was before the injury and fracture occurred.

These treatments include physical therapy or Physiotherapy in Turkey Which is based on the rehabilitation of the limb through special exercises that occur under the supervision of physicians specializing in the field of physical therapy Contact us for further information.

Acceleration of bone healing through electrical stimulation in Turkey

The process of healing bone fractures is based on chemical signals between the cells. These signals stimulate the cells and incite them to multiply, produce bone material, and fix the minerals on the bones to make them hard and strong.

The electrical stimulation device sends small electrical impulses that the patient does not feel through small sensors placed on the skin or through a device that is wrapped around the fractured limb (sometimes some numbness may be felt).

These electrical pulses activate the bone cells and speed up the chain of signals between the cells, thus helping the process of healing the broken bone and healing the fracture site faster.

Electrical stimulation used to accelerate bone healing is a new, safe, non-invasive and inexpensive way to accelerate bone healing with a high success rate if used correctly by specialists.

These pulses are applied by placing two opposite electrodes on the side where the bone cells are to be stimulated. These two electrodes are connected to a battery that passes a low voltage that the patient does not feel, but it performs the electrical stimulation process.

Image showing how electrical stimulation is applied
Electrical stimulation to stimulate bone healing

Cases that benefit from electrical stimulation to accelerate bone healing

Unfortunately, the benefit of electrical stimulation in accelerating bone healing does not include all patients. There are fractures that greatly benefit from this device, but there are other cases where its benefit in the process of bone healing is small.

The electrical stimulation used to accelerate the healing of broken bones is useful for patients with fractures that do not heal or for which the bone healing process takes a very long time to heal and is difficult to heal, such as some leg fractures.

While it is less useful for patients with normal, uncomplicated fractures that heal in a specified time, and the advice to accelerate bone healing in these cases is to stabilize the limb after it is splinted and adhere to good nutrition.

Among the cases that benefit greatly from electrical stimulation in accelerating bone healing are the following:

  • Open fractures: These are the fractures in which the skin is torn and the broken piece of bone comes out and becomes visually visible.
  • Stress fractures: These are small fractures and cracks in the bone resulting from constant pressure (such as in dancers’ foot bone fractures), or they may occur as a result of some bone diseases, as in osteoporosis.
  • Fracture of the scaphoid bone: It is one of the bones in the wrist and is difficult to heal.
  • Fracture of the talus: It is one of the bones of the tarsal of the foot and is difficult to heal.
Image showing the use of electrical stimulation to treat foot fractures
The use of electrical stimulation in the treatment of foot fractures

Summary of electrical stimulation to accelerate healing in body fractures

Electrical stimulation is a modern technique based on stimulating cells that work on bone healing by increasing their proliferation and production of bone matter, and therefore, theoretically, it provides an important benefit in treating fractures.

Practically, and through many studies, it has been shown to be useful in some types of fractures, with a weakness in its effectiveness in treating other fractures. Therefore, the one who determines its use is the specialist doctor who uses it properly and correctly.

This method is applied in Turkey. Contact us we Bimaristan Medical Center Let us tell you if electrical stimulation will help you to speed up the healing of your broken bones.

The center also offers you, if you are one of the beneficiaries of this device, the opportunity to be treated in Turkey with the most experienced doctors and in the most modern hospitals equipped with advanced technologies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of electrical stimulation in accelerating bone healing depends on fractures that do not heal and are difficult to heal, as it sends electrical pulses that the patient does not feel. These pulses stimulate cells and make them multiply and accelerate the bone healing process.

If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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If you are planning for treatment in Turkey
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